Winter Trends and How to Sew Them

I have so many images saved on my phone that I’ve taken from runway shows and use as inspiration. I love looking at the high fashion designer ideas and figuring out what draws me to them and what I can pull from them to wear in my every day life. I’ve taken 5 trends from this winter (I used this article from Vogue to help me hone in on just 5) and tried to find patterns that we could use at home to make our own runway worthy looks!

Trend Number One: Ski Chic

Ok wow I love this trend because it’s kind of how I dress every day in a mountain town. I mean the idea of just putting on layer over layer over layer and throwing on a beanie and calling it fashion is very appealing to me. Think the athlesuire, sporty vibe we’ve been seeing for awhile and just make it warmer. Puffy parkas, quilted pants, appropriate head gear. Here are some patterns you could sew up to be ski chic yourself, no matter how far away you are from the mountains.

I think Vicki Sew’s Nurit Coat Pattern is absolutely perfect for this trend and would be a lot of fun to sew. It has some cool details like a detachable hood that make it feel very ready to wear! As a bit of an outlier, I thought M8206 would be an interesting pattern to try. I think with the right fabric you could absolutely get some ski chic out of these cargo pants.

Trend Number Two: Leather/Fur/Texture

Texture is really big this winter and a fun way for us sewists to try out new materials. This is the season to try your hand at a leather blazer or add a fun fur lining to a hood. Thick, fuzzy coats with simple lines or something like a chic mini skirt in a faux leather could be amazing. Look for patterns that aren’t too fussy and spend your energy on sourcing fun fabric!

I think this skirt by Burda, 6252 would be a great style to sew up in leather. Corduroy would also be very cute and give you that texture. I searched ‘leather’ on The Foldline and the Isra Shirt by FibreMood came up and it’s just perfect for this season. I love that it’s a shirt made specifically with leather in mind in case it feels daunting to try out a new fabric with your sewing. The lines are beautiful and modern- I love the hidden button placket- and really let the leather sing.

Trend Number Three: Pleats

Keeping with that texture trend, pleats are everywhere right now. There are a lot of blazers with pleated skirts and I love that look for an office when you’re sick of a suit. It’s also a fun iteration of all the 70s silhouettes we’ve been seeing. I love the movement of these skirts and think they take the fun of the tiers that we saw all summer long and make them a little more adult for winter.

I had trouble finding patterns for this one, but look for pleated fabric as well!, but I think the two skirts I found could absolutely work. M8248 is a fun one, I love that shorter version for the sporty look too, and while it’s shown in a more bohemian styling, I think it would look great in a suiting/workwear type fabric. S9472 was just released with Simplicity’s early spring collection but I think it could absolutely work for colder weather. The first two versions play into the pleat trend and would look great in a solid color.

Trend Number Four: KnitWear

Ok wait, this is my favorite trend and if you saw my plans video on Friday, you know that I’m fully embracing all things knitwear. Matching sets and knit dresses look so expensive and can make you look completely put together when you actually feel like you’re wearing pajamas. Look for rich tones in fabrics and go for that monochromatic look to keep this from looking shlubby.

I found two very different patterns depending on what direction you want to take with this trend. First, the Brooklyn Knit Pant from Style Arc is a great style if you like the idea of knit wear but still need to look a bit more polished. Straight leg pants with slant pockets, these could easily work for more dressed up looks as well as looking cute paired with a matching top to get that set look. Vicki Sews’ Iliana Dress nails this trend and would look incredible in a lush sweater knit.

Trend Number Five: Patchwork

Patchwork is still going strong! If you don’t want to go full patchwork, look for ways to color block or pattern mix. There is a lot of playing around with prints and geometric shapes right now. Don’t think patchwork has to look country or homey, yes you can absolutely take an old quilt and turn it into a coat, but you can also take a a basic garment and break it up into a few different colors or prints to play with the look in a way that feels like your style.

I found two patterns that would work great for color blocking. First is TPC20 shirt and shirt dress by Trend Patterns. I like the modern lines of this pattern and think the sample dress is a great example of taking the patchwork trend and making it a bit more subtle. There were a lot of patchwork pants and the ZW Block Pant by Birgitta Helmersson would be an interesting one to play with. Look for patterns that you can break up into shapes and then color block with as wild or subtle fabrics as you want!

I had fun looking at these trends and thinking about how to interpret them through sewing. Are there any trends out there that you are looking forward to trying? Or maybe they aren’t for you but you’ll cheer as other people take them on? Sometimes experimenting and trying new shapes or styles can be fun, even if we end up not falling in love with that particular trend. Fashion should be fun and make you smile! Wear that ski suit if you want or wrap yourself in fur and leather, 2022 is all yours baby!

Winter Sewing Plans/// Cozy Capsule

I know going into the long, dark days of winter that I can get a bit gloomy. The holidays are over, it’s cold and dark out so early, and I get down about mid February. To help combat that, I’ve decided to plan the coziest of cozy capsules to make in the coming months. Things to curl up in. Things that feel like pjs but I could wear in the carpool line if I need to. I’ve been collecting fabrics for months now and am finally ready to share my plans with you! I present, my Cozy Capsule!

Side Note: I have been working on building this capsule for awhile now and some of these fabrics may not be available anymore! I will link where I can and if I can find similar fabric, I will link that!

First up, an oversized sweatshirt with some interesting panels and pocket details. I’ll be using this Lavender Gray Eco Fleece that I got from Needle-sharp and will play with the wrong side of the fabric for the contrast. The pattern is the Style Arc Fenix Sweatshirt

I picked up the fabric for this next one randomly this fall at Joann. It’s a cream sweater knit with some fun texture. I couldn’t find the exact fabric, but heres a similar fabric from Joann. I’m going to make the Verity Knit Top by Style Arc and think this fabric will make it a little more sweater/less sporty.

I have been wanting a tie dye sweat suit ever since I made one for my daughter last spring. I picked up a french terry from Stylemaker Fabrics that is a little more tonal, so less in your face than typical tie dye. The one I got is sold out but here is a similar Tonal Tie Dye French Terry .Simplicity 9337 is the pattern I will be using. It’s a unisex pattern and I’m interested to try it and see if it’s one I could use for the whole family eventually.

I bought this Moss Brushed Waffle Sweater Knit from Surge fabrics and it is the softest fabric ever! I’m going to make a Breckenridge Henley from Love Notions and some kind of matching bottoms. This will definitely be more lounge/pj and will be great to wear as warm layers.

Another one that will definitely be pjs, I found this Blush Berlin Brushed Rib Sweater Knit and it’s so light and soft that it will make a great M8245.I’m planning on making the long jumpsuit as well as the robe. I think this fabric is really affordable and it will be perfect for this pattern.

I’ve had a top like this in my head for awhile so I was happy to find this All Spice Banff Ultra Thick 1×1 Rib Sweater Knit and think it will look great sewn up as a Bert Knit Top by Style Arc. Kind of playing with that polo/rugby trend we’re seeing around lately.

Finally, I have a couple of yards of the Organic 1×1 Rib Knit from I See Fabric. I’m not sure yet what they will be. I’m thinking some kind of set, like a sports bra/leggings combination. Again, I wear layers like this under my every day clothes all the time in the winter and like that I can also lounge around in them.

These are the pieces you’ll be seeing coming up here in the coming weeks! What are you sewing for winter? Ready to buckle down and perfect a jacket or get into tailoring? Or are you like me and looking for comfort, both to wear and in the actual sewing? Check out my video to see these fabrics in person.

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