1 Piece, 3 Ways

Today we’re playing the styling challenge, 1 piece, 3 ways! This is where we take one piece of clothing and find 3 different ways to style it up. Sometimes a fresh take on clothes you already own can be just as fun as getting something new. Let’s begin, shall we?

The Piece: I’ve been playing along with the Sew Happy Color challenge on Instagram and this week is the color blue, so I went looking for blue and came up with this Nikko Top by True Bias .

I made this early last year in a couple of different colors and one of the dress versions. I reach for these all the time. This bamboo rib knit is so soft and light, it makes for a great layering piece. I do find that I’ve mostly been wearing it with jeans, so I decided to change it up and bit and see what I could come up with!

Outfit #1: I love the idea of layering a turtleneck under a spring dress, but have to admit it’s not something I do very often. I went looking for dresses and picked my Calvin Wrap Dress by True Bias because I’ve been wanting to try layering a t-shirt under it and had the idea in my head.

I feel like this is a fun nod to the 90s trend going around and I paired it with my most combat style boots. I like the blue with the dark gray and think this is a fun way to extend the life of a warmer weather dress.

Outfit #2: I love to wear this top with my high waisted jeans, such a 70s vibe, so I decided to keep that silhouette but play around with some color. I paired it with my new Persephone Pants and I love this color combination. I would not normally think of putting these two colors together, but after this month’s color challenge and seeing all the ways people are mixing and matching colors, I decided to go for it. I love this one so much.

Outfit #3: For my final look I went back to my jeans and t-shirt. This time these jeans are straight cut Gap classic style blue jeans with my white sneakers. To add a little something extra, I threw on this blazer I thrifted that has a bit of an 80s shoulder. Feel like I could run for vice president in this outfit! Sam’s my campaign manager!

Play along with something you own in your closet that doesn’t get enough love these days! Tag me or leave a comment and let me know how it goes!

Pin It, Wear It

Today we’re going to play Pin It, Wear It. This is where we take some kind of fashion inspiration photo we’ve had on a Pinterest board and figure out how we can recreate that with clothes we already have. Got it? If you want to play along, leave me a comment and let me know what you came up with!

First up, the pin!

I have had this on my ‘fashion inspiration‘ board for awhile. I think I was drawn to the colors first, I love these two bold jewel tones together, and then I liked the shape of it all next. The slouchy, flowy vibe but you can still see her body. The lines just work.

Here’s my interpretation!

I knew I had the right green pants! These are Vogue 9302 and I made them out of some vintage twill a few years ago. I did not have quite the same color pink in a sweater as my inspiration, but this rosy color sweater that I was gifted actually suits me better I think and plays with the green in the same way. I added boots (because it’s winter here) and a half tuck to make sure my waist didn’t get lost.

I feel like the vibe is pretty close and I don’t know that I would have paired these colors together without the Pin to go off of! How do you think I did?

One Piece, Three Ways

Today we are playing one piece, three ways. This is where we take one item in our closet and try to style it up three unique ways. The goal is to find new pairings with stuff we already have, to fall in love a little more with our clothes!

I decided that since I have been mostly in sweats these past few weeks, that I would choose the humble sweatshirt today to ease me into real life and getting dressed. This is an Old Navy basic sweatshirt that I thrifted this fall. I love the color and thought it would be fun to play around a little bit with that!

My first look is how I would normally wear this sweatshirt if I needed to put on real clothes. These jeans are from Gap and I’ve had them for a few years now. This green jacket is a favorite that I got in a Stitch Fix years ago and I paired it with my white sneakers. Classic and easy but you look pulled together enough to run errands with the kids!

Next I decided to dress it up a bit. I layered a thrifted button down underneath and then put on this blue corduroy Axis skirt that I made last year. I love blue and yellow together and this feels like a fun mix for a dreary winter day. I have my tall, brown riding boots with it so my legs are covered and warm. This one might be my favorite!

