Winter Sewing Plans/// Cozy Capsule

I know going into the long, dark days of winter that I can get a bit gloomy. The holidays are over, it’s cold and dark out so early, and I get down about mid February. To help combat that, I’ve decided to plan the coziest of cozy capsules to make in the coming months. Things to curl up in. Things that feel like pjs but I could wear in the carpool line if I need to. I’ve been collecting fabrics for months now and am finally ready to share my plans with you! I present, my Cozy Capsule!

Side Note: I have been working on building this capsule for awhile now and some of these fabrics may not be available anymore! I will link where I can and if I can find similar fabric, I will link that!

First up, an oversized sweatshirt with some interesting panels and pocket details. I’ll be using this Lavender Gray Eco Fleece that I got from Needle-sharp and will play with the wrong side of the fabric for the contrast. The pattern is the Style Arc Fenix Sweatshirt

I picked up the fabric for this next one randomly this fall at Joann. It’s a cream sweater knit with some fun texture. I couldn’t find the exact fabric, but heres a similar fabric from Joann. I’m going to make the Verity Knit Top by Style Arc and think this fabric will make it a little more sweater/less sporty.

I have been wanting a tie dye sweat suit ever since I made one for my daughter last spring. I picked up a french terry from Stylemaker Fabrics that is a little more tonal, so less in your face than typical tie dye. The one I got is sold out but here is a similar Tonal Tie Dye French Terry .Simplicity 9337 is the pattern I will be using. It’s a unisex pattern and I’m interested to try it and see if it’s one I could use for the whole family eventually.

I bought this Moss Brushed Waffle Sweater Knit from Surge fabrics and it is the softest fabric ever! I’m going to make a Breckenridge Henley from Love Notions and some kind of matching bottoms. This will definitely be more lounge/pj and will be great to wear as warm layers.

Another one that will definitely be pjs, I found this Blush Berlin Brushed Rib Sweater Knit and it’s so light and soft that it will make a great M8245.I’m planning on making the long jumpsuit as well as the robe. I think this fabric is really affordable and it will be perfect for this pattern.

I’ve had a top like this in my head for awhile so I was happy to find this All Spice Banff Ultra Thick 1×1 Rib Sweater Knit and think it will look great sewn up as a Bert Knit Top by Style Arc. Kind of playing with that polo/rugby trend we’re seeing around lately.

Finally, I have a couple of yards of the Organic 1×1 Rib Knit from I See Fabric. I’m not sure yet what they will be. I’m thinking some kind of set, like a sports bra/leggings combination. Again, I wear layers like this under my every day clothes all the time in the winter and like that I can also lounge around in them.

These are the pieces you’ll be seeing coming up here in the coming weeks! What are you sewing for winter? Ready to buckle down and perfect a jacket or get into tailoring? Or are you like me and looking for comfort, both to wear and in the actual sewing? Check out my video to see these fabrics in person.

Fall Capsule///Plans

I shared what I thrifted and bought for my fall capsule, now let’s dig into what I’m going to be making! I’m writing this much earlier than posting so that throughout the coming weeks I can share my pieces as I make them. I’m excited about my plans and they accidentally turned into a module- 1 topper, 2 bottoms, 3 tops- so I’ll share them in those groups in the coming weeks. You’ll notice a lot more neutrals and some basic pieces that are missing from my closet in this little collection. I’m looking forward to trying out some new patterns and silhouettes this season!

Topper: Heather Blazer by Friday Pattern Company

I have been looking forward to sewing this pattern since it came out. I’m going to lean into the menswear look as this is an oversized blazer, and use this classic wool suiting I picked up from Stylemaker Fabrics. I like that there are blacks and browns in it and I think will look great thrown on over jeans on cool days.

Bottoms: Bob Pants,Simplicity 9237, possible plaid trousers

For the bottoms of my module I’m looking at two black basics, the Bob pants by Style Arc and S9237. The pants will be in a poly cotton blend I picked up from Joann and I like that they are a basic black trouser but in an interesting shape. I think it will be fun to play around with this silhouette. The skirt is a black ponte from Stylemaker and again it’s more of a basic but in an interesting shape. I loved my anniversary dress and this skirt is that same faux wrap style.

