No Frills by Petite Knit Pattern Review

This is my entry into the Bougie Sweatshirt Knit Along hosted by Kacie from Young Folk Knits It’s also my first finished sweater of the year. I cast this on for my birthday (and then proceeded to redo the neckline 2 more times…) and finished it at the end of February. I’m in love with the finished product, learned a lot from my mistakes, and am still amazed by the magic that is turning a piece of string into a sweater.

///The Stats///

Pattern/size: No Frills Sweater by Petite Knit in the size small

Needles used: US 2 1/2 and US 6

Yarn used: Madeline Tosh TML+Copper in the colorway Horn and Rowan Kid Silk Haze in the color Pearl

I bought this yarn last summer at a local shop when I was visiting my inlaws in Georgetown, Texas. If you’re in the area, I recommend popping into The Knitting Cup! An adorable shop with wonderful sales associates that can help you pick your yarn for your next project. I went in knowing I wanted a No Frills in a more neutral color palate and I was well guided.

As I said, I cast this on for my birthday (December 1st) and had to redo the neckline twice. Once because I tried to use a different needle size, then went ahead and ordered the size recommended, and the second time because I had trouble with the start of the German Short rows.

This sweater is a top down raglan and like the name suggests, it is pretty basic in design. The thing I’m finding with Petite Knit patterns is that though they look very simple (and a lot are!), there is great thought in putting the garment together and little details that set them a part from other patterns. I think the reason so many people love this pattern company goes beyond the brand’s aesthetic (blonde, minimalist chic?) and is because the patterns are truly well written and you end up with a lovely garment every time.

I started the pattern and then set it aside for some other projects but picked it up and worked intensely on it for most of January. After the raglan shaping, it is mostly knitting stockinette in the round, but I enjoyed the whole thing. The yarn I used is incredibly soft, and incredibly fluffy!, and just speckled enough to keep it interesting as I went through the pattern.

The only modification I made to this pattern was to increase the number of stitches that I picked up in the underarm for the sleeve by two. This just gave me a fit I prefer. If I made in the future I might lengthen the arms and body an inch or two. I like the fit now but a little more length might make it perfect for me.

The end result is a beautiful, basic sweater for my wardrobe. I do have some laddering for the short rows that I’m going to have to embrace, but otherwise I am really happy with this one. The fit is relaxed and I’m happy with the size I chose. I am wondering if I prefer a folded neckband, I think the next sweater I’m going to cast on will have this and it will be something to consider in picking patterns moving forward.

I can wear this sweater casually with jeans and also dress it up with trousers or skirts. My goal is to have it be an everyday sweater and not be too precious about it. I think I would make this pattern again when I need a basic raglan. I like the looseness of it and the sleeve shape is comfortable.

Overall I’m incredibly happy with the sweater I made and it has me excited to keep on knitting!