T Shirt Month

I have been thinking about my fall wardrobe and what is really missing from my closet and the answer is t-shirts that I love. The ones that feel good, have the perfect neckline, and look great with a pair of jeans. I’m leaning into a uniform of sorts and t-shirts and jeans are what I will most likely be wearing on a daily basis this fall.

I am planning on trying out a few different patterns and fabrics and sharing my thoughts each Saturday here. My hope is to come away with great t-shirts as well as a tried and true pattern or two.

Here are the patterns I’m planning on trying!

The Glenelly by Love Notions I love this for a bit of a twist on a standard t-shirt. I think the square neckline is beautiful and would be fun to try in some bolder fabrics.

The Breckenridge Henley by Love Notions I love a Henley and I think this one has some really great options. I want to try the one with the cuff for this exercise and then find some waffle knit and make the long sleeve version for when it’s colder.

The Classic Tee by Love Notions So many people have recommended this pattern and I’m excited to try it! There are a lot of different necklines and options and I think this could be a great starting point in finding the perfect t-shirt.

The Eliott Sweater and Tee by Helen’s Closet I originally bought this pattern for the sweater option- I love that big turtle neck!- but in looking through my patterns I realized this little raglan sleeve tee could make a great staple.

The Lark Tee by Grainline Studio This is one of my first sewing patterns and I wore the heck out of this shirt. In fact, I wore it when I was pregnant with Sam so much and stretched it out that I had to get rid of it. I’m looking forward to revisiting this one and there are so many different options you can really make just about any t-shirt you want out of it!

The Briar Sweater and T-shirt by Megan Nielsen Another early sewing project for me and I finally had to get rid of this one because the fabric was looking so sad. I like the longer version and it will be interesting to compare the quality of my sewing from when I started to now.

I will share the fabrics and their contents/qualities as we get sewing. I think it will make more sense to dive into them when I have a finished garment to show you!

I’m also trying to put together a summary of points for each shirt so we can really compare. Let me know if you would add anything to the things I mention below. I will be back next week comparing the Classic Tee and the Lark Tee!

Pattern name and designer:

Size Range:

Pattern Details and Options:

Fabric used:

Size made and version made with any adjustments noted:

Thoughts on fit:

Thoughts on style:

What I don’t like:

What I do like:

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