Fall Capsule/// What I Thrifted!

At the start of September I purchased the Fall Capsule Guide from Your Everyday Style. This is my third capsule purchase from Jennifer and I absolutely love this method of building a closet full of clothes that I love and wear. In the coming weeks I will be showing what I plan to make to add to my capsule as well as all my finished pieces as they come off my machine.

I am happy to say I was able to pull a lot from what I already owned in building my capsule. It feels great to have pieces that work well together, make me feel good, and fit the lifestyle I have. Here is the promo pic for the capsule to give you an idea of the color scheme and pieces I’m using. I am adding in some sage green just because I like it so much and think it looks great with the pinks and blacks.

After I pulled from my own closet I went looking at second hand shops. I have had really good success with Thredup and highly recommend it for people that love thrifting but simply don’t have time (or the physical stores!) to go and sort through clothes. Using the links from the capsule, I was able to be really specific in my search and found so many great things.

I recommend narrowing down brands, colors, and styles to keep the site from being overwhelming. I bought the following things from the site, a JCrew sweater vest, an oversized Free People Sweater, and a pair of light wash leggings from Old Navy. I also picked up some Free People Movement leggings in that same pinky/rose color and am really impressed with the quality!

We have a new vintage/consignment shop in my town and they have a great website if you want to check it out, Sweet Hayden Boutique. The owner is a former stylist and has collected so many amazing pieces! She switches them out every week so you can always find something good. Over two visits I got a great Madewell sweatshirt dress, a black sweater vest/top, a cute Madewell heart sweater, a dark floral wrap skirt, and a beautiful Philosophy black blazer.

I’m really excited with all of these purchases! Having the capsule guide really helped me narrow down my search and keep my eye out for things I needed. Can’t wait to show you what I’m going to be making!

Thrifting for Kids

A couple of weeks ago I spent a few days going through all three kids’ clothes. I feel like they are all growing so fast and sometimes it’s hard to keep up! After clearing out and making sure what they had fit, was in season, and was stuff they would actually wear, I had two big bags full to take to donate as well as a clear idea of gaps in their wardrobes.

So yesterday I took the clothes to donate and decided to walk through the Goodwill and see if there were any treasures to be found. Sam was with me and he gave me about 45 minutes, which was just enough to go through all the children’s clothing. I came out with some great basics and layering pieces for the twins and a couple of cute tops for Sam (check out that button down with pearl snaps in the photo above!)

If you want to see everything I got, I filmed a haul here, but really I wanted to post and encourage you to shop second hand for children’s clothing. It’s really easy to find high quality clothes that are in great shape for great prices. Thinking how fast kids grow, buying second hand when you can is a wonderful sustainable option.

I recommend going knowing sizes and needs so you can quickly go through the racks. My Goodwill was really well organized by size, garment type, and color so it was easy to stick to winter gear in colors my kids like!

Do you thrift your kids’ clothes or have a good secondhand source? In Dallas I had a group of twin moms that held annual sales that were amazing. I also had a group of friends with kids stair stepped in such a way that we were always rotating clothes. Facebook marketplace is a great place to source clothes and I have also had really good luck with Thred Up. Let me know if you have any good online sources for reselling/buying children’s clothing. And look up ‘children’s consignment’ in your area. You can probably make a little money and manage to find great clothing!

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