Favorite Winter Skin Care Products

To be perfectly honest, today was going to be a post showing What I Wore for the week. But, like the wonderful blogger I am, I forgot to take actual pictures of anything I wore. To see a vlog of what a stay at home mom in Colorado wears on a very cold week in February, you can watch here!

I thought I would share some of my favorite skin care products at the moment. I have very reactive skin and in this dry climate I need as much moisture as I can get. Here are the things I’ve been using on a regular basis and having good luck with.

I’ve been using Skinfix Barrier and Triple Lipid-Peptide Lotion Moisturizer as pretty much my main moisturizer on a daily basis. It feels so good and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. It’s not too thick and doesn’t have any scent- perfect when my skin is irritated.

Every night I use Youth to the People Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask . This is thick and great for a dry climate. This jar lasts a long time too! I don’t use anything else at night right now and have been happy with this moisturizer.

I use Hyaluronic Acid from The Ordinary between mists of essence before my moisturizer and after trying a few different ones, I think this is a great product, especially for it’s price point!

I’ve been trying Tarte’s SEA Deep Dive Cleansing Gel and it’s great at getting off all your make up and grime but doesn’t make your skin feel tight or dried out. I like the slight foaming of this product and haven’t needed to double cleanse since using this. Double cleansing is great, it’s just really too much for my skin in the winter.

I love when I find great products and all of these are being used on a daily basis and helping my dry skin stay hydrated and normal this winter. Hope this helps if you’re looking for similar products!

My January Destashify Haul!

I am a brand ambassador for the store Destashify, a brilliant space where you can buy and sell secondhand fabric, yarn, notions, and patterns. Every month I’m gifted fifty dollars to spend as I please and share with you! I don’t have any makes for you but I did pick up these two fabulous patterns.

There were a lot of new patterns listed recently and some great vintage finds. I loved the 80’s style dress- how comfortable when it’s hot out?- and that shirt dress is just fabulous. I love all the sleeve and pocket options.

For fabric, I branched out a little and got this gorgeous sweater knit. The colors are just amazing and when I was contemplating what to make with it, my mom slid into my DMs and said a tunic with a cowl neckline for a woman of a certain age that lives in Santa Fe would be nice…

So I’m taking the hint and going to make something for her. We have a few patterns picked out and when I see her next weekend I will be taking measurements and solidifying a plan. I never sew for other people but am really excited about this!

Check out Destashify if you’re on the hunt for unique fabric and keep them in mind when you’re cleaning out your stash. You can sell fabric yourself or send it in to Destashify and know that it’s going to someone that will use and love it and not end up in a landfill.

Toaster Sweater Update!

I’m sorry I don’t have a pattern review up for you today. I’m waiting on some fabric I purchased last week and I don’t think I need to tell you that shipping is very slow right now. So I will figure out a review for next week (hopefully the Arlington to continue our look at turtlenecks!) but in the meantime I wanted to alert you to an exciting update with the Toaster Sweater by Sew House 7.

I reviewed this pattern a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that they had an extended size range in some, but not all, of their patterns. Well now the Toaster is included in that! So if you were not able to make this great sweater before, I hope now this sizing can include a lot more of you.

If you are reading this on Monday January 24th, you can still purchase this pattern at the sale price!

Happy Sewing everyone! Here’s to us all having a wonderful week.

Inspired By/// @theravelout

If you’ve followed me for awhile you know I love to take inspiration I see in the wild- ready to wear/fashion shows/tv and movies- and figure out how to recreate those looks myself. Well I thought I would take that concept further and include other creatives that I follow online. I love the Instagram sewing community and have an entire folder saved of outfits that inspire me.

Today I want to talk about Sylvia, @theravelout , and one of her outfits this spring that got stuck in my head and I couldn’t stop thinking about. Her feed is bright and colorful with feminine silhouettes in fun prints. She started the hashtag #memadeonrepeat and I love how she shows her makes styled up in different ways. If you aren’t following her already, here’s a link to her profile again!

She posted this outfit way back in March and I just loved that polka dot skirt. I needed a polka dot skirt! I hunted for fabric and finally found this cheery rayon challis at Minerva. I knew right away that I would use the pattern V9090 because I’ve made it before and it’s a perfect simple skirt to show off a fun print. I sewed up the size 10 and honestly may need to size down next time, or at least make adjustments, as this is still a little loose in the waist.

