Arlington Sweater by Love Notions

For pattern reviews it is very helpful to have a person’s measurements! So before we begin, I am 5 foot 9 with a 32 inch bust, 29 inch waist, and 36 inch hips. I am pretty evenly proportioned but do find that my arms are longer than average! Happy to answer any fitting questions in reference to this pattern and my body should you have them- just leave me a comment!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my deep dive into turtle neck patterns has been very delayed, but today starts a week of turtlenecks and I’m excited to compare a few different patterns for you! I was worried that by the time I finally got these up we would all be over wearing turtlenecks, but as it is -6 degrees outside today, I think some of us will still have a need for them for a little while longer.

I decided to deep dive turtlenecks because I’ve really found that they are a great layering piece for Colorado. On warmer days they are good on their own and when it’s colder like today I use them as a base layer purely to stay warm. When I realized the ones I owned were at least 15 years old (I didn’t wear them much in Dallas!), I decided to try some different patterns and see what made my perfect turtleneck. Much like my quest for the perfect tshirt, I was pleasantly surprised about what I learned and hope that comparing 4 different patterns will help you decide which pattern would be best for your style. Friday I will have a post with all the patterns side by side, but first let’s start with a deep dive shall we?

I already have a review up for the Nikko top and dress that you can find here. This has been my tried and true for awhile and I highly recommend. Today I am going to be reviewing the Arlington Sweater by Love Notions.

I have made this pattern fairly recently with some Destashify fabric, you can find that post here, but I really wanted to try the more plain sleeves and compare it to some other patterns just to look at the style lines and fit a bit more.

Love Notions is a company I reviewed in 2020 and have since fallen in love with. I appreciate how versatile their patterns are as well as their size range and cup size options. I always have good luck sewing their patterns and the Classic Tee was pretty much my favorite t-shirt from T-shirt Month.

Love Notions has a very active Facebook group that’s free to join where you can find a lot of inspiration as well as tips and advice on all their patterns. I’m not on Facebook very much and I get a lot out of the group. Just seeing what people are making, how patterns look on different bodies and in different fabrics is really helpful and inspiring. I also think it helps you get the most out of your patterns, they are not sold to be one off pieces. Love Notions creates patterns to make and wear again and again.

The website describes the Arlington as “a great transitional piece for your fall and winter wardrobe. Choose from three body styles: hip length, banded shirt length and above knee dress. Neckline options are turtleneck, mock turtleneck and cowl. Mix it up with five different sleeve options: long, bishop, elbow, puff short and puff long.”

The Arlington is meant for knit fabrics and there are 3 length options, including a dress, 3 different necklines, and 5 different sleeve options. If you like this pattern you could basically never have to buy another turtleneck pattern again!

The sizing in Love Notions patterns goes from XS-5X with a full bust option. That is a 33″ full bust to a 57.5″ full bust. You can see their full sizing chart here.

This is described as being a pattern for a ‘confident beginner’ and I agree with that completely. Love Notions’ instructions are very thorough and when you add in the Facebook group for help, I think any issues you had could be easily resolved. The hardest part may be adding on the neckline and, if you use the bishop sleeves, gathering them into the cuff. But this would be a great pattern to try if those were new skills for you.

The fabric recommended for the Arlington is light to medium weight knits with 40% stretch. There are also plenty of tips on what fabric to use depending on what neckline you go with, a drapier fabric for the cowl for example.

What I initially liked most about the Arlington were the bishop sleeve options and the dress options. I like that it is a basic pattern with so many variations! There are quite a few versions on the website as well as on Pattern Review. Browsing through you can see how many different looks you can get just depending on what fabric you use and what version you make. I love the versatility!

For all my turtle necks this week I’ve used the Premium Merino Jersey from The Fabric Store. Today’s version is in the navy. I bought this fabric in there New Years Sale and it is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, both to work with and to wear. It is soft and has a great drape but also warm and holds up well for the hems and neckbands. I will be making this a staple fabric to stock up on in future sales to come!

This was my first time ordering from The Fabric Store and I will be using them again. I was always intimidated by their prices as well as the fact they’re shipping from New Zealand. I think they’re sales are great and I got free shipping pretty easily. I think this will be a store I watch for sales and buy from every so often, but the quality is really great. It did take forever to get here but I actually think it was the trip from Denver up to my house that took the most time and not getting to the States!

