Week in the Sewing Life No. 14

Thanks for all the love on my dress yesterday! I’m hoping I get to wear it out on a date this weekend! We’ve had a chill week at home, trying to stay cool and also trying to keep allergies at bay. I’ve dusted the whole house three times this week there’s so much pollen!

Sewing wise, I’ve already shown what I’ve been working on and I hope to make some pajamas this weekend. Around the web I found some fun things worth sharing. I hope y’all have a great weekend and manage to stay cool wherever you are!

On the Cutting Room Floor always has the best roundups and this free patterns for women’s tops is a great resource if you need some new summer tops in your wardrobe.

I love the prints in the new Carolina Herrera collection! And the commentary on these photos is pretty funny too.

I liked this piece last week in the New York Times stating- there are no fashion rules anymore! I hope if you’re getting out in the world again you’re wearing whatever the hell makes you feel fabulous.

Have you watched ‘In the Heights’ yet? My whole family enjoyed it and I thought this piece about building the perfect bodega was cool.

Here’s a cute tutorial on how to upcycle shirts into baby shorts. Might be using later.

Look at this sexy Fenix Bodysuit by Madalynne! I’ve yet to venture into making my own lingerie but this looks pretty spectacular.

And finally, I’ve been working on buying things and planning makes for my summer wardrobe and I got myself some Bermuda shorts (no one in my house likes them!). Here are 4 cute ways to style them up.

Cheers to the weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there.

Week in the Sewing Life No. 13

Happy Friday!!! We have thoroughly enjoyed our first week of summer and I have quite a few fun links to share with you today.

First, Everyday Style has released their summer capsule guide! I’ve already bookmarked a lot of links and plan on spending next week setting up my capsule. Of course I’ll share when I’m done.

I’ve been eyeing the Axis Tanks for a future workout module and loved this review by Raven Maureen.

The Named Patterns Kielo Wrap Dress is a great pattern for summer and this version by Alice in the Polka Dot Palace is a fun play with gingham.

I am loving all things rainbow right now, and this jumpsuit on That Black Chic is a work of art.

Looking for fun projects to sew with your kids this summer? Here is a great round up of free patterns!

This post has a list of children’s books about quilts, I didn’t know most of these.

A fun tutorial on how to make a beach towel bag, perfect for lugging things to and from the pool or beach.

Hey June Handmade always has great tutorials, and this one on French Bias Binding is worth saving.

I want to make a knitted tank top soon and loved some of the patterns in this round up.

I generally like Brandon Maxwell’s fashion lines and thought all the new prints in his latest were pretty cool.

Have you seen Cruella yet? My whole family loved it and the fashion is incredible. I thought this article about costume designers and how they are not compensated for licensing after the movie comes out is pretty interesting and also infuriating.

And finally, a great round up of 45 easy summer dinner ideas– all vegetarian!- and a recipe for a frozen Pimm’s cup. Cheers!

Week in the Sewing Life No. 12

I’m a little behind on these posts so some of these links are older, but I still think worth sharing! I have started sewing for the summer and have a fun instagram idea for the month of June. If you don’t already follow me there, come check out my grid as we enter Pride month!

I think this tutorial for a Plush llama toy is so cute and something my kids would love to attempt this summer.

This Guide on how to read knitting charts is very helpful for a newbie knitter like me.

I think this free pattern for A DIY runner belt is really handy and would make a great gift for anyone in your life that is out on the trails or headed on vacation this summer.

Loved this spread on Whoopi Goldberg in Variety magazine

Sometimes it’s nice to have an easy tutorial on how to make a pillowcase with an inner flap

And this twisted turban headband tutorial is a really practical scrap buster!

I hope your weekend is full of sunshine and fun! I’ll be back next week with that top you see up above as well as a knitting update. See you then!

Week in the Sewing Life No. 11

Happy Friday everyone!! I did zero sewing this week, but I did prep a few things and film/photograph quite a few others. I just wasn’t in the mood I guess and that’s just fine.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a pair of pants for my capsule and next week I have my monthly pattern review as well as an easy, comfy dress I made over the weekend.

This weekend we are going skiing for the last time of the season and we are all very excited. We’ve gotten quite a bit of snow and it has been really cold here this week so we’re just going to embrace the winter vibe and enjoy it. Soon I hope to be digging in the dirt and soaking up some sun though!

Here are some good things I found around the internet this week!

Go Fug Yourself is looking at Classic Oscars gowns and I loved this post on Audrey Hepburn.

