January Refashion///Pjs into Pjs

I want to try and refashion a garment once a month. To refashion is to take something, maybe you thrift it, maybe it’s already in your closet, and turn it (refashion it!) into something you love and want to wear non stop.

I love thrift flips, and that was what I first thought this series would be, but after cleaning out my closet last year, I came up with a pile of clothes that I thought would be great, if only refashioned into something else.

I’m starting with a very simple refashion. I’m taking old pajama pants from Chris and me and very creatively turning them into… new pajama pants for our daughter and son!

The pink pants are old Gap pjs that I’ve had at least since college. I rarely wore them, I think because the elastic is so skinny. They just never fit great or felt very comfortable, but I never got rid of them because the fabric is great. I love the colors and it’s a great weight to sleep in. Soft but not too hot!

These pants of my husband’s are so old, so so old, and I stole them from him in college and wore them to death. Literally the side seams are falling a part and this is probably the only reason I don’t wear them anymore. But the fabric is great and I knew it would make Chris smile to see our son wearing them.

Maybe not the most exciting of the refashions, but I wanted to go ahead and post them because you can refashion basics too! Sizing these down means I’ve stretched the life out of these pants just a little bit longer and that’s always a good thing.

Before you throw something out, give it a second look to see if it could become something useful for someone else!

My Birthday Dress

There is an expression in the sewing community ‘sew frosting’ and this make right here is allllll frosting! I’ve been sewing a lot of cake recently- the practical, wearable pieces in my wardrobe that I reach for over and over- that I wanted a little frosting for my birthday.

I saw this fabric in one of Star’s instagram sales. Every Thursday she has a preview of fabric that is either vintage or deadstock that she puts up for sale on Friday. When I saw the preview of this gorgeous velvet knit, I knew immediately that this would be my birthday dress. (go follow her shop site at Shop Well Fibre!)

I made V9311 and I sewed it up yesterday during Sam’s nap- it really was that easy to make! I made the size 10 and did take in quite a bit at the sides of the bodice so that plunging neckline would be just right.

I am obsessed with the drama of this dress! The neckline, the sleeves, the split, and the floor length. It’s amazing and it’s exactly what I pictured when I held this fabric in my hands for the first time.

Do I have anywhere to wear this? Absolutely not! Do I care? No! Knowing that it is hanging in my closet waiting for me is enough. Or maybe I’ll just traipse around the living room all month in it, I don’t think my kids would be shocked at this point.

Making something glamorous and completely impractical for my birthday was so fun. I wish you a little frosting in your future!

Sewing Redos

Ok, I know my last post was all about embracing imperfections, but sometimes you learn and grow and want to fix mistakes, and that’s what this post is about! Back in May when I was cleaning out my closet while reading The Conscious Closet I came across a few things that I didn’t like or wear as they were, but knew that I could tweak them and make them into something I loved. The most sustainable option is to use what you already have so I thought making the time to rework a couple of pieces would be well worth my effort.

First up is this Inari Tee. I sewed this up about four years ago (look at baby Charlie!) in an athletic type fabric. I loved how cool it was to wear but as the years went on I found it a bit too short and a little too tight around the hips. I intended it to be an everyday type dress (I loved wearing it with sneakers) but it didn’t work for getting on the floor with kids. So I decided to just chop it off and turn it into a t-shirt. This pattern can be a shirt or a dress, so this didn’t take much thought. I did keep the split hem detail and made sure it hit right at my natural waist. Now this is a well made, functional t-shirt that I know I will get a lot of wear out of!

My other redo is this skirt. I originally hacked a Jessica Dressthinking I could wear it when I was pregnant, but it ended up not fitting. I did wear it some last summer (Look at baby Sam!) but I didn’t like how the shirring I added flattened my already small chest. I love this fabric so much (it was from IndieSew back when they were in business) and wanted to keep wearing it. So I chopped off the bodice and added an elastic waist band. Now it’s an easy, breezy summer skirt and I’ve already worn it a lot.

Sometimes thinking about working on these types of projects isn’t very exciting and it can be hard for me to find motivation, but I always love how they turn out. A reminder that taking the time to figure out what you wear and why is always worth it in the long run!

Don’t forget that you have until Tuesday July 7th to join us in The Make That Look challenge! Check out this post for details. Have a safe weekend!

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