For this version of the Arlington I wanted a more classic turtleneck so I did the straight long sleeves and the mock neck version. I did end up having to add the band, simply because I did not have quite enough fabric to get the shirt version out of my yardage. I bought one meter, and while that was just enough for all my other patterns, for whatever reason this one needed just a bit more.

I made a straight size medium with no adjustments and I think the fit is great. It feels like I’m wearing a comfortable t-shirt. I do like where the band hits me, I think it will be cute with high waisted bottoms, it’s just not my preferred style.

There are so many versions of this pattern online, but the review that made me go ahead and buy this was from the Youtube channel Sew Natural Dane. I love her version and it got me thinking how many options this one pattern had!

I couldn’t find any negatives on any reviews from this pattern. I think it’s pretty straight forward and if you like Love Notions patterns you’ll like this one!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s turtleneck, we’ll be looking at the Freya from Tilly and the Buttons.

Cozy Capsule/// Matching Sets

I’m sharing two patterns that I’ve been loving together as cozy loungewear sets. The Breckenridge Henley and the Resolution Bottoms both by Love Notions can absolutely be worn as ‘real’ clothes but I like them in knitwear for more of pajama, loungewear clothing.

Love Notions’ patterns are really well thought out. I love all the options each pattern comes with and they regularly run sales to keep their patterns affordable. When you choose to print the PDF versions of patterns the different options are clearly marked so you can only print exactly the pieces you need. Another great little detail is the way that you print out the pieces, you don’t have to trim them before sticking them together! This is a huge time saver and makes PDFs so much less daunting. I love the thought that goes into the patterns and the packaging and instructions!

Love Notions has a pretty great size range from XS-5X which is a 33-57.5″ bust measurement and 35.5-59.5″ hip measurement. I made a straight size medium in both my top and bottoms and with my measurements it looks like I’m between a small and medium. I find the medium to be a great fit for me with this company and don’t need to make any adjustments.

The two patterns I made and have been wearing non stop together are the Breckenridge Henley and the Resolution Bottoms.

I’ve made the henley before for tshirt month and was really happy with the result, I just thought the fabric was a little thin for wearing out and would prefer it as pajamas. There are quite a few versions for length and sleeves and I love the neckband. You can absolutely make these working buttons, but it’s easy enough to just sew them on and not need them to work. There are clear instructions for both.

I made the long sleeve shirt length version with the long cuffs. The first version is in this white sand sedona mini stripe jersey and the second is a brushed waffle sweater knit in the color moss, both from Surge Fabrics. Both of these turned out great and were fairly simple to sew. Maybe a little trickier than your average t-shirt with that neckband, but nothing too difficult.

For the bottoms I made the Resolution bottoms which have 4 different versions. Leggings, moto leggings, boot cut yoga pants, and straight leg yoga pants. I made the straight leg version, again in a straight medium. At first I wasn’t sure of these, there is a back yoke detail that I didn’t love at first but then after wearing these non stop I realize I like the shaping of them. These are so cozy and great for lounging around. I want to try a true leggings version for more activewear next time!

I’m so happy with both of these sets and if you were to drop by unexpectedly on a weekend afternoon, I’d probably be wearing one of these.

Destashify Makes!

I am a brand ambassador for the store Destashify and every month I’m gifted $50 to spend on secondhand fabric and today I have what I made from last month’s haul. I don’t have a haul to share with you this month because instead of buying anything for myself, I would love to pass on the $50 as a giveaway. Go check out this video and leave a comment and I will announce the winner on December 30th. Thank you for all the support, comments, views, all of it this year. I’ve had so much fun sharing here and am excited about what’s to come in the new year! Now onto the makes…

I sewed up the two knit fabrics this month and ended up using the same pattern, the Arlington sweater by Love Notions. It’s my plan to provide more extensive pattern reviews in the new year, so look for a more detailed post on this pattern in January!

I didn’t sew up the cotton print but I have plans to make that into a blouse come spring. I am just on the hunt for the perfect pattern match.