I had trouble coming up with a third look. I really wanted to layer a blazer over the sweatshirt, but I didn’t have one that was quite right. So instead I played with color again and put on these green pants, V9302. I tucked in the sweatshirt so my waist didn’t get lost as there is a lot of volume happening. I love these colors together and I like the idea of mixing sportier pieces with more traditional pieces.

I love this styling challenge and it always makes me look at the things in my closet in a new way. Try it out with something you already own or when you buy or make something new!

Sustainable Fashion Haul/// My Well Loved Clothing Frock Box

A few weeks ago I found Adey’s youtube channel Well Loved Clothing and I binged all her videos. She is a thrifter that has an amazing eye and styles up her finds in unique ways. She also sells pieces and refashioned items in her shop.

I love her attitude about fashion and the joy she finds in getting dressed! When she posted that she would be selling Frock Boxes I knew I wanted to give it a try. I bought a box and then she sent me an in-depth questionnaire about sizing, pieces I was looking for, inspiration, and things I absolutely did not want. Then she went thrifting for me! In a couple of weeks I had a box full of 4 unique items that fit really well into my closet.

I have an unboxing video here and I thought I would share how I’m styling everything up this week on instagram as well.

First is this teal, oversized, cropped sweater that I think looks great with high waisted pants and skirts and I love it layered over my Kielo Wrap dress. I feel like your funky art teacher!

I told Adey I loved skirts and she did not disappoint in finding me this midi animal print skirt. I will absolutely wear this with t-shirts and sweatshirts and I love it with this thrifted Madewell sweater. I’m trying to figure out how to layer up and stay warm but still wear the silhouettes I love, I think this skirt makes that possible.

I’ve been having zero luck thrifting pants so I was nervous when I pulled out these pink cropped trousers! They fit perfectly though and I love the color. I will wear these all the time and I thought this sweater I rented from Nuuly worked perfectly with these pants.

My final piece might be the most basic, but it’s honestly something I will get the most wear out of. This mock turtle neck in the softest ribknit in a great color is a fantastic piece for layering. I love that it is sleeveless, I think it will be easier to wear under dresses this way, and I love the 70s vibe I get when I pair it with my high waisted jeans.

I was so impressed with this box! I love when people are creative with their business and offer something new to the world. If you love the idea of wearing second hand but have trouble finding the time or energy to shop yourself, check out Well Loved Clothing online!

Fall Wardrobe Inspiration

If you’ve been following me here these past few months, you know I’ve been building a conscious closet. A few months ago I used the approach I learned about back in May and took a critical look at my fall and winter wardrobe.

First, I changed everything out. All the summer stuff got put away in my dresser and all the winter layers and sweaters got put in the closet. I had already gone through most everything with my closet clean out, but I did double check that everything still fit and was in good condition.

Then I started looking for fall inspiration to help me find gaps in my wardrobe. Above is a picture of some of my favorite images. I love the slouchy, menswear vibe. I love the oversized sweaters or sweaters with dramatic sleeves. I like the idea of taking the color palette I discovered in the spring and just making it a bit richer.

After assessing what I had and what I wanted I was able to make a list of key pieces that I would like to add to my closet. My first stop was the thrift store where I got a few sweaters, some skirts, and some great layering pieces. I have a video up today sharing everything here!

Then I started planning out some things that I wanted to make myself. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing my fall module as well as a few extra pieces I’m throwing in.

My goal is to have a fall and winter closet that lasts for years to come and that I can add special or trendy pieces to on years that I want! Also, I want to be honest and say last week I think I got dressed once and was mostly in my sweats the rest of the time. So cozy and comfy pieces are also a big must for me!

Are you buying/making anything new for fall and winter this year? Or has being at home more changed how you get dressed and it’s not as big a priority? Or are you like me and in a new climate where you truly do need new things to wear to match the weather? Let me know!

August Styling Challenge

I decided to give myself a little styling challenge for August. I have been having trouble getting motivated and I see a difference in my mood on the days that I get ‘dressed.’ It seems like a little thing but it’s weird being home all the time and this sets a marker for when my day begins and I think I’m more productive and present when it feels like a real day. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I thought trying every week day in August to style an outfit would be a fun experiment.

