Spring Wrap Up

Happy June! We have made it through another Me Made May and I thought I would take a bit to reflect on this past month. I want to share my thoughts on my Spring Capsule, how I did on my Me Made May pledge, and some of my plans on moving forward through the summer.

Thoughts on the Spring Capsule:

I really loved using the Your Everyday Style spring capsule this month. For me it was a great building block- whether for buying or sewing clothes- and helped me assess what was missing in my closet in a way that was really useful to me.

It also made getting dressed every day really easy. I felt put together even in more casual clothes and found it helpful especially as I had some hard stuff in May. Being able to get dressed without having to think too much about it really helped my mood.

The capsule as well as The Everyday Style School podcast have been helpful in getting me to pinpoint my style, even more than I already had. I’m able to look at a piece or a pattern and know if it’s something I’ll wear or even something I really need in just a few moments.

Thoughts on Me Made May

Looking back at my pledge, I did get dressed and wear clothes from the capsule almost every day. Like I said, the capsule just made it really easy to put an outfit together so this part of the challenge was easy!

However, I did not document it. After a week in I got burned out and with other stuff going on in my life, I had no desire for daily pictures. I really don’t feel anything negative about this one, it just didn’t work for me this year and that’s ok.

And the thing I’m most proud of, I did reach my goal of no buying! I bought zero fabrics or patterns and felt great about it. Something that surprised me this month was that following Me Made May on Instagram just got overwhelming. So many patterns, so many fabrics, so much stuff. I stopped following the hashtag and disconnected from it a bit. This is interesting to me as I usually find the challenge really inspirational, this was not the year for me for whatever reasons.

Moving forward

I think I will buy more capsule guides, at least a full year’s worth so I can see each season. I got a lot out of this and am excited to see what’s in store for summer. I don’t really plan on making too much this go around, I would love to use a lot of what I already have!, and know I need to purchase things like shoes but hopefully most things are already in my closet.

I want to sew with what I already have (fabric and patterns) for at least the month of June. It felt good to not add more stuff to my office and I got inspired the other day cleaning out some of my stash. I have so many things I want to make, I would like to focus on those before I buy any more.

Summer is slower for me and my family will be home and together for most of it. I want to have fun with what I make and not stress too much about output. I will however will be posting regularly here and am excited to slow down and put together better blog posts about what I do make!

I’m looking forward to the summer and am thankful every year for the online community that participates in Me Made May! Even if I didn’t meet my pledge, it still teaches me so much to go back and reflect on the month.

Me Made May 2021/// My Pledge!

Happy first of May! If you’ve been paying attention to the online sewing world for any amount of time, then you probably know all about this fun challenge. Basically people make pledges- either to wear/make/document their handmade clothing. You don’t have to share, but a lot of people do. It’s fun to see a month of outfits and really helpful in analyzing your wardrobe. It’s also inspiring to follow the hashtag and see what patterns people are sewing and how they are wearing their handmade clothes. You can also participate and just keep it to yourself. There are no rules! Here are all my posts from last May!

Here is my pledge for May! I will be wearing and documenting my spring capsule everyday. I’ll round up ever week here and my hope is at the end I have a better sense as to if this whole capsule thing is actually something I want to continue as well as see a full picture of my closet. This means everything won’t be handmade, but a lot will!

I also pledge to not shop any sewing related things this month- except for the thread or random notion I may need to finish a project! But no patterns, no fabrics. I have plenty of projects to work on and keep me busy and that is what I intend to focus on. I would also love to have a stretch of time to really think about summer sewing and give myself some time to plan.

Are you participating in Me Made May? I’d love to hear what you’re planning on doing and if you will be documenting it anywhere. More than anything I’m looking forward to a month of sunshine, family, a couple of birthdays, and the promise of summer (my favorite!).