I love the way Sylvia styled hers with a sweater, and I may have to try that in the spring, but I knew I wanted a simple white blouse to wear with it and decided to make the square neck top by Friday Pattern Company out of some white cotton in my stash. I made the size medium with no adjustments and really love this for a woven top. There is a knit option as well that I may try and squeeze in with my t-shirt making if I have enough fabric!

I love how this turned out and can’t wait to wear this more in the spring and next summer. I’m thankful to Sylvia for the time she puts into sharing her makes because they are an endless source of inspiration!!

Life Update!

Hello and long time no blog! I got in a groove with blogging, both sewing and non sewing related, and then the past couple of weeks kind of knocked me on my ass.

First, and something good!, Chris and I both got our second vaccines. This is exciting and as of today I am fully vaccinated. It did however, knock both of us out, so I lost a couple of days there.

Then I found out one of my oldest friends died very unexpectedly. I spent last week processing that news as well as connecting with friends both on the phone and over social media. I didn’t feel like writing or creating much and just let myself be.

Finally, this past weekend we celebrated the twins’ birthday! I will share more tomorrow, but from Thursday until today we were enjoying time with my parents and celebrating them and just enjoying being together.

I’m so grateful for so many things, but life is hard sometimes and things like blogs and hobbies have to be let go of. My friend’s death was also a painful reminder that nothing is promised and to treasure the time we have with the people we care about. I tried very hard this weekend to be present and enjoy the people I love!

I have some more makes to show you in the coming weeks and am looking forward to sharing our summer with you in this space! Take care of yourselves and take care of each other! I appreciate all of you that follow along!

Whit’s Reviews/// Hey June Handmade

Every month I pick an independent pattern company, buy and sew up one of their patterns, ask them a set of questions you all helped me come up with, and then I tell you about it here! Thanks to your generous tips in my Ko-fi account last month, I was able to purchase the pattern, fabric, and fabric for next month. I really appreciate that! If you like these reviews but can’t contribute, liking/sharing these posts is always helpful as is just going and checking out the company I review. I’m so thankful for all your support!

I’m here today with this month’s Whit Reviews and we are looking at the company Hey June Handmade. To look through all of the pattern companies I’ve reviewed, click here!

Let’s start with the answers to our questions and then I will show you what I made. I reached out to Adrianna and she quickly responded. I appreciate the care and attention she gave our questions and I hope you enjoy her answers!

What is your design background? When and why did you start making your own patterns?

 I’ve always been more interested in the technical aspects of sewing, so from day one I started making my own patterns rather than using pre-existing ones.  I’ve moved from paper, to using Adobe illustrator, and finally to a CAD program for my drafting and grading.  I was self taught using textbooks for several years before I was able to take flat pattern drafting classes.  When I first started nearly a decade ago, PDF patterns were only just emerging and there were none for simple, every day knit basics, so that’s where I began.   

Who do you design for? Who is your Target Audience?

Anyone who loves to sew and wear comfortable, everyday basics! 

What level of sewer do you design for?

The majority of Hey June patterns are designed to be beginner or advanced-beginner friendly.  They are also designed to be very “hackable”, so you can use one pattern to create several looks.  It’s my goal to cater to those who just want to use a pattern without having to think about it, as well as those who want to save some money and get creative by using one pattern to create almost any garment they can imagine.  The HJ website is full of tutorials and free add-on patterns for this very purpose.

What is your price point and why?

Patterns are $10 – $12.  They are purposefully kept at a low price so they can be accessible to anyone without a sale. We do offer a bundle discount as well as two site-wide sales per year.

What is your size range? Why did you pick this range? What is the size, cupsize, and height that you design your block on?

In the past, it’s been 2 – 22, then for a short time it was 0 – 24, and currently it is womens 0 – 30, though it is always evolving.  Sizes 0 – 20 are a B sewing cup, and 14 – 30 are a D sewing cup (this is not related to bra cup size).  I don’t like to talk about over all height, because it is very rarely proportionate to adjustments needed in leg or torso length and I think it can set people up for failure.  Instead, I offer total lengths in my patterns for inseam and back length so everyone can make a good choice for their individual bodies.  I like to share the anecdotal data about my own body – I am 5’7″, which is two inches taller than the standard height for drafting, but I have to shorten all my tops by 2″ because my torso is so short.  If I was a newer sewist and just chose to add an inch or two based on my height, it would yield poor results.

