Sewing My Spring Capsule///M7981

Today I have the first piece to share in my Spring Capsule wardrobe! I’ve purchased and am using this guide from Everyday Style and if you know me in real life you are probably tired of me talking about it. I love it so much!

The Capsule Piece: I’m talking about a skirt I made today to fill the spot of a daytime to dressy skirt. I love wearing skirts when the weather gets warmer and I’ve been wanting a flowing button front skirt for awhile. I wanted to keep it a little more neutral so I could wear it with a lot of the tops I’ve pulled or am planning on making.

The pattern and fabric: This pattern is McCalls 7981 and it’s a pretty classic skirt with the waist band, gathers, and front button placket. There are two panels on the side that are kind of interesting and make for a little something different. There are pockets and I chose version B with the gathers and midi length. There are different length options as well as a tie version and a more a-line version.

This fabric is a gorgeous lightweight washed linen in the color ‘powder blue’ that I picked up from Blackbird Fabrics. I love that there is a bit of a gray undertone to the color. It is rumply and soft and I think a great weight for this skirt. It can hold the waistband shape but still is soft and drapey for those gathers.

I also ordered these Pigeon Wishes Stripe Mosaic Buttons from Stylemaker fabric and I love the detail they add to a pretty basic skirt. Sometimes I get so caught up in ordering fabric that I miss the opportunity to really think about these kinds of details, so I was proud of myself for taking the time to order these.

Details on the Make: I made the straight size medium with no alterations. I contemplated shortening the skirt but in the end decided that midi length is really what I was going for. I interfaced my waistband and button placket with self fabric and finished all my seams with a zig zag stitch.

This was a pretty simple make, straightforward from the fitting to the sewing, and I think this is a nice staple pattern to keep in my stash for awhile. If I have one nit pick it’s that I wish the waistband were a little wider.

How I plan to wear it: I’ve pulled some other pieces from my capsule to show you how I plan on wearing this skirt.

Look one is with a white t-shirt, booties, and my Evans blazer.

Look two is with a new tank you’ll see soon and my new purple flats.

And look three is with a graphic t-shirt and my olive anorak jacket (it’s still snowing here so I can’t pretend I’m not layering!) and my white sneakers.

I’m really happy to add another skirt to my closet and am loving this make!

Spring Wardrobe/// My Sewing Plans

Saturday I shared my plans on building a capsule wardrobe. I started with what I had, looked at what I want to make, and then went shopping for pieces to fill in the gaps.

Well today I want to share what those sewing plans are! I will link to patterns and fabrics as they are available. If the exact fabric isn’t in stock, I will link to similar items! Let’s dive on in, shall we?

I have been wanting to make M7981 for a long time. I love a midi skirt and I’ve wanted a button front one that was swishy and flowy. This capsule calls for a daytime to dressy skirt and I thought this in this gorgeous lightweight washed linen in the color powder blue from Blackbird Fabrics would be perfect.

I made the Pietra Pants by Closet Core patterns last year and they are one of my most worn makes! I wanted to try them in a more neutral color and love this lyocell twill in the color rust from Melanated Fabrics. I’m planning on version B with the more tapered leg for spring!

Overalls are a piece recommended in the capsule and they also happened to be the pattern for the April Needle sharp kit. I will be making the Harlene Overalls by Merchant and Mills in this speckled linen.

These two lovely cotton jersey knits in the colors sienna and blush pink will be a t-shirt and a tank and I plan on this pattern being my review for the month- so stay tuned!

I am in need of a classic white shirt and I also wanted to start my make nine plans of working on shirt making for spring. I like this M8041 because it has a half placket, something I think I’ll wear more than a full button down. I’m using this classic pinpoint oxford cotton shirting in white. Stylemaker offers it in quite a few colors if you’re in need of good shirting options!

Oh… I’m excited for this one! When I saw the Rozan blouse in the latest issue of Fibre Mood I knew I wanted to make it up soon. This fabric is a gorgeous hemp and organic cotton chambray from Blackbird. Sadly this color is no longer available, but the other colors are equally springy and beautiful.

