Sew the Stash///June

I only made one of my plans for the April Sew the Stash and May had no plans and no stash sewing. I did, however, go through all my patterns and fabrics, purge and organize, and get inspired for what I want to make in the months to come.

Here are some ideas from what I took from my stash for the month of June!

Pajamas! I’m making some warm weather pjs for Sam as well as some matching pajamas for Harper and me.

Clothes for Harper! She will be getting a pair of shorts and a pair of pants that I’ve been wanting to make for a long time now.

Vintage Dress! I have a red linen fabric that I think will sew up to be an awesome vintage summer dress, maybe I will even get to wear it on a beach sometime soon.

I will share as I make and check in next month to see how I did!

Sew the Stash///March

Well I managed to cram quite a bit of sewing into February, but only tackled one of the projects on my sew the stash list. I just couldn’t justify making the kids clothes out of that grey french terry right now. They are growing so much and are not in need of pants at the moment so I’m going to hold off and save that fabric for later this year. I did make the henley out of that yellow striped fabric and hopefully will be able to take a few pictures in it soon!

For March I want to focus on some of the larger off cuts from recent projects. Harper is going to get a pair of yoga pants out of that tie dye fabric as well as some kind of pinafore/shirt situation from the corduroy and striped knit. I’m also hoping those pink and blue knits can come together in some kind of color blocked sweatshirt!

I’m going to be slowing down my sewing plans for March but these all seem like easy, fun makes and I’m hoping to use them as little breathers between bigger projects!

What’s on your list to make this month?

Sew the Stash/// February Plans

I started the year with plans to work through my stash and I’m happy to say I made all of my plans in January! Frida got turned into a pouf, I got a beautiful blouse out of that floral fabric, and that pink knit got turned into a cozy sweatshirt for my daughter that has yet to be photographed.

Looking ahead into February, I have quite a few projects planned so I wanted to keep my stash busters relatively simple. I have a gray French Terry that will be made up into pants for my oldest son and maybe a sweatshirt or two. This is a fairly recent fabric purchase and was always intended for sweats, I just want it made up and out of my stash sooner rather than later!

The other fabric is a soft knit in an off-white and mustard colored stripe. I’ve had this for a few years now and never quite settled on what I wanted to make it into. I think I’ve decided on the henley shirt, the Elli, from Seamwork. A great basic that will be cute in the stripe and easy to wear with a lot of other basics in my wardrobe.

These are two easy fabrics to work with and I hope to use these projects in between some trickier makes this month! Stay tuned to see if I get them out of my stash and into some closets!

DIY of the Month///Floor Pouf

I save all my small fabric scraps and threads from my projects in hopes of either recycling them or using them in some kind of creative way. I had a corner of my office full of plastic bags stuffed with scraps I accumulated through the year and I’m so happy to say that I found the perfect project for them, the Closet Core DIY Pouf Pattern.

This is a free pattern and it’s meant to use up your scraps, both on the outside and for the filling. I used this beautiful Frida Kahlo canvas that has been sitting in my stash forever, seriously at least 8 years, and mixed in some of the faux leather I bought for fall projects last year. I had some piping and a zipper on hand so I didn’t need to purchase anything to make this project.

It comes together really easily and would be a great beginner project to practice piecing, piping, and installing a zipper. The instructions include finishings so you can make sure your pouf is washable and durable.

It’s giant and all the scraps from all of my projects in 2020 fit inside! It feels so good to get those out of my office and all three kids love the pouf. I put it in my living room for pictures, but I’m not sure where exactly it will end up.

Highly recommend this project and will make one again when I have enough stuffing to fill it up!

First Make of the Year!

This week has been a little crazy (and listen, I wrote this out before the crumbling of democracy yesterday…) The kids are home for a buffer week before going back to school and most of my days have been spent helping them with science fair projects (note to self; I never ever ever want to be a science teacher). I did get to slip in a few hours for some sewing, look at me actually making my resolutions happen!, and I’m happy to share my first make of 2021 with you.

This fabric has been in my stash for a few years now and I could just never commit to a project. It’s a gorgeous floral print, but the fabric was really narrow and that limited what it could be. I got in my head that it would make a beautiful Wilder Gown so I started cutting it out and realized I didn’t have near enough fabric (so maybe I haven’t changed much in the new year?) I decided to push ahead though and see what it would look like at a tunic length.

I… kind of love it? And I actually think I might wear it more than a full length dress?

This is the size medium and basically it’s the bodice from the dress with long sleeves and whatever was left of my fabric. It’s very loose and flowy (read comfortable) but the beautiful fabric makes it feel like I dressed up a little bit. I have it paired here with skinny jeans and I imagine that is how it will probably get worn. Easy for getting on the ground and playing with Sam but cute enough to run out and…. do whatever it is that people did in the before times?!

This pattern is hugely popular in the sewing world and I feel like the last person to make it! It is a really easy sew and I get why people are obsessed with it. You know I love nightgown adjacent, and this feels like exactly that. If you were newer to sewing and looking at this pattern, I would highly recommend it. If I can get something cute out of it with way less fabric than it calls for, I have all the faith in the world that you could make something cute for yourself! Plus fitting is easy and drama level is high. What more could you ask for?

Sew the Stash///January Plans

I’m starting a new series this year to help me sew up some of those fabrics that have been in my stash for way too long! Each month I’m going to pick some stash fabric and make plans to use it up. I hope next month to show you what I made. I can’t link to most of these as they are older, but when possible I will provide links for all the projects!

For January I have three fabrics. First is a sizable remnant of a heathered pink French Terry that I used to make a top in my workout module from last year. I have enough that I think I can make Harper a comfy top either on it’s own or paired with something else.

I also have this floral poly crepe that I absolutely love and absolutely have no idea what to make with it. I bought it at least 2 years ago and it’s been sitting on my shelf purely from indecision. It’s drapey and light and I think would make a great Wilder Gown or some other flowy dress. Let me know if you have thoughts!

The third fabric is this canvas Frida Kahlo print that I’ve had from my very first years of sewing. It’s a gorgeous fabric and I think I would like to try and use up some of my fabric scraps and make the Closet Core Patterns DIY pouf. It’s a free pattern and I think it will be a great way to use up a lot of scraps as well as make use of this beautiful fabric.

Those are my plans for January! I hope to make some space in my fabric shelf and also use turn these lovely fabrics into something useful.

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