Possibly my New Favorite Poem

I Stop Writing the Poem

Tess Gallagher


to fold the clothes. No matter who lives

or who dies, I’m still a woman.

I’ll always have plenty to do.

I bring the arms of his shirt

together. Nothing can stop

our tenderness. I’ll get back

to the poem. I’ll get back to being

a woman. But for now

there’s a shirt, a giant shirt

in my hands, and somewhere a small girl

standing next to her mother

watching to see how it’s done.


I am so happy March is here. I found this poem and it rang so true for me and my feelings for the past month.

When Skies are Low and Days are Dark

When skies are low

and days are dark,

and frost bites

like a hungry shark,

when mufflers muffle

ears and nose,

and puffy sparrows

huddle close –

how nice to know

that February

is something purely


N.M Bodecker

So now a new month begins, Lent and the change in liturgical seasons begins soon, a New Moon cycle is about to be here, and spring is just over the horizon. Welcome, welcome March! Happy to have you here!

Poem of the Month


I found this poem the other day and it hit me right in the heart. I think it’s a great poem for this season, when we’re told buying and getting more stuff is what will make us happy. Hope it speaks to you as well! You can find more poems by this writer here.

The Orange by Wendy Cope

At lunchtime I bought a huge orange—
The size of it made us all laugh.
I peeled it and shared it with Robert and Dave—
They got quarters and I had a half.

And that orange, it made me so happy,
As ordinary things often do
Just lately. The shopping. A walk in the park.
This is peace and contentment. It’s new.

The rest of the day was quite easy.
I did all the jobs on my list
And enjoyed them and had some time over.
I love you. I’m glad I exist.