Reflecting on the Year and my Make Nine 2022 Plans

Happy New Year!!

I’ve spent my New Year’s Eve taking down Christmas, vacuuming up pine needles, and baking a cake. Now I’m sitting here watching the much needed snow fall and am ready to ring in the New Year.

I loved looking back on the goals I made last year and seeing how I’ve grown and changed. I didn’t do exactly everything, but I did a lot. And more importantly, I really learned so much about my style and what I want to make. I also learned so much about how I make and the rhythm of my creativity.

I did pretty well with my Make Nine from last year too. I had a goal to make three coats/jackets and I did! I have ripped the scary bandaid off of coat making and now feel confident that I can make more in the future.

Here are the posts for my yellow coat, knit blazer, and oversized blazer.

For three shirts I really learned I don’t love wearing button down shirts! I pivoted and discovered I do love shirt dresses and found a new blouse pattern that I just love.

Here are the posts for the white blouse, one of my favorite dresses of all time, and the beautiful Patina blouse.

And finally, for pants, I made a lot of them! In fact I’m really happy with all the separates I made this year. My three favorite patterns were the ones below. I embraced the elastic waist band for sure, but also played with some new shapes that surprised me.

These Pietra Pants seem to go with everything and my Bob pants and Bisque Trousers were major hits from my fall capsule.

Looking ahead, I’ve chosen Nine images to inspire me for my makes in 2022!

I’ve broken up the makes into seasons, so the top three squares are winter. I want to make a fabulous lavender coat Check out this instagram, she has incredible style!

I also want to knit a cozy sweater, I really like this Wednesday sweater by Petite Knits, and next Christmas I would love to make a party dress inspired by Beyonce.

For spring I am in love with this sweater vest from Rachel Comey. I would love to knit something similar in a vibrant color!

I have also had this Rachel Comey for Vogue pattern in my ‘to make’ list for so long. This is the year! I think it’s so cool and would love to perfect the fit of a jumpsuit.

I had this outfit saved from last year and I’m sorry I don’t have the original source. I love the mustard and lilac and would love to recreate it this year.

For the summer, I know I don’t make as much so I kept it simple with a knitted camisole. I don’ know if it will be this exact one, but I think something like this would be a practical make when it gets warmer.

I also love the patchwork dress trend and have found a few button down shirts at Goodwill that I could reuse to make a dress inspired by all of these lovely makes.

And finally, this fall I would love to take on the project of making a velvet suit. I already bought my fabric and can’t wait to dive into this one. All the Gucci velvet suits are fabulous, but I can’t get this one out of my head ever since seeing it on instagram.

I’m excited and can’t wait to share all my makes here and on Youtube this year with you! Happy 2022, cheers to making all the things!

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