Whit Review/// The Navigator Pullover

I have my second pattern company review to share today in my new series where I dive deeper into indie sewing companies. My hope is that as a community we can lift up smaller companies that are doing the work as allies and find new companies to support!

Today I’m going to talk about Love Notions. Now this is a new to me company, I only started hearing about them this spring. I know a lot of fellow sewists that make and promote their patterns all the time so I thought I would give them a look.

At first glance I really appreciated the diversity of patterns. There are a lot of great womens and mens patterns as well as childrens and I like that so many are pretty gender neutral. The size range is pretty large in all of these different patterns and I love the price point. There are also regular sales on patterns. I scooped up quite a few this summer when they had a big $5 pattern sale!

The value in these patterns feels really great as well. I chose to make and review the Navigator pullover, which covers sizes 2T to 16. For five dollars this kind of great staple is just incredible! I will be making my kids these pullovers for the rest of their childhoods!

The instructions are clear, there are a lot of resources available to learn new techniques, and I thought that while the patterns I made were basic, they all have clever construction details that make your finished garment look really professional.

I made both my son and daughter a Navigator pullover and I just love how they turned out. In fact I love them so much I bought the women’s and men’s version of this pattern to make for my husband and me!

Cozy, simple, but with great style lines, this pullover is something that will be worn on a daily basis here in Colorado. I made the version with the collar, there is also a hood option, and I think you could have a lot of fun playing with colorblocking and add some details with the zipper and pocket lining.

I used a lightweight sweatshirt fleece that is really perfect for this time of year and I chose the colors based on my kids’ houses at Hogwarts! That may have won me mom of the year!

My only disappointment in doing this review is that Love Notions never got back to me after I reached out to them multiple times on multiple platforms. I admit that leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, I understand that small businesses may not have time to answer the questions I’ve put together and I certainly understand that everyone’s lives right now are a more upended than usual, however I would have appreciated an acknowledgment of my correspondence.

That being said, this company seems to have a clear mission statement (that you can see here) and everything from their sizing to their testers to what they showcase on their social media feed leads me to believe that this company does in fact practice what they preach!

Because of what I see from their presence online, I think I can safely recommend this company to my followers that care about racial justice, sustainability, and the environment. I look forward to hearing from Love Notions someday and will most definitely be sewing their patterns again!

I purchase these patterns on my own and all thoughts and opinions are mine. I receive no compensation from these posts.

How I’m Organizing my Sewing Patterns

Recently I have taken the time to organize my sewing patterns and it’s been so helpful to me, I thought I would share what I did with you! I watched this video from Mimi G and loved how she had her own big book to flip through and get inspired by when she was looking for something to sew. So I took her initial set up and added a couple of things of my own and now I’m really happy with my pattern situation.

I took all of my Big Four patterns out of the envelopes and put them in these mailing envelopes. The pattern envelopes, with the picture and information on the pattern, goes into a page protector. Then I use some old scrapbooks to sort patterns by type and write the name/number of the pattern on the envelope and file it away. My indie patterns get the line drawings and fabric requirements printed off and, if the pattern is printed, they go into their own larger envelope.

I love it because I can flip through and pull patterns I want to make with very little fuss. Then when it’s time to make the pattern, it’s easy to find it’s matching envelope and pull it out. Looking through patterns inspires me and this makes it so easy!

Patterns that I know I want to make or that I’ve made and haven’t blogged about yet get put in a smaller binder and kept out on my desk. This has helped me stay organized and on top of sharing my makes. It’s also great when I need to buy fabric because everything I need is right there with placing orders.

Sometimes one of the most fun things of sewing is simply planning and dreaming up makes, so having a highly functional system for my patterns has made my entire process much more enjoyable. I’m hoping to add in my sewing magazines soon and will share that when I do!


Summer Sewing Plans

I have been busy organizing patterns and fabric and after seeing what summer weight things I had left in my stash, I did a little planning, a little shopping and came up with some plans to get me through the next few months.Check out my video here to see it all, I will link what I can below!

Red linen and a vintage dress pattern

A striped sundress

Some ribbed knit tanks using the Seamwork Julia pattern

I’m going to muslin this Rachel Comey pattern

This Viscose Linen Crepe┬áis going to be a matching set. I’m thinking the Ashton Top and Dorian Shorts

This soft washed linen will be Simplicity 9114– hopefully both the pants and the cami

This beautiful rayon challis will make a lovely summer wrap dress

And this olive green eyelet will be nice and cool paired with this dress from last summer.

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