For the first fabric, this beautiful emerald jersey, I made the bishop sleeve, mock turtleneck version. I sewed a straight size medium without any adjustments. I love this as a wardrobe staple, it’s a basic top with a bit of a twist in the exaggerated sleeves.

This top is really easy to pair with jeans, I love it tucked into a high waist! but I also think if you’re looking for work wear appropriate patterns, this is one that would be really great to layer up.

I played around with the monochromatic look and put on my green Vogue 9090 trousers. I love the vibe of this and even think it looks great with a blazer on top. Sometimes a basic top in a great color can help make a big statement in your wardrobe!

My next fabric was this fun animal print and I sewed up the exact same pattern but with the larger turtleneck option. I also shortened this one by about an inch, just because I wanted it to look a little more polished if I wore it untucked.

First I paired the top with my Bob pants and chunky black boots. This is so comfortable and an interesting silhouette.

Then I put on my Pietra pants and I love the mod vibe of these pieces together! The sleeves also fit nicely under a slimmer blazer and would absolutely look great with just a pair of jeans.

I had a lot of fun with these two fabrics and got two very wearable tops out of them. I hope next time you’re looking for fabric you’ll remember Destashify! And keep it in mind if you’re cleaning out your stash at the beginning of the year. A great way to make sure your supplies are going to people that will actually use them and not ending up in a landfill somewhere.

Mini Me Sewing

I had so much fun sewing for my kids last year that I’ve decided to try and make it a monthly thing. Seeing how fast they are growing, I don’t think this will be an issue!

This month I made my daughter a comfy tie dye sweatsuit. I used the Hudson Minis (I’ve made these now multiple times for all the kids, my husband, and for all of our Christmas pajamas!) for the bottoms and sewed a straight size 10.

The top is a Sloane Sweater from Love Notions in the size 10 with the kangaroo pockets and hoodie options added to version B in a straight size 10. I think this is a little roomy on her, but for a sweatshirt I think that’s fine and she can get more wear out of it.

This fabric is a Telio Rayon Blend French Terry from and it is lightweight but very soft and cozy. I love that the tie dye is a little more subtle (wait until you see my make tomorrow! Tie dye galore!) and she loves the color.

This make took me a couple of hours this weekend and the second it was off the sewing machine she had it on and only took it off when I forced her to bathe! I would call that a success.

I will absolutely keep making these patterns and highly recommend for comfy, functional kids’ clothes that have a lot of options for making different versions.

Kid’s Fall Module Part Three Finished!

I am finally at the end of my month long sewing of kids’ clothes! All three children now have great pieces to mix and match with stuff they already have and practical things to layer up as the weather is turning cooler.

Today I have my daughter’s module to share with you! Just for a brief recap, a module includes one topper, two pants, and three tops. The idea is everything can be worn together and also works with what’s already in her closet. You can see my two year old’s module here and my older son’s here.

For my daughter’s topper, this is one you’ve already seen! It’s the Navigator pullover by Love Notions patterns. I have an entire post about this (read it here) but this has proven to be such a useful layering piece in her wardrobe already. We’ve had cooler mornings and warmer days and this is just the perfect weight. I used this sweatshirt fleece and it’s yellow, her favorite color!, for house Hufflepuff!

For her bottoms, I realized she really had a hole in her wardrobe when it came to pants that aren’t jeans. So I decided to make her a pair of denim leggings and two pairs of joggers.

Those leggings are from this issue of Ottobre magazine. I know it’s hard to see in the picture, but there is a pleating detail on the knee that elevates these a bit and I hope will also make them last a little longer. This stretch denim was in my stash and I had the perfect amount for these leggings!

The mint joggers are another Ottobre magazine pattern and this fabric is a soft knit from Art Gallery. I love the color and she loves how soft they are, but they are a little thin. These will work more as leggings but the legs are pretty narrow so I think that will be fine!

The mustard yellow joggers are the True Bias mini Hudsons and I made them out of this gorgeous knit. These are definitely thicker and will be able to be worn on cooler days and it would be easy to fit long johns underneath if she wanted an added layer for warmth!

And finally, we have her tops! I love how all of these came out and how great all the colors in this whole module work together. All three are from Ottobre (I put that subscription to good use this month!) and all sewed up really quickly.