Me Made Inspiration: Patterns To Sew

Just like how I found new people to follow this month, I also found three new patterns that I want to add to my list of ‘want to make.’ These are patterns that I knew about, but after seeing them on a variety of people, in a variety of fabric, I can’t stop thinking about them.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 2.51.53 PM

Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory Patterns

This has been a favorite in the sewing community for a long time, I just have dismissed it because I didn’t think I liked jumpsuits. But it looks so great on everyone and there were quite a few versions that I could see myself wearing. I may have to give this one a try in the fall!

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 2.53.42 PM

Ashton Top by Helen’s Closet

Another favorite that I think I dismissed just because it’s so simple. I didn’t really see a need in my wardrobe for it. However, seeing so many people wearing it, especially the cropped version, makes me think it might be a perfect summer basic and I have plans to make this one soon.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 2.55.08 PM

Pietra Pants and Shorts by Closet Case Patterns

I liked these when they first came out but I wasn’t making a lot of separates. Learning that I actually prefer wearing separates has been a game changer and I’ve loved everyone’s version of these pants, but especially want to try the shorts. They are simple and clean but with a great pocket detail and that elastic back means they will be very comfortable.

Did you find any great patterns this past month that now you need to make? Or find any holes in your wardrobe that you’re looking to fill? My list is forever growing!

Me Made May Inspiration: People to Follow

I wrote this post a few weeks ago but waited to share it until now. There was an initiative on Instagram to mute white voices the week of June 1st-7th and amplify black accounts. I think this is awesome and wanted to honor the intention of the challenge! I also think the sewing community on Instagram is amazing and that all of these accounts I mention contribute to making that community better. I hope you’ll click through and find some new amazing sewists to follow and support!

Last week I wrote about my thoughts on this very inspiring Me Made May and I wanted to have separate posts with some of the inspiring people and patterns I discovered this month.

I followed the hashtag on Instagram and noticed a few people consistently popping up that after I few weeks I decided I just needed to follow. Go check them out if you don’t know them already!

viewsfromthestitch_ I was really drawn to the patterns she makes and her subtle play with color and print. I also loved her consistent photos, I recognized her makes immediately! I feel like I’m drawn to the same patterns as her and bookmarked a few things I would love to make

wzrdreams Ok Grace has a lot of followers but I didn’t know about her! Another instagrammer mentioned her as someone that really explained and documented the sewing process and that is something I love about Instagram. It’s so easy to share as you go in stories and the more people I follow, the more I learn myself.

the.over.confidentbeginner Annemarijn started following me and when I went to look at her feed the first thing I saw was a gorgeous yellow skirt so I immediately followed. I feel like her style is similar to mine, although her photos are way cooler.

shadesonthescreen not sewing related exactly, but I love these screenshots of films with the color bar below. I absolutely get inspired by color and I love seeing the different combinations and the moods created with each one.

maressamade Kayla was one that kept coming up on the hashtag that I just finally had to follow. I love how she styles clothes, she always look cool but still like a normal person. Sometimes influencers look great but I can never picture what they’re wearing being practical for real life. I also love how Kayla mixes ready to wear with her makes and she’s a knitter as well.

stylesinseams I found Robyn at the very end of the month and I love her feed! Her makes are gorgeous and she has a great eye for mixing prints and colors. I admit I also love that she is tall and seeing what patterns she uses and what changes she makes for fit.

Sew.illustrated Maya is taking instagrammer’s outfit photos and turning them into beautiful illustrations! Such a wonderful feed to scroll through and you will find other great makers to follow as she adds them in to her collection. I love that she’s finding ways to incorporate sewing into her creativity in new ways at a time in her life when the physical act of sewing isn’t possible.

And if you want to follow me on Instagram, you can find me here! It’s my favorite social media platform and I mainly post about sewing, although you will find a few kid, plant, and food pictures there too.


Me Made May Wrap Up

I wrote this last week and had plans to host a giveaway for the book. It doesn’t seem right to start this week without mentioning all that went down this weekend. Sustainability and environmentalism are important, and are absolutely tied up with racial justice, but right now protestors around the country are focused on ending police brutality and I think the Black Lives Matter movement should be the number one focus. 

