1 Piece, 3 Ways

Today we’re playing the styling challenge, 1 piece, 3 ways! This is where we take one piece of clothing and find 3 different ways to style it up. Sometimes a fresh take on clothes you already own can be just as fun as getting something new. Let’s begin, shall we?

The Piece: I’ve been playing along with the Sew Happy Color challenge on Instagram and this week is the color blue, so I went looking for blue and came up with this Nikko Top by True Bias .

I made this early last year in a couple of different colors and one of the dress versions. I reach for these all the time. This bamboo rib knit is so soft and light, it makes for a great layering piece. I do find that I’ve mostly been wearing it with jeans, so I decided to change it up and bit and see what I could come up with!

Outfit #1: I love the idea of layering a turtleneck under a spring dress, but have to admit it’s not something I do very often. I went looking for dresses and picked my Calvin Wrap Dress by True Bias because I’ve been wanting to try layering a t-shirt under it and had the idea in my head.

I feel like this is a fun nod to the 90s trend going around and I paired it with my most combat style boots. I like the blue with the dark gray and think this is a fun way to extend the life of a warmer weather dress.

Outfit #2: I love to wear this top with my high waisted jeans, such a 70s vibe, so I decided to keep that silhouette but play around with some color. I paired it with my new Persephone Pants and I love this color combination. I would not normally think of putting these two colors together, but after this month’s color challenge and seeing all the ways people are mixing and matching colors, I decided to go for it. I love this one so much.

Outfit #3: For my final look I went back to my jeans and t-shirt. This time these jeans are straight cut Gap classic style blue jeans with my white sneakers. To add a little something extra, I threw on this blazer I thrifted that has a bit of an 80s shoulder. Feel like I could run for vice president in this outfit! Sam’s my campaign manager!

Play along with something you own in your closet that doesn’t get enough love these days! Tag me or leave a comment and let me know how it goes!

One Piece, Three Ways

Today we are playing one piece, three ways. This is where we take one item in our closet and try to style it up three unique ways. The goal is to find new pairings with stuff we already have, to fall in love a little more with our clothes!

I decided that since I have been mostly in sweats these past few weeks, that I would choose the humble sweatshirt today to ease me into real life and getting dressed. This is an Old Navy basic sweatshirt that I thrifted this fall. I love the color and thought it would be fun to play around a little bit with that!

My first look is how I would normally wear this sweatshirt if I needed to put on real clothes. These jeans are from Gap and I’ve had them for a few years now. This green jacket is a favorite that I got in a Stitch Fix years ago and I paired it with my white sneakers. Classic and easy but you look pulled together enough to run errands with the kids!

Next I decided to dress it up a bit. I layered a thrifted button down underneath and then put on this blue corduroy Axis skirt that I made last year. I love blue and yellow together and this feels like a fun mix for a dreary winter day. I have my tall, brown riding boots with it so my legs are covered and warm. This one might be my favorite!

I had trouble coming up with a third look. I really wanted to layer a blazer over the sweatshirt, but I didn’t have one that was quite right. So instead I played with color again and put on these green pants, V9302. I tucked in the sweatshirt so my waist didn’t get lost as there is a lot of volume happening. I love these colors together and I like the idea of mixing sportier pieces with more traditional pieces.

I love this styling challenge and it always makes me look at the things in my closet in a new way. Try it out with something you already own or when you buy or make something new!

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