My Birthday Dress

There is an expression in the sewing community ‘sew frosting’ and this make right here is allllll frosting! I’ve been sewing a lot of cake recently- the practical, wearable pieces in my wardrobe that I reach for over and over- that I wanted a little frosting for my birthday.

I saw this fabric in one of Star’s instagram sales. Every Thursday she has a preview of fabric that is either vintage or deadstock that she puts up for sale on Friday. When I saw the preview of this gorgeous velvet knit, I knew immediately that this would be my birthday dress. (go follow her shop site at Shop Well Fibre!)

I made V9311 and I sewed it up yesterday during Sam’s nap- it really was that easy to make! I made the size 10 and did take in quite a bit at the sides of the bodice so that plunging neckline would be just right.

I am obsessed with the drama of this dress! The neckline, the sleeves, the split, and the floor length. It’s amazing and it’s exactly what I pictured when I held this fabric in my hands for the first time.

Do I have anywhere to wear this? Absolutely not! Do I care? No! Knowing that it is hanging in my closet waiting for me is enough. Or maybe I’ll just traipse around the living room all month in it, I don’t think my kids would be shocked at this point.

Making something glamorous and completely impractical for my birthday was so fun. I wish you a little frosting in your future!

{it’s my birthday} Things I Love

I know there are a lot of gift guides out there right now, this is not one of them. It’s just some things that make me happy, some you can buy, some you can’t. Sometimes it’s nice to think on what you already have and enjoy, makes you savor them a bit more without needing to add more to your life.

Here are a list of my favorite things at the moment! Along with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens of course!

My new ski boots (see above) and my new ski pass that Chris just bought. It will take us an hour to get to a ski lift from our new house! I’m so excited!

Eye masks///no specific brand, but I keep them in the fridge and put them on first thing. Divine.

Peppermint joe joes///my favorite seasonal item from Trader Joe’s! It pains me to have to share them with my children…

Audio books/// a good audio book in your ears can make even the tedious tasks fly by. I’m looking at a mountain of laundry as I type this.

Kits- specifically sewing and knitting kits///I love Needlesharp and Wool and the Gangand We Are Knitters all have awesome kits where everything you need for a project comes in one box. How practical!

The prospect of a nice bath tub///Our new house has a great tub in the master bathroom and I am pumped to start soaking.

Shopping second hand/// Been doing this more lately and the hunt for something cool is addicting. I love that it’s more sustainable and that it forces a bit of creativity in your wardrobe.

Coffee in bed/// Is there anything more decadent?!?! No, I say there is not. My husband getting up Saturday morning to make the good coffee and then bringing it to me in bed is one of my favorite things.

Vogue beauty routines/// I fell down the rabbit hole of watching the Vogue You Tube channel the other day and why is watching women put on make up/do their beauty routine so relaxing? It reminds of watching my mom get ready when I was a kid I think. Anyway, I highly recommend it.

Museums/// Museums and libraries are my favorite public places. If I have an hour to kill (rare!) these are the places I would choose to be. I love what’s in them of course, but also I love the cross section of people that gather there and just feeling like a part of the city, if that makes sense.

What are some of your favorite things right now?

{it’s my birthday} Self Care at 36

Self care is not the same as self indulgence although we see these two used interchangeably over and over again. While a good glass of wine, a night of binge watching, or a new pair of shoes could certainly qualify as a form of self care, that’s not really what it’s about. Self care should fill you up not diminish or drain you in any way, and it might take work but the pay off is a healthier you. I’ve been practicing true self care the past few months and today I’m looking at what self care is for me at 36!

Skin care routine

This one is new for me, but a few weeks ago I did my research (via the internet and also my skincare guru sister in-law) and stocked up when Sephora had their big sale. When I figure out the products I really love I’ll be happy to share, but deciding to spend the money and the time on my skin makes me feel good every morning. The ritual feels good as does knowing I’m taking care of myself! I don’t wear a ton of make up so having healthy skin gives me confidence and just makes me feel better when I have to get out and face the world.

Working Out

I’ve always been active and have usually taken some kind of exercise class through the years. This past summer I joined my husband’s gym membership and we got serious about making work outs a part of our daily routine. I mix up cardio with interval training (right now I’m using the Sweat app and I love it!) and I’m starting to feel the results. I feel stronger and my endurance is up! The fact that all my pre baby clothes are fitting is a fun bonus, but truly working out for my mental and physical health has been a game changer.

Setting Goals

The past few months I’ve taken Elise’s advice and used the three goal rule. Every month I set three goals for myself and then use the following weeks’ and days’ plans to help me get there. I have a lot to say about this, but breaking down the big picture into smaller bites has really changed what I can get done and I’ve seen the benefits of taking things slow and steady.