I have been sharing a lot of resources on instagram for white people to start/continue antiracist work and I want to continue those thoughts here in ways that are helpful without centering me and my whiteness. I want to do the work and continue the work after the protests are over. So I’m going to be trying to do that and I may mess up, but black people cannot afford our silence because it’s more comfortable for us anymore.

I still want to share what I learned throughout the month of May during this challenge but I want to begin by sharing how we as a sewing community can support black business owners. Thanks to the work of @sewnaturaldane and @onesewsweet I was able to find a number of black owned fabric stores and I’m going to link them here. I am hosting a fun challenge this month that I’ll talk about on Thursday, and you’re going to need fabric for it! Comment with any others you know and love and I will add them to the list!

Fiibers Fabrics

Sew Much Fabric

The Fabric Fix

Ankara and Lace

My Daily Threadz has a monthly fabric box

Ta-osh dyes mesh fabric to match skin colors. Perfect for all of you that make your own bras!

We did it! We made it through May! I really enjoyed Me Made May this year and wanted to take a minute to reflect on what I learned and solidify my thoughts.

Part of my challenge this month was not just to wear handmade clothes, but to really take a look at my closet and use the things I learned from The Conscious Closet to start building a sustainable wardrobe that I love. Here’s what I learned after a month of dressing intentionally!

I genuinely liked everything I wore By taking the time to have a closet cleanout before this challenge and really evaluating my clothes, I found myself liking all of my clothes. Maybe that sounds weird to you, but I’ve always had clothes that make me uncomfortable in some way or are almost right but something is off. This month I felt good in everything. About my body, my comfort level, and just like myself.

It’s worth taking the time to change things that bothered me And anything that didn’t make me feel great, I took off and evaluated if it was worth changing or keeping at all. So a dress became a top, another one a skirt, I fixed the hem on a jumpsuit that was bothering me, tightened a waistband that was too big. All of these little fixes barely took any time and made a huge difference in me wearing the clothes.

I can see a consistent color/style I feel like I am coming into my own with my style and am beginning to be able to define what it is I like wear. I don’t like prints as much as I like colorful solids. I love a fitted waist and the color yellow. I like basic shapes with fun details over fussy clothes and I’d prefer a natural fiber against my skin over something synthetic.

I love separates more than I thought I guess I’ve never had that many handmade pants to wear for this challenge, but now that I do I see that I really like wearing separates on a day to day basis. I have always loved dresses, but this year I saw myself veering away from them more. It will be interesting as the weather heats up to see if this remains the case!

Getting dressed and playing with clothes is fun I had fun getting dressed every day. It was fun deciding what to wear, if I wanted an ‘outfit’ or just clothes on my body that were comfy. I had fun taking the pictures and managed to last the whole month without dreading them. I felt like what I wore was a reflection of who I was, and that has not always been the case for me. I want more of it!

There are so many inspiring people out there Maybe I just paid more attention or maybe so many people had plenty of time on their hands, but I was so inspired by all the makers that participated this year. Everyone’s makes, their style, their photographs made me feel  deeply connected to this creative community and I found myself feeling proud of everyone. There are so many makers out there creating conscious closets and expressing themselves even during this horrible time in history, and that gives me hope and makes me feel less alone in the world.

As someone who puts clothes on my body, I am a part of the fashion cycle, whether I buy ready to wear clothes or not. This is the biggest lesson I learned from this book and from this month long challenge. Whether or not I consider myself a fashionista, I wear clothes. Therefore, I play a part in the global fashion cycle. Thinking about where my clothes and fabric comes from and where it’s going when it leaves my closet, needs to be a part of my consciousness for the rest of my life. And I think it will be!

Thanks for following along with me and if you haven’t read it yet, I highly suggest checking out The Conscious Closet and doing the work of thinking more about the how and why of getting dressed you get dressed.