Deer and Doe has some new patterns out and I really love the Coquelicot Dress. That square neckline with the ruffle is so beautiful!

Martha at Buried Diamond always has great posts. I love her use of prints and color and how she translates vintage patterns into her style. This shirred dress has me dreaming of summer.

Over on Instagram, @duana_m_chandler had me gasping over this dress. I bought this pattern and seeing her version has moved it to the top of my make list for summer!

I would love to try @contour_affair ‘s tutorial for this dress.

And if you are looking for food inspiration, go check out @aprilisforarabfood and get inspired to make something delicious for supper.

Week in the Sewing Life No. 10

I haven’t done one of these in a few weeks, but here’s what’s been going on over here!

I’ve been getting my spring wardrobe ready. I’m excited to share the capsule that I’m building and my resources for it soon and more than anything I’m excited to dress for spring. It’s snowy and cold this weekend but I know those sunny warm days are just around the corner… Right!??!?!

Next week I’ll share thoughts and plans and then I hope there are a lot of finished garments up on the blog for the weeks to come. I’m also hoping to build my handmade wardrobe page that I have linked up there at the top of my blog. I would love for you to be able to see all my makes and easily click through to find links and descriptions. I’m thinking starting with this new season may be easiest!

I’ll be hunkering down this weekend and getting some sewing in. I’ve been sharing a lot of makes as I go on Instagram if you want to follow along there!

Looking through articles I bookmarked, here is a free tutorial for a twisted headband. I might see if Harper and I could whip some of these up this weekend.

I am loving all the photos coming out of the ‘House of Gucci’ set! This is a cool article about the costume design.

The Ancient Fabric No One Knows How to Make’ That’s all you need to know, go dive into it!

This article is about the Swedish crochet artist responsible for all the British rockers wearing crochet back in the day is interesting.

This is old, but our Interior Secretary Deb Haaland being sworn in wearing traditional Native American clothing is pretty cool. I’ve been thinking a lot about why clothing is important, and a moment like this proves that clothes absolutely have power to speak for us.

And finally, a nice tribute to the ballerina Misty Copeland. Representation matters and hearing other dancers reflect on her legacy is pretty cool.

Week in the Sewing Life No. 9

This week has been a tease with some seriously gorgeous spring weather, and now we are about to get whomped (that’s the word the weather man actually used) with a good amount of snow. I have a few easy projects cut out and am hoping to dive into a more complicated make while we’re cozied up indoors.

Thank you for all the kind comments on my winter module! I’ve had fun mixing these pieces into my wardrobe and I’ve had a lot of fun this week getting dressed and continuing to play along with the Sew Happy Color challenge over on instagram. It was yellow week- my favorite!- and it made me happy each morning figuring out what I wanted to wear.

This was mentioned at the beginning of the month, but Canva has a very cool color wheel tool that you can use to play around with new color combinations if you’re looking for ways to get inspired and play along with the challenge.

I thought this was a helpful article on how to buy yarn online. Fabric can still be a challenge even after years of sewing so yarn is absolutely intimidating to me!

This is an adorable free pattern for little girls and I’ve seen a few people make it up as an actual dress. I might save it for Harper for the summer.

I loved this round up of the 2021 Costume Designers Guild Award Nominations. I’ve been watching Bridgerton and costumes and sets are so beautiful and definitely help tell the story. I love costumes and the stories behind how they get made.

I hope you have a warm and cozy weekend wherever you are!

Week in the Sewing Life No. 8

I don’t have much to report this week as I was kept pretty busy with appointments for Sam. All good news, but all took place during nap times so these past two days I’ve been trying to work and get him back on his schedule. Kids are a full time job I tell ya!

I did get to work a little bit on my topper for my winter module and I’m really hoping it will be finished and up here for you on Monday! I have some plans to sew this weekend, a few easy things and one that might take a little more effort.

I haven’t been able to snoop around the internet much this week but I did get back on instagram and have had a great time playing along with and following the #sewhappycolor2021 challenge. This week was pink/red and I highly recommend looking through the hashtag. You will absolutely be inspired!

I hope you have a great, relaxing weekend! The weather is supposed to be pretty nice here and I hope and I can get out on a few hikes and walks with my family.