I have been on the hunt for a yellow gingham and was so happy to see this Sorbet Gingham Linen as part of the newest collection at D&H Fabrics. I think it will be so pretty as the vintage wrap top Simplicity 7351 that I picked up recently. I can see myself wearing this all spring and summer!

I love to wear dresses when the weather gets warmer so I have three planned. First is this easy, comfy t-shirt style dress M8085. I bought this Galleria Good Nature Double Brushed Knit Sketched Floral recently at Joann and I think it will be a nice one to throw on and go.

I bought this olive green window pane viscose at Melanated Fabrics over the holidays so I’m sorry to say it’s no longer available. It’s going to be this M8031 shirt dress. I love the classic look of this and again it’s part of working on shirt making techniques.

Finally, I have one last shirt dress, M8104. I love the bust of this as well as the sleeve options. It feels so light and flowy and in this bright Retro Vibes Tropical Leaves Textured Voile I think it will carry over easily into summer! Maybe I will have a date night or somewhere fun to actually wear it soon?

Whew! Those are my plans! I know it’s a lot, but most of these I will easily be able to wear into the summer and so many of these patterns have been on my wishlist for awhile. I’ve already made a few of them and will start sharing later this week! Can’t wait to see what everyone is making this spring.

Spring Wardrobe///Building a Capsule

It was a little over a year ago that I started really taking the time to think about the clothes I wear, how I get them, and what that means for the world around me as well as my personal style. I shared all my thoughts while I read the book A Conscious Closet and you can see all those posts here!

I’ve changed so much in how I get dressed and how I plan what I want to sew this year. I get dressed pretty much every day. I have focused on my skin care and how I treat my hair. I have found that when I take the small amount of time every morning and at night before I go to bed to feel good on the outside, it really isn’t something I think about throughout my day. I feel good and happy in my skin and I hope that that shines through in other areas of my life.

When I was getting ready to plan what I wanted to wear for spring, I did quite a bit of reflecting. You know I love my modules, but I wasn’t feeling that right now. Instead I looked through my patterns and pulled a bunch that I just really wanted to sew. I tried to get tops, bottoms, and dresses so they could work together and then went looking for fabric. I ended up with a giant stack that I will be sharing with you Tuesday!

Then I watched a video by Whitney from TomKat Stitchery where she talked about the EveryDay Style School. I started listening to Jennifer’s podcast and was hooked pretty quickly. Her style philosophy really speaks to me and I went to research her capsule wardrobes.

Every season Jennifer puts out a capsule wardrobe. The spring one is still available to purchase, but I believe you can get a free mini capsule if you sign up for her newsletter if you’re wanting to see what this is all about.

Basically the Everyday Style Team builds a 39 piece capsule wardrobe and then gives you links to pieces to buy, tons of ways to style them up and wear them, as well as a lot of advice on how to love your closet and get dressed quickly every day. There is also a very active Facebook page if you happen to be on Facebook.

I was really intrigued. I’ve looked at capsules in the past but always felt they were boring or take the fun out of getting dressed. This one seemed to be so well thought out that I decided to give it a try!

I printed out her shopping list and first pulled pieces I already had in my closet. Then I looked at my sewing plans and was able to plug all of those pieces into the capsule. Already knowing the colors I wanted (I changed up the capsule recommendations a bit!) and styles I liked meant that everything already worked well together. It was just a matter of having a little guidance to fill out the pieces that were missing.

From there I went shopping! I ordered a few things from Thred Up and some new shoes from Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. I have 3 pieces coming from Boden and then my capsule should be done. My plan is to share all my makes here with you in the coming week and then in May wear everything and show you how it all goes together!

I’ve had a lot of fun thinking about this and it’s been a fantastic tool for me. I don’t need a closet full of ‘stuff.’ I need a closet where I go in and know that anything I pull, I truly love to wear. To me, a closet full of clothes you love and wear is a conscious closet. I hope that in making things with intention and shopping with intention, I can slowly build a wardrobe that represents who I am right now and what I want to say to the world when I get dressed.

I hope you’ll follow me along as I build and then share this capsule! Please let me know if you have any questions or specific details you want. I will be happy to share in the weeks to come.

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