Do you support Black Lives Matter? What are some ways that you are anti racist and inclusive in your company on a day to day basis?

Always.  Everyone is always welcome and I hope that my communities online have supported that inclusive mentality to all our members.  I am very proud to say that up to this point I haven’t had to remove any member due to hateful language and I hope that the HJ community will continue to reflect our shared goals toward inclusivity and anti-racism. 

Is there anything else you would like people just discovering your company to know?

The HJ website is chock full of helpful information if you’re just getting started.  Make sure to read the product listing, the dedicated blog post for each pattern (linked in the product listing) the FAQ, and the comprehensive overview of PDF patterns linked on the home page for all the information you may need.  Then you can venture into the tutorials and sewalongs for even more helpful information and inspiration!  We also have a very active facebook group if you have questions, and we also just love to see your finished projects!

Hey June Handmade has been on my radar for awhile, I had just never sewn any of their patterns. I decided to purchase the Evans blazer since I’m focusing on coats/jackets right now and I thought a knit blazer would be a good place to start.

I’m so happy this was my first blazer! The drafting on this is pretty great and the instructions and support offered through the blog is exceptional. I was nervous about those welt pockets after my disaster of a bomber jacket a few weeks ago, and although they are not perfect, they are pretty dang good! And more importantly (I think!) I actually learned something and understood what I was doing.

I made a straight size 8 and the fit in the shoulders is pretty spot on. I need to lengthen the sleeves next time, but because of the fabric I used I am just leaving them so they are long enough. I used this lovely ponte knit in the color new brick from Melanated Fabrics and it was really great to work with.

I had trouble with my knit interfacing but have recently seen some Instagram posts on crap interfacing and I think I need to upgrade mine. I think this may have contributed to a few issues in the collar and pockets. Sometimes it bubbled and sometimes it just peeled up and moved while I was working with it.

The construction of the Evans blazer is pretty straight forward. There are darts and fish eye darts for shaping and the collar in built into the front of the jacket. There are welt pockets and two piece sleeves, all typical elements you would find in a woven jacket. That means this looks polished and professional but with the comfort of the knit.

I never wear blazers because they are always too tight in the shoulders, but the stretch here keeps this comfy while still playing with that structured look. I really love how this turned out and will be showing some different ways I plan to wear it later this week! I enjoyed this whole process so much, I hope to be making more Hey June patterns in the future and highly recommend them to all of you!

Sew the Stash///April

It’s the beginning of the month so you know what that means, time to pick out some fabric from the stash to use up! Last month I made this outfit for my daughter as well as some tie dye yoga pants. I didn’t get around to the sweatshirt because, quite frankly, I’m over sewing sweats and ready for all the spring things! I will save that lovely knit for fall and winter when I’m back in a cozy, hibernating mood.

Which brings me to this month’s stash! This month I want to make a sweet dress for my daughter out of this cotton gingham I’ve had for years. I bought it thinking I would make a friend’s kids matching outfits. I have no idea what I was thinking as I was working and raising young twins at the time and only just learning how to sew! They obviously didn’t get made, but now I can use this happy fabric for my own children. I’m thinking I will try and get matching bow ties for the boys out of it too. Some day we will go to church again and my kids are going to look stylin’ when that day comes!

This blue cotton was given to me by my mom. I think it was originally for a home decor project? I’m going to be starting in on some shirt making and am going to use this for wearable muslins. It’s a great way to practice my techniques and the fabric will work for my boys! I’m going to try and make Chris a shirt as well. I know it will take some fitting and tweaking so using a fabric I’m not precious about will be perfect. I don’t foresee myself making my husband a lot of clothes, but it’s a great way to practice and know how to fit him!

Finally I have this interesting fabric that I picked up from Shop WellFibre on instagram. I’m not exactly sure of the make up of this, it’s like a mix between a knit and a tweed? I loved the colors of it though and have been bouncing around ideas on what I could make with it. I’m thinking I may have enough for an oversized blazer but also possibly a pair of pants. Stay tuned as I have this playing a part in my Spring wardrobe, I’m just not exactly sure how yet!

Tag me or leave a comment if you play along this month and sew up something from your stash! I’d love to see it!