That owl fabric is from Art Gallery and I had some leftover from a failed project. I was so happy to use it and love the light pink rib knit with it.

The tunic is another Art Gallery (their knits are just so lovely to work with!) and I liked using that mustard yellow for some contrast.

This periwinkle sweat shirting is so soft and this oversized sweatshirt will get a lot of wear. I made the top of the size range, I think it was an Ottobre 123?, and I wish I could have gone higher. I may be on the hunt for an indie version of this pattern or try and draft it up. I can see her wanting to wear more of these!

And there we go! The final kid’s fall module is done! I have loved working on these. I know that my sewing skills have gotten better, I’m a whiz at pants now!, and most of these did not take much time so it was really gratifying to be able to finish a garment in one session.

I’m ready to get back to me though! I will be back Saturday with some workout gear I’ve been sewing up and a great discount code so you can get sewing some for yourself!

Whit Review/// The Navigator Pullover

I have my second pattern company review to share today in my new series where I dive deeper into indie sewing companies. My hope is that as a community we can lift up smaller companies that are doing the work as allies and find new companies to support!

Today I’m going to talk about Love Notions. Now this is a new to me company, I only started hearing about them this spring. I know a lot of fellow sewists that make and promote their patterns all the time so I thought I would give them a look.

At first glance I really appreciated the diversity of patterns. There are a lot of great womens and mens patterns as well as childrens and I like that so many are pretty gender neutral. The size range is pretty large in all of these different patterns and I love the price point. There are also regular sales on patterns. I scooped up quite a few this summer when they had a big $5 pattern sale!

The value in these patterns feels really great as well. I chose to make and review the Navigator pullover, which covers sizes 2T to 16. For five dollars this kind of great staple is just incredible! I will be making my kids these pullovers for the rest of their childhoods!

The instructions are clear, there are a lot of resources available to learn new techniques, and I thought that while the patterns I made were basic, they all have clever construction details that make your finished garment look really professional.

I made both my son and daughter a Navigator pullover and I just love how they turned out. In fact I love them so much I bought the women’s and men’s version of this pattern to make for my husband and me!

Cozy, simple, but with great style lines, this pullover is something that will be worn on a daily basis here in Colorado. I made the version with the collar, there is also a hood option, and I think you could have a lot of fun playing with colorblocking and add some details with the zipper and pocket lining.

I used a lightweight sweatshirt fleece that is really perfect for this time of year and I chose the colors based on my kids’ houses at Hogwarts! That may have won me mom of the year!

My only disappointment in doing this review is that Love Notions never got back to me after I reached out to them multiple times on multiple platforms. I admit that leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, I understand that small businesses may not have time to answer the questions I’ve put together and I certainly understand that everyone’s lives right now are a more upended than usual, however I would have appreciated an acknowledgment of my correspondence.

That being said, this company seems to have a clear mission statement (that you can see here) and everything from their sizing to their testers to what they showcase on their social media feed leads me to believe that this company does in fact practice what they preach!

Because of what I see from their presence online, I think I can safely recommend this company to my followers that care about racial justice, sustainability, and the environment. I look forward to hearing from Love Notions someday and will most definitely be sewing their patterns again!

I purchase these patterns on my own and all thoughts and opinions are mine. I receive no compensation from these posts.

Kids Fall Module Part Two Finished!

Today I have my 9 year old son’s fall sewing module to share with you! To briefly recap, I am sewing fall modules for each of my children (you can see the two year old’s here!) and I’m basing this off an idea I got from Whitney over at TomKat Stitchery. Basically the idea is that you build a module with one topper, two bottoms, and three tops. Everything works together and can easily be built on as you add more to your wardrobe. I love it especially for planning kids’ makes and am already finding that the clothes Im making with this concept are getting worn over and over again.

For my son’s topper I made him a Samson Sweater in the same sweat shirting fabric and faux leather that I made for his little brother. I forgot to add the elbow patches on this one, but it is really cozy and a great piece to throw on top of his t-shirts in the cooler mornings.

This is a straight size 10 with no modifications and it fits him really well!

