Current Works in Progress

Knitting takes forever (at least for me) but half the fun is in the process. It just makes it sometimes a little tricky to share about, as the finished piece is usually the prettiest part to take pictures of. I thought I would share my four current WIPS that I have on my knitting needles and I hope in a few weeks (months?) I’ll be sharing the finished makes here with more details. For now, what I am knitting on.

The Copeland DK socks from the Book Ready, Set, Sock by Rachel Coopey

I have one of these socks finished and will start the other one soon. I am starting at the beginning of this book and am going to slowly work my way through. Sock knitting for me is really satisfying. I love working with variegated yarns, seeing the patterns form as I work through the sock. I also love how portable it is and that I can take a sock with me in carpool line or even on a walk. I am using some of my Sock Squad yarn that I got in February from the Farmer’s Daughter Fibers monthly subscription.

The Shadow Box Socks by Helen Stewart.

To help me work through my monthly sock subscriptions, I joined the Handmade Sock Society 5 on Ravelry and will be getting a new pattern by Helen Stewart every month until October. I’m interested in trying out texture in socks and think it will be a fun challenge to keep up with her releases. So far I’m loving how she writes her pattern and am finding myself picking this one up more than anything else.

The Reverb Wrap by Two of Wands

I got this as a kit off of the Lion Brand website because I wanted to try this Color Theory range of yarn. This isn’t quite a mindless knit, so it keeps me interested, but it’s easy enough to work on while I watch tv or hang out with the kids. I like have a longer term project like this on my needles and am finding shawls with a little more interest are my comfort knitting.

Give me the Tee by Jenny Ansah

I recently picked up the 52 Weeks of Easy Knits book and decided to just start at the beginning and try out the patterns. I am using the yarn recommended, Isager Bomulin and Mohair, and am enjoying trying a new designer as well as new yarn. My thought is that I will keep working through the book, but we will see. This is one I would like to finish up and wear by early summer.

Those are all my WIPS! Obviously I’m a multiple knitting project at a time kind of gal. I like having options of what I can work on and each project satisfies something creatively for me. I’d love to hear what you have on your needles!

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