My Final Thoughts on Fibre Mood

Last week I shared my final reveal of my winter module and I thought today I would share some thoughts on Fibre Mood magazine and patterns. I made 7 of their patterns over a span of about a month and ended up really loving 4 of the things I made. 2 I like and only 1 was a fail. So I think it’s safe to say that I can give this company a positive review, but let’s dig a little deeper!

First, I want to share the three tools that I use to trace and cut out my patterns from magazines. I highly recommend this tracing paper (I prefer how wide it is, makes life easier!), these highlighters (I trace my size and then use them for tracing onto the paper as well), and this curved ruler to add seam allowances. Tracing patterns is not difficult so please don’t let that intimidate you! There are a number of sewing magazines out there and if you’re limited on space or on a tight budget, they are a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck!

Ok, let’s get back specifically to Fibre Mood. The negatives for these patterns really, for me, are:

The size range could be more inclusive. Their sizing runs from a 29.9 bust to a 57.5 inch bust(here is their sizing chart). I wish they would work on expanding that a bit more. I do appreciate that they offer children’s and sometimes men’s patterns, just wish more of the sewing community could make their designs.

The sizing system used is different in every iteration. This is something that I think is meant to be helpful. If you buy a US magazine the sizing is imperial and in what we would think of as our sizing chart (0-28). There are also British sizing charts and European sizing. The problem is the actual patterns on the pattern sheet are all European. This is not a huge deal, it is easy to figure out what you’re supposed to be tracing, but I noticed a couple of errors in switching centimeters when it should be inches. I just think this lends itself to errors and we all know how important measuring is in sewing. I think we are all used to using different sizing charts and it wouldn’t be a big deal if they were consistent throughout their magazine and online instructions.

The line drawings and instructions aren’t the clearest. Ok, in a minute I’m going to say that I like the fashion vibes of their patterns but I have to say that sometimes it’s hard to see clear details and their line drawings don’t seem to be the most accurate. I had the most trouble when I was working on the pleat details of the Bonnie top and the ribbing of the Frida jacket. It actually took me going to social media and seeing other people’s photographs to find the detail shots I needed of the garments.

We also need to discuss that the instructions are very sparse. They do offer a bit more detail online and I will say that I was able to follow them, some things just took a little more work to figure out. If you are fairly confident in how the construction of garments works, you will be fine. If you are brand new to sewing, I would think these instructions would leave you frustrated!

For Pros, Fibre Mood really nails it with:

Inspirational pictures. I love the styling of the makes. From pairing handmade clothes with ready to wear and capturing a whole vibe in their photos, I think Fibre Mood excels in selling their patterns as things we actually want to make and wear. I know I said I wish they would do some more practical, head on shots so we could get a clear sense of fit and proportions, but for me this magazine is really helpful in thinking about what I want to make next and leaves me feeling inspired.

Simple patterns with trendy details. I really just like their patterns! They are pretty basic lines with fun details, and that is what I like to wear. I don’t want things that are too fussy or trendy but I still would like to feel current in my clothes. I think they nail that balance. Designers are never going to please everyone, but for me, these patterns are what I’m looking for when I’m taking the time to make my own clothes.

Consistent drafting and sizing. While what they call the sizing changes (and is annoying!) the actual sizes themselves and the fit of the garments seems to be pretty consistent. I made a 38 or size small in everything and, aside from needing to add length, it all fit well. I tried patterns from three different issues so I think I can safely say that the drafting and sizing is consistent. Once you make one of their patterns I think you will know what to expect with the others!

Social Media presence. Fibre Mood has done a great job with their instagram account. They have been offering weekly free patterns and sew alongs during lockdown and they reach out to a lot of sewing influencers so that when a new magazine is published you can immediately see what the patterns look like sewn up and styled on a variety of people. The hashtags for the patterns are very active and I know that when I needed help, it was easy to find online!

I have subscribed to the magazine and will continue to share it here and make their patterns. I find flipping through the issues really inspiring and I love their take on design. If you like what you see but aren’t interested in an entire magazine, please know that you can buy individual patterns online as pdfs.

I’m happy to continue supporting Fibre Mood and already have a few patterns marked from them for my spring and summer sewing plans! Please let me know if there are any questions you have about sewing these patterns and I will be happy to answer them for you.

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