I bought this cotton plaid from Minerva and I’m not quite sure what style I want to go with. I love the menswear look mixed with athleisure wear- think elastic waists/joggers- and have a few patterns in mind that might work.

Tops: Newport, B6855, Adrienne Blouse

And finally, tops! Again, a couple of basics that I really need. I want an ivory top, I picked B6855 for a cute blouse and have a viscose challis from Minerva in ivory. I think this will be easy to wear on it’s own, layer up, and style more casual or dressy depending on what I need. I bought this lovely striped ponte roma from Minerva as well and want to make a classic shirt. I think the lines of the Newport top from Itch to Stitch are really nice and will give me the look I’m going for. I bought this cupro jersey from Surge Fabrics for my tshirt month but it ended up needing something more than a tshirt. I tentatively have it ready to be an Adrienne Blouse from Friday Pattern Company but am open to changing it up if I want to.

Those are my big fall sewing plans! I hope to have something to share with you next week. What’s on your cutting table? Any patterns out there that you’re really loving?

Fall Capsule/// What I Thrifted!

At the start of September I purchased the Fall Capsule Guide from Your Everyday Style. This is my third capsule purchase from Jennifer and I absolutely love this method of building a closet full of clothes that I love and wear. In the coming weeks I will be showing what I plan to make to add to my capsule as well as all my finished pieces as they come off my machine.

I am happy to say I was able to pull a lot from what I already owned in building my capsule. It feels great to have pieces that work well together, make me feel good, and fit the lifestyle I have. Here is the promo pic for the capsule to give you an idea of the color scheme and pieces I’m using. I am adding in some sage green just because I like it so much and think it looks great with the pinks and blacks.

After I pulled from my own closet I went looking at second hand shops. I have had really good success with Thredup and highly recommend it for people that love thrifting but simply don’t have time (or the physical stores!) to go and sort through clothes. Using the links from the capsule, I was able to be really specific in my search and found so many great things.

I recommend narrowing down brands, colors, and styles to keep the site from being overwhelming. I bought the following things from the site, a JCrew sweater vest, an oversized Free People Sweater, and a pair of light wash leggings from Old Navy. I also picked up some Free People Movement leggings in that same pinky/rose color and am really impressed with the quality!

We have a new vintage/consignment shop in my town and they have a great website if you want to check it out, Sweet Hayden Boutique. The owner is a former stylist and has collected so many amazing pieces! She switches them out every week so you can always find something good. Over two visits I got a great Madewell sweatshirt dress, a black sweater vest/top, a cute Madewell heart sweater, a dark floral wrap skirt, and a beautiful Philosophy black blazer.

I’m really excited with all of these purchases! Having the capsule guide really helped me narrow down my search and keep my eye out for things I needed. Can’t wait to show you what I’m going to be making!

T Shirt Month

I have been thinking about my fall wardrobe and what is really missing from my closet and the answer is t-shirts that I love. The ones that feel good, have the perfect neckline, and look great with a pair of jeans. I’m leaning into a uniform of sorts and t-shirts and jeans are what I will most likely be wearing on a daily basis this fall.

I am planning on trying out a few different patterns and fabrics and sharing my thoughts each Saturday here. My hope is to come away with great t-shirts as well as a tried and true pattern or two.

Here are the patterns I’m planning on trying!

The Glenelly by Love Notions I love this for a bit of a twist on a standard t-shirt. I think the square neckline is beautiful and would be fun to try in some bolder fabrics.

The Breckenridge Henley by Love Notions I love a Henley and I think this one has some really great options. I want to try the one with the cuff for this exercise and then find some waffle knit and make the long sleeve version for when it’s colder.

The Classic Tee by Love Notions So many people have recommended this pattern and I’m excited to try it! There are a lot of different necklines and options and I think this could be a great starting point in finding the perfect t-shirt.

The Eliott Sweater and Tee by Helen’s Closet I originally bought this pattern for the sweater option- I love that big turtle neck!- but in looking through my patterns I realized this little raglan sleeve tee could make a great staple.

The Lark Tee by Grainline Studio This is one of my first sewing patterns and I wore the heck out of this shirt. In fact, I wore it when I was pregnant with Sam so much and stretched it out that I had to get rid of it. I’m looking forward to revisiting this one and there are so many different options you can really make just about any t-shirt you want out of it!