I went through my closet and pulled some pieces that fit in a color scheme. I pulled things I know I love, things I want to wear more, and I added in my latest Nuuly box. In the end I have 10 tops, 4 skirts, 2 jumpsuits, 5 pants, and 4 dresses. So a bit more than a capsule but a lot less than my whole closet? Also, 16 of these items are handmade which was a happy accident.

I am focusing on color this month because color makes me happy. As I’ve started sewing in colors that make me feel good I am building a collection of pieces that I’m really proud and comfortable wearing. It’s a great feeling!

I plan on sharing my outfit of the day on my Instagram stories and then maybe will do a big wrap up here at the end of the month. If you feel so inclined, pick out a few of your favorite colors and try to wear them more this month. Even if you are home all day, you can still look cute! Tag me with #whitsstylingchallenge if you do!


My July Nuuly Box

I have used rental services for my clothes on and off for years. I started when I needed a formal gown but didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one dress that I might not wear again. I’ve tried a rental service for maternity clothes too and found it a great way to bulk up my wardrobe on pieces I only needed for a few months. Renting clothes is a great sustainable option, especially if you’re someone that likes trying more trendy pieces.

A little less than a year ago I started subscribing to Nuuly. Each month you pick out 6 pieces of clothing and they deliver it to you in zero waste packaging. Wear everything for a month and then send it back with the option to buy anything you absolutely loved.

I’ve found this most useful for trips (remember those?) and this past winter when we moved to Colorado and I needed more sweaters and coats. I also like to try and find new styles and see if I like them mixed in with what I already own. I paused the service when lockdown started, but decided to try it again this month and share with you.

I have a referral link (click here!) if you want to try Nuuly yourself. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the process!

Today I wanted to unbox my July Nuuly box and show you what I picked, and why, and different ways I styled up each look. Check out this video to see all the styles in action! I will try and link to all clothes and patterns that I can!

The first piece is this Bardot Blouse by the Anthropologie brand in a size 6. I need more tops in my wardrobe, especially ones in a print. I thought the colors of this would work with a lot of stuff I have and I like the crochet detail, feels like a trendy touch. I’ve paired it with Harper shorts, Persephone Pants, Pomona pants, and this McCalls skirt.

The next piece I got were these Megan Patch Pocket Shorts by the Anthropologie brand in a size 28. I love the color of these and I don’t own a lot of shorts so I was excited to try these. I think the rise is really cute and the stretch material makes them very comfortable. However, they are tight through the leg whereas on the website they read as fitting looser. I would prefer that, but have been wearing these a lot. Here I have them paired with a Seamwork Akita top, a top from Burda Magazine, an old button down that I love to wear tied up, and my new Simplicity top.


Next up is this knit v-back knit top by Callahan in a size small. I liked the simple style of this and thought the back was a beautiful detail that could be fun to duplicate into a sewing pattern. I also like where this hits me- right at my natural waist. It looks cute with my Hollyburn skirt, my Burda magazine paperbag pants,Persephone pants, and these striped shorts I’ve had for a few years.

Finally I have these Morocco Wide Leg pants by Eve Gravel in a medium. I loved the color of these and wanted to see how much I wear a lighter weight trouser in the summer. These are cropped and kind of reminded me of this Mimi G pattern that I hope to make soon. I’ve paired them with a pink cami, this floral blouse, and this cropped camisole that my mom brought back from Europe years ago.

The only other things I haven’t shown here are this dress and this blouse. The dress is very cute, I just haven’t been styling it other than wearing as is!, and the blouse is the only thing that didn’t fit. It was a strange shape and the top of the arms was way too tight when everything else fit. I put this on the review to help other future shoppers out!

I had fun playing in my closet and mixing these pieces in and have had fun wearing them these last few weeks. I hope this inspires you to try out a lot of looks with new clothes and try and get the most wear out of them as possible! Let me know if you ever rent clothes and what service you like to use!