{holidays}Document It

There was a time when I used to love to scapbook all the things. I no longer have the time or energy for that, but I still like to find fun ways to document the month of December. For the past few years I’ve used this red Leuchtturm journal and added in journaling and pictures. Some years have most of the month done and some, like last year, have hardly any. This year I decided to keep it going and have been trying to write down something or add a picture from every day. I especially wanted to remember our last Christmas in this house!

I haven’t bought anything for this journal, I’ve been using  whatever stash of paper supplies I already have built up. I did buy this Prynt Pocket photo printer last year that I really love. The quality isn’t amazing but getting to print the photos immediately and on sticky paper means they actually get put in the journal. Also it’s fun to print out a photo and write a note on it to stick in the kids’ lunches.


Another thing I’ve started is the monthly minis subscription from Chatbooks. It’s $5 a month and you get a small booklet filled with pictures of your choosing! I started in September and love my little stack so much. You can use my link, click here, to get $10 off your first order. I think this would be a great Christmas present or something to start in the new year. I love how easy it makes it to have photos printed. My kid cheer every time one comes in the mail and they are so easy to set up, I just do it from the app since all my photos are on my phone.

I don’t think every moment of your holidays have to be documented, but I think these are two easy ways to record some of your favorite memories!

Do You Keep a Journal?

I love journaling as writing is how I process my thoughts. It’s why I love putting together a blog post! I have gone through periods where I journal, scrapbook, write one line a day, whatever is easiest or feels right at the time.

This year I attempted bullet journaling. I love the idea of mixing efficiency/list making/planning with pretty paper and maybe a few embellishments. However, I found I didn’t have the time or patience to make it a regular thing. Instead I bought myself a physical planner (I like the Get to Work Book) so I can have a calendar and plenty of room to scribble lists and thoughts. This month I decided to return to my bullet journal and use it more as a simple journal. It won’t be daily, although I have space for a daily gratitude list, but I would like to get in the habit of jotting bits and pieces of our lives down and not have them shared anywhere else.

I love Instagram, but of course don’t want to be the girl that overshares there and I also don’t want to project a perfect life. I’m also feeling so many things (all the hormones! all the change!) and having a private space is much needed to reflect on this time for myself.  I would love to make it a habit so that when baby comes, reaching over and writing  about the small moments that change so quickly won’t feel like a chore. I remember nothing from when the twins were little, but I journaled so much! I love looking back and seeing all the funny details I wrote down. It’s precious to me, even if no one else ever takes a look!

The picture here is a look at how I started July. A page of colors that I love, a page of calendars to track a few habits I hope to cultivate, as well a quote that I think speaks to what I would like this month and summer to be about. Memories live longer than things.