The Briar Sweater and T-shirt by Megan Nielsen Another early sewing project for me and I finally had to get rid of this one because the fabric was looking so sad. I like the longer version and it will be interesting to compare the quality of my sewing from when I started to now.

I will share the fabrics and their contents/qualities as we get sewing. I think it will make more sense to dive into them when I have a finished garment to show you!

I’m also trying to put together a summary of points for each shirt so we can really compare. Let me know if you would add anything to the things I mention below. I will be back next week comparing the Classic Tee and the Lark Tee!

Pattern name and designer:

Size Range:

Pattern Details and Options:

Fabric used:

Size made and version made with any adjustments noted:

Thoughts on fit:

Thoughts on style:

What I don’t like:

What I do like:

Spring Wardrobe/// My Sewing Plans

Saturday I shared my plans on building a capsule wardrobe. I started with what I had, looked at what I want to make, and then went shopping for pieces to fill in the gaps.

Well today I want to share what those sewing plans are! I will link to patterns and fabrics as they are available. If the exact fabric isn’t in stock, I will link to similar items! Let’s dive on in, shall we?

I have been wanting to make M7981 for a long time. I love a midi skirt and I’ve wanted a button front one that was swishy and flowy. This capsule calls for a daytime to dressy skirt and I thought this in this gorgeous lightweight washed linen in the color powder blue from Blackbird Fabrics would be perfect.

I made the Pietra Pants by Closet Core patterns last year and they are one of my most worn makes! I wanted to try them in a more neutral color and love this lyocell twill in the color rust from Melanated Fabrics. I’m planning on version B with the more tapered leg for spring!

Overalls are a piece recommended in the capsule and they also happened to be the pattern for the April Needle sharp kit. I will be making the Harlene Overalls by Merchant and Mills in this speckled linen.

These two lovely cotton jersey knits in the colors sienna and blush pink will be a t-shirt and a tank and I plan on this pattern being my review for the month- so stay tuned!

I am in need of a classic white shirt and I also wanted to start my make nine plans of working on shirt making for spring. I like this M8041 because it has a half placket, something I think I’ll wear more than a full button down. I’m using this classic pinpoint oxford cotton shirting in white. Stylemaker offers it in quite a few colors if you’re in need of good shirting options!

Oh… I’m excited for this one! When I saw the Rozan blouse in the latest issue of Fibre Mood I knew I wanted to make it up soon. This fabric is a gorgeous hemp and organic cotton chambray from Blackbird. Sadly this color is no longer available, but the other colors are equally springy and beautiful.

I have been on the hunt for a yellow gingham and was so happy to see this Sorbet Gingham Linen as part of the newest collection at D&H Fabrics. I think it will be so pretty as the vintage wrap top Simplicity 7351 that I picked up recently. I can see myself wearing this all spring and summer!

I love to wear dresses when the weather gets warmer so I have three planned. First is this easy, comfy t-shirt style dress M8085. I bought this Galleria Good Nature Double Brushed Knit Sketched Floral recently at Joann and I think it will be a nice one to throw on and go.

I bought this olive green window pane viscose at Melanated Fabrics over the holidays so I’m sorry to say it’s no longer available. It’s going to be this M8031 shirt dress. I love the classic look of this and again it’s part of working on shirt making techniques.

Finally, I have one last shirt dress, M8104. I love the bust of this as well as the sleeve options. It feels so light and flowy and in this bright Retro Vibes Tropical Leaves Textured Voile I think it will carry over easily into summer! Maybe I will have a date night or somewhere fun to actually wear it soon?

Whew! Those are my plans! I know it’s a lot, but most of these I will easily be able to wear into the summer and so many of these patterns have been on my wishlist for awhile. I’ve already made a few of them and will start sharing later this week! Can’t wait to see what everyone is making this spring.

Fibre Mood Issue No. 13

This weekend the latest issue of Fibre Mood arrived in the mail and I thought I would share my 3 favorite patterns with you! If you want to see a full walk through, you can watch the video here. Also check out their social media as they always have a great team on instagram showing their latest patterns and you can really get an idea for what they look like on actual people!