Week in the Sewing Life No. 7

Well guys, not much sewing going on over here this week and I was bummed to ‘get behind’ and not have any posts to share, but sometimes that’s the way it goes! I’ve got a teething two year old that’s tired of being cooped up, one kid fighting off a virus, and a whole lot of worry for all my friends and family back in Texas. Whew. Luckily the sick kid is fine (really it’s more of the whole process now that you have to go through to prove he isn’t Covid sick more than just the little virus he was fighting!), my Texans’ power is returning (prayers that water is back soon and not too much damage left behind as it starts to thaw!), and the two year old… well he’s still teething and into absolutely everything, but that I can handle.

I did sew up a dragon plushie for Harper last weekend that she has promised to take photos of so I can share next week. And I finished another top in my winter module and have plans this afternoon to finish the second one. I finished my first knitting project and have started a second. I found it really soothing this week when I was too anxious to concentrate on sewing and now I am hooked! I want to knit allll the things!

Around the internet I found this great list of over 100 free sewing patterns. I also thought these miniature embroidery pieces were amazing!

This article about The People’s Sewing Army and how you can help with your sewing scraps was really inspiring! As was this make by Erica Bunker. I love Mara Hoffman’s work and Erica did an amazing job recreating it!

The only new pattern I have to share with you this week is the Zadie Blouse by Sew Over It. This looks to be a beautiful, very wearable blouse that could be dressed up or down depending on what fabric you choose. I love the dress length!

I hope you stay safe and warm this weekend and my plan is to be back next week with a lot of fun projects to share with you!

Week in the Sewing Life No. 6

I don’t feel like I have a ton to share with you this week. I did get some sewing done, check out the first piece from my winter module!, and I did organize patterns after filming this pattern haul. I had a lot of fun styling up some of my favorite pants and I’ve even gotten up to 14 rows on my knitting project!

But along with all of that, I had a very busy week with other life stuff to deal with, Tuesday felt like one long zoom call! I’m looking forward to the weekend and I have hopes on finishing my tops for the module and sewing up some sweats for the kids. It’s going to get very cold here so we will most likely been inside a lot, but I have some new games I bought as Valentine’s presents so I’m betting we will still have fun.

Here are the things I found online this week!


How to make a 3 piece hood out of any hoodie pattern over on Hey June Handmade

How to Sew on Buttons with a Sewing Machine from So Sew Easy

New Pattern Releases:

Moonbow Slouchy Knit Cardigan is a free pattern from Mama in a Stitch

the Bianca Pullover from Greenstyle Creations

Stay warm this weekend and I hope you get some sewing in!

Week in the Sewing Life no. 5

As my kids told me this morning, ‘we made it another week through Covid!’ Oh, bless them…

This week I shared plans for sewing my stash as well as the plans for my winter module. I actually sewed up the first piece today and love it! I’m excited to get started on some more. I had one finished garment to show you, and while it didn’t end up quite like I was expecting, it’s very comfortable and wearable! I’ve also completely cleared off my phone and gotten off social media and will share more about that as the month goes on, I’m sure.

Around the internet I found a lot of great stuff, so let’s dive in!

Pattern Releases:

Elio Top by Allie Olson this is a simple knit faux wrap top that looks like a well designed basic to add to your stash.

McCall’s Early Spring Release I have a lot of thoughts about this! The sleeves! What do you guys think? Definite 80s inspirations and a younger vibe, but I don’t hate them.

Scrunchie with Tails pattern and tutorial A simple tutorial and one I may save to use with Harper. A great way to use up those smaller scraps!

How to make a lantern sleeve sweater A free pattern and tutorial for making a sweater with lantern sleeves. Even if you didn’t make this exact pattern, this tutorial could work on other patterns easily.


Zero Waste Sewing Month The Sewcialists are hosting this challenge for the month of February and that means there will be a lot of great posts throughout the month, even if you’re not participating in making something.

Black History Month Pattern Designer Challenge For the third year in a row! Check out the link to see how to participate and to be introduced to some great Black designers!


Cicely Tyson This is my favorite link this week. A retrospective on Cicely Tyson’s fashion and it is so full of joy! Age is just a number and this look at clothes in her life proves it.

70 of the greatest gowns ever worn by a royal a fun slideshow and really fun after looking at those 80s inspired McCalls’ designs.

Best Online Consignment Stores A great source if you like to shop for vintage clothes online.


Choosing and Grading between sizes Closet Core has this great tutorial to help you get the best fit with all your sewing.

Makes that caught my eye!

this patchwork Ilford Jacket by Sam from Purple Sewing Cloud is amazing! I love it so much!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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