NY Times Sunday Subscription

Listen, the New York Times is far from perfect and I had canceled it awhile ago, but when they recently ran a three month special I decided to try it again. Getting the full paper on Sunday is lovely, ahhh the arts section is worth the price alone, but I’ve found myself using the digital version every day along with their food app and recipes. I don’t always love what I read but I’ve found that my anxiety about the world is less when I do a deep dive than it is just scrolling Twitter for headlines.

Buying books

I use my library and will never stop that, but lately I’ve been buying the books I’m looking forward to reading. I look for authors that I love and support them by preordering their books. Then if I know I’ll never read that book again, I give it away! The library is amazing and you should use it all you can, but I like the anticipation of the new book being delivered or finding a gem in my local bookstore every now and then.


I started therapy because of something horrible that happened but I wish I started so much earlier. I go once a week and it has changed my life. I leave feeling empowered and like I have the tools to make real, lasting change in my life. I know finding a therapist can be daunting and the price can be steep, but it’s so worth it.


Listen, I have no qualms about climbing in bed at 9pm at this point in my life. I used to be such a night owl but now I need that sleep! I try to have good bed time practices so I get quality rest and I know this is such a boring thing, but man it is important.

Buying the good stuff, just less of it

I think one of the secrets to happiness is having less stuff but making sure the stuff you have is the good stuff-  whatever that means to you! After our big clear out this summer and before our big move, we’ve been looking at everything we own and deciding if it’s worth keeping, if it’s time to replace, or if it’s something we even need to own anymore. I don’t think you need a move to start thinking this way, it just pushes you to get it done!



{it’s my birthday} Goals For December

These past few months I have been setting 3 goals for myself (sometimes my whole family gets included) and I’m not being dramatic when I say it has been life changing. I plan to talk more about that later, but for now, let’s focus on my 3 goals for the month of December!


I have been writing so much lately and while I didn’t meet the goal I set for myself last month (holidays, travel, and trying to plan a big move put up a few road blocks but that’s ok!) I hope to keep up the habit this month. I have a goal in mind for where I would like to end the month, but more than anything I would just like to make time to write every day.

Celebrate the Joy of the season

December is full of celebrations and I’d like to soak in the time with my family, worry less about the stuff or trying to do all the things, and focus on the joy. I’m so thankful we get to celebrate one more Christmas in this house together and I want to enjoy it as much as possible.


This is it! No big deal here! Ha!

We close on our new house this month and we’re hoping to make the big move before the new year begins! I want time to slow down and I want it to be here all at once, it’s a strange place to be. This one is going to be happening no matter what, my goal is to approach the move with a clear head, prepare for the hiccups and stress that will come with it, and get my little family to Colorado!




{it’s my birthday} Goodbye To 35

Today is my birthday! Ok, when you’re reading this it was yesterday, but as I am writing this I’ve been 36 now for eleven hours. Birthdays get a little more complicated as you get older don’t they? On the one hand, you’re usually pretty grateful you’re still here and on the other, you can’t help but look back and wonder why time feels to pass so quickly. Weren’t you just celebrating turning 30? Weren’t you just graduating? How are you entering your late thirties already?

Well at least those are kind of my thoughts this morning. I’ve also been reflecting on this past year and I gotta say, it sucked in all kinds of ways. Not to be too harsh, but 35 can fuck off!

Probably one of the worst things I could ever imagine happening happened while I was 35. I’m not going to go into details (maybe someday I’ll share the story, maybe not) but this spring my world flipped upside down and my heart was broken.

I share that here, in this space and for anyone to see, because the next part is very important and I’m proud of it. When I was at my lowest I made a decision and it’s a decision I wake up and try to make every single morning since. I choose to love. To love myself, to love those I care most about, to love getting a chance to live this life the way I think is valuable and important. People say love is the answer and we roll our eyes, but if we talked about how much work true love can take and how counter cultural it is at times, maybe we’d put more value into that saying.

There are some mornings where I wake up and wonder if I’m completely naive, if putting my whole heart into each day is going to mean I get crushed again and that is completely terrifying. But it’s also freeing to know that I am living my truth. I’m not holding things in, I’m not numbing anything or pushing hard shit away. I am turning 36 learning what it means to face it, the real world in all it’s pain and beauty.

I hate that saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ because it’s not true, but I am trying to face everything that has happened and will happen and own it. Sometimes the lesson can help you grow and sometimes the lesson is simply letting go. I’m finding my way!

So goodbye to 35! I’m thankful for all you’ve taught me and I’m more than ready to see you off! 36 is going to be about doing the work, enjoying the people I love the most, having new adventures, and creating the life I want. I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

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