My favorite pattern from this issue is the Rozan Top. I love this so much and will absolutely be making it this summer. I love those gathers at the neckline and I like that there is an option of the flounces sleeves or just straight. I also think this would be easy to lengthen into a full dress.

The Debra Dress is another one I find really appealing for the summer. I like that it’s a basic shift dress but with some interesting panels in the front. The back has a deep v neck and gathers that add beautiful details to an otherwise simple shape. How beautiful would this be in a linen or a fun print? I am adding this to my list!

Finally I have earmarked the Alix Skirt. Again, it looks like a basic pattern, a button up skirt, but I think the fact that it has pleats and not just gathers elevates the look. It would look great in a flowy fabric and also hold up to more structured cottons.

What do you think? Any of the new Fibre Mood patterns catch your eye? I’m almost finished with my Winter Module and can’t wait to share all my thoughts on sewing with this company.

Winter Module Plans

I love sewing in modules, I got the idea from Whitney over at TomKat Stitchery this summer and have been running with it ever since. The idea is you make 1 topper, 2 bottoms, and 3 tops and they can all play nicely together and mix in with what is already in your closet. A mini capsule wardrobe if you will.

I am seeing a lot about spring fashion, but guys, I am not falling for it. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow and I will not get excited about spring yet to only have my heart broken for at least 2 more months! So to embrace my new home, I decided to have fun and plan myself a winter module. To give myself a bit of a challenge, I am only going to be using patterns from Fibre Mood. I recently subscribed to this magazine and decided to jump in and try a bunch of their patterns at once. My hope is that when I show my full reveal, I can also give you a comprehensive review of what their patterns are like. I’m linking to all the patterns as you can purchase them individually as PDFs off of their website!

I hope to have a post up ever Wednesday sharing pieces from this module and showing how they work with things I already own. To begin, let’s plan it out!

The Dress:

I’m adding in a dress with my plans because I love a cozy sweater dress. This is the Daniella dress and I like how simple it is (re: very wearable) but the details of the sleeves feel fresh. I can wear it now with thick tights or leggings but then also wear it plenty in the spring too! I have this Cotton Modal Jersey in the color Desert Rose planned for this one. A soft, drapey knit that has enough weight to be worn as a dress, I think this will be like wearing pajamas and I love the color.

The Tops:

This print is where I started in shopping for fabric in this collection. I knew I wanted to bring in some more blues and greens into my wardrobe and I love this color, especially mixed with the coppers and blush pinks. This is the Atelier Brunette Rayon Moonstone in the green color way. I think I’m going to make it into a Glory Top. This blouse has some feminine details that I think will be nice but also let the print on the fabric shine. I love those gathers at the yoke and the sleeve detail and the little button placket on the shoulder is a nice touch.

This washed crinkle cotton in copper is soft with some drape but enough crispness to look really nice made up as the Bonnie top. I think the simplicity of the neckline and shape of this top is really nice and I love those box pleat sleeves. The inspiration photos showed it layered over a turtleneck, which looks cool, and also tucked and untucked for completely different vibes. Basically a woven t-shirt with a few more options!

Ok, it looks like the color Dusty Jade is no longer available at Blackbird Fabrics but I’m going to link to their Bamboo French terry because it is so lovely. I’m going to turn mine into the Alice Pullover. Basically a sweatshirt, but with a v neck line that can be worn in the back and that makes it look a little more chic. I’m really loving this color right now (you might see it show up again soon in a different garment!) and like that it will be a great weight for cooler spring and summer days as well.

The Bottoms:

I keep changing my mind on which of these fabrics will go with which pattern, but here is where I’m settled right now! This Slub Texture Linen in the color Spruce is going to be a pair of Benita Trousers. These are an elasticated waist trouser but I love the fit of the leg and the option for that tie belt. These will be so comfortable to wear around the house but can look a bit more dressed up should I need to go somewhere. I’ve been wearing quite a few linen pants this winter and like the weight of them. If it’s really cold out it’s easy to layer thermals underneath!