The first bottoms I made him are another item to match baby brother (how long do you think I have til they get tired of that?) These are a really basic pull on, elastic waist pant from an issue of Ottobre magazine. Super simple to sew up, although a little skinnier in the leg than I had envisioned. This is a great twill and would look great for church pants… if we had church to go to!

Next are the Thomas Track Pants from Love Notions and I love this pattern. I have plans to make him some more! There are two versions, one with the color blocking I did here as well as a plain fabric one. There are also options for piping and zippers at the legs.

This is a straight size 10 and I will be adding some length to the next pair. This fabric is a thinner athletic mesh which is great for the weather right now and really comfortable for lounging around the house, but I will be looking for a thicker, warmer fabric for the next version of these.

The last in the matching makes, this is the Oliver+S buttoned up button down. Again this is a straight size 10 and this fabric is some from Indie Sew that I’ve had in my stash for years. I’m so happy I found the perfect pattern to sew it up in!

This pattern is really well drafted, has great details, and the instructions were fantastic. I enjoyed making this shirt so much and I feel like it really upped my sewing game. I can’t wait to sew more shirts!

Besides pants, the other item really missing from my son’s fall wardrobe were long sleeve t-shirts. I sewed up this super basic one from an Ottobre issue (there are a lot of other great tshirt patterns out there, I don’t know that I would go recommending this above them?) and added a snake appliqué. I don’t love the neckline on this, but when my son tried it on so I could adjust it (it feels too high and the band is too narrow) he wouldn’t take it off he loved it so much. So I won’t bother fixing it and will just look for another pattern in the future! This fabric is a soft double brush poly and the snake is made from scraps I had around the sewing room.

Finally, possibly my favorite item in the bunch, I have the Navigator pullover from Love Notions patterns. I hope to have a review up of this tomorrow but let me spoil it now by saying that I adore this pattern. I’ve actually bought the women’s and men’s version so I can make more for the whole family!

This fabric is a super soft sweatshirt fleece from Girl Charlee that is the perfect weight for a pullover. I added the zipper and pocket lining in white (same fabric as his t-shirt above) for a fun contrast

I am so happy with how this module turned out! I love all the pieces and they are all so wearable. I was feeling in a bit of a sewing rut and I have to say that after making all these clothes for my children, I have so many ideas and so much inspiration for things I want to make next. It’s a great feeling to spend time, money, and creative energy on something like this and have it build on itself to form more ideas and plans!

Kid’s Fall Module Part One Finished!

Monday I shared my plans for Sam’s fall module and today I have the finished pieces to show you!

For the ‘topper’ in this module I made a Samson Sweater by Love Notions. I made the size 2T from this sweatshirt fleece I bought earlier this year. I added some faux leather details and after a struggle with the neckband and cuffs (due to the stretch of the fabric, not the pattern itself!) I found a dark navy double knit that worked pretty well. I plan on making Charlie a matching sweatshirt! This fabric is really warm and this is a great layer to throw on when it’s not quite necessary to have a big coat but I want the little guy to stay warm.

The next two shirts also happen to be Samson Sweaters, but only because this pattern was so cute and simple to sew up! I love the fit of it. This blue and white stripe is a lighter weight french terry and I thought it would look great in version B with the longer hem line and hoodie attached.

This grey and yellow cozy sweatshirt was a perfect match for this sweatshirt- I literally had just enough fabric to cut it out and was able to use some scrap yellow sweat shirting for the contrast bands and pocket.

I want to make Sam and Charlie matching button down shirts and I love how this one from an Ottobre pattern turned out! This fabric is really soft and I was able to repurpose some buttons from an old shirt of Chris’. Shirts take a little longer to make than a sweatshirt, but I sewed this up in a nap time and even with the limited Ottobre instructions, it was fairly simple.

I only made Sam one pair of pants, he just didn’t really need two right now!, and I used another Ottobre pattern that had a knit waist band and cuffs to make these little cozy khaki pants.

Sewing up these little clothes was so much fun, I think I squealed after every make, they’re just so cute. Sam has already worn a lot of these and I love having warm layers to pull out every day. All of these pieces work well with most of the other things in his closet so it makes getting dressed every day really easy!

Next week I’ll be starting on my 9 year old son’s fall module, follow along to see how it goes!

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