This stretch cotton corduroy in the color teak is going to be made up into the Bea Culotte. I think the construction on these pants looks interesting (there’s no zip) and the pleats are cool. I will be lengthening these to full, wide leg trousers and I keep going back and forth between the linen for drape or the corduroys for more structure. I think both fabrics work for both patterns, I just can’t decide what looks I’m going for quite yet!

The Topper:

And finally, to top off this collection as well as to play along with my coat making challenge, I’m going to sew up this teddy faux fur in rose as the Frida Jacket. This looks like a classic bomber style jacket, which I do not own!, and I may be late to the teddy bear jacket trend but I’m finally going to jump on board. I think the texture will be fun and the color will be great going into spring.

Those are my plans! What do you think? Have you made anything from Fibre Mood before? Please let me know if you have any questions about sewing with patterns from a magazine, I’d be happy to answer them for you.

Are you done with winter and jumping head first into spring or are you still making/buying warmer clothes? I hope to see you back next week with my first make!

Sew the Stash/// February Plans

I started the year with plans to work through my stash and I’m happy to say I made all of my plans in January! Frida got turned into a pouf, I got a beautiful blouse out of that floral fabric, and that pink knit got turned into a cozy sweatshirt for my daughter that has yet to be photographed.

Looking ahead into February, I have quite a few projects planned so I wanted to keep my stash busters relatively simple. I have a gray French Terry that will be made up into pants for my oldest son and maybe a sweatshirt or two. This is a fairly recent fabric purchase and was always intended for sweats, I just want it made up and out of my stash sooner rather than later!

The other fabric is a soft knit in an off-white and mustard colored stripe. I’ve had this for a few years now and never quite settled on what I wanted to make it into. I think I’ve decided on the henley shirt, the Elli, from Seamwork. A great basic that will be cute in the stripe and easy to wear with a lot of other basics in my wardrobe.

These are two easy fabrics to work with and I hope to use these projects in between some trickier makes this month! Stay tuned to see if I get them out of my stash and into some closets!

Sew the Stash///January Plans

I’m starting a new series this year to help me sew up some of those fabrics that have been in my stash for way too long! Each month I’m going to pick some stash fabric and make plans to use it up. I hope next month to show you what I made. I can’t link to most of these as they are older, but when possible I will provide links for all the projects!

For January I have three fabrics. First is a sizable remnant of a heathered pink French Terry that I used to make a top in my workout module from last year. I have enough that I think I can make Harper a comfy top either on it’s own or paired with something else.

I also have this floral poly crepe that I absolutely love and absolutely have no idea what to make with it. I bought it at least 2 years ago and it’s been sitting on my shelf purely from indecision. It’s drapey and light and I think would make a great Wilder Gown or some other flowy dress. Let me know if you have thoughts!

The third fabric is this canvas Frida Kahlo print that I’ve had from my very first years of sewing. It’s a gorgeous fabric and I think I would like to try and use up some of my fabric scraps and make the Closet Core Patterns DIY pouf. It’s a free pattern and I think it will be a great way to use up a lot of scraps as well as make use of this beautiful fabric.

Those are my plans for January! I hope to make some space in my fabric shelf and also use turn these lovely fabrics into something useful.

Make Nine 2021

There is a fun challenge on Instagram that has been going on for awhile called Make Nine. At the beginning of each year you pick 9 patterns you want to sew and show them on your grid. Sometimes people pick 9 fabrics, 9 techniques, whatever it is that works from them and go from there.

I have done this before and it is a great way to think about your year and what you would like to spend time on. Even if they don’t all get made or you change them up, it’s a fun way to plan for the year to come and think of your creativity in a big picture way.

This year I am doing something a little different. I want to use the new year to dive deeper into my sewing and really level up. I would love to focus on a few projects that teach me new skills and take up a little more of my time.

For my make nine I am picking three different types of garments and then making 3 versions of those things. I would like to focus on coats, shirt making, and pants and sew these things throughout the year. I am planning on going in that order, but if I get inspired to switch back and forth I think that will be fine too!

I’ve chosen nine patterns for the grid, but nothing is completely set in stone. I will be sharing my process here, any great resources I find, as well as plenty of inspiration to keep us all inspired.

Stay tuned, I’m starting the year with an abundance of creative energy and I hope you’ll come along with me as I try and become a better sewist!

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