Week of Looks Me Made May 4

It’s the last weekly round up for me and I’ll be back Monday with some thoughts on what I’ve learned from wearing all handmade and posting a daily picture for a month. I’ve loved this year’s challenge more than any other and I’m trying to figure out why that is exactly.

I’ve had a pretty productive week and we are getting in the summer swing of things so I’m looking forward to a chill weekend. The kids want to go fishing and we bought Sam a baby pool so I think we will be spending a lot of our time outside. I’ve been trying to blog more this month- have you noticed?- and the momentum is carrying me into June so I’ve been making plans on what I want to use this space for in the coming weeks. I hope you’ll stick around to find out and if you want to subscribe to my newsletter the link is in the sidebar. My goal is to send something out this weekend!

Week of Looks Me Made May 3

We are almost through the month of May, how is that possible?! Still going strong over here with my handmade challenge and am beginning to collect thoughts and things I’m learning about my wardrobe that I hope to share soon.

We have a big weekend planned of hanging out, grilling, and working on the yard. The kids got a lot of fun outdoor toys for their birthday last week and I ordered Sam a baby pool and a shady tent so we will be in the backyard as much as possible. The twins are officially on summer vacation as of yesterday and I’m trying to think about how I want our days to look around here. For now, we are being lazy and just enjoying not having any zoom calls scheduled.

I hope you are able to spend time doing something you love this long weekend and that you are all safe and well! We’re doing it! One day at a time, but really, isn’t that how it always works?

Week of Looks Me Made May 2

And just like that we are through the second week of May! Again I dressed in completely handmade for every day but Sunday. Again, there is a lot of pink and yellow. And again, Sam makes a few appearances. I swear he sees me set up the camera and starts smiling at it.

I’ve been feeling a bit blah this week, not wanting to make anything, not feeling like I have anything to share here. It seems like this is the lockdown trend, a week of energy where I want to do all the projects followed by a week of having trouble unloading the dishwasher. I feel like it’s gone on long enough that I know to just ride it out, do what feels good, and not worry too much about feeling lazy.

How is everyone else holding up? My next three sewing projects are pants and I got out all the patterns and fabrics so hopefully I can start on them today and get my mojo back. I also want to make some new masks as I finally got in more elastic and found a pattern with different sizing that I think would work better for the kids. I hope wherever you are that you’re healthy and finding small joys throughout the day!

Clothes details:

Briar T-shirt and new Mel sweatpants from Seamwork

New tank and favorite Burda pants 

Coppelia wrap top and Hollyburn Skirt (one of my first ever makes!)

T-shirt I made as a tester that wasn’t ever put out and my newish Axis Skirt

One of my favorite makes from last summer- Mccalls 7950 in a yellow linen

A knit tank and my Persephone Pants


Week of Looks Me Made May 1

Today we are a week in to Me Made May and here are my outfits from Friday, Saturday, (no Sunday- we went hiking and I’m not quite at the point of sewing hiking clothes) Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

I’ve definitely seen a shift in my spirits after I get dressed. Something different happens from the inside out when you decide to get fully ready for the day. I also see a definite color scheme happening and already know what the gaps in my wardrobe are and what I need to make more of (separates!)

I set up a specific spot to take pictures and it’s helped make it super simple to snap a photo every morning before I walk out of my bedroom. I’m excited to keep going and am already working on a couple of new things to add to the rotation!

Sewing is magic, making something with your hands feels good, wearing clothes that make you feel like yourself is worth it!

Patterns in these pics (my goal is to have a page dedicated to all my makes with details and links someday! Working on it!)

Inari Tee dress in a light weight french terry

Nikko top in bamboo rayon rib knit and Burda paper bag pants out of a viscose noil

A burda top I accidentally cropped but ended up liking and Vogue 9090 in a rayon challis

Mccalls 7902 in a white linen and my Persephone Pants in a mustard denim

My Madewell hack– it’s the Cielo dress with modified sleeves, a patchwork detail, and a modified neck line

Me Made May and a Read Along

Last week I was looking ahead to May (ok I was really counting down how much longer we will have to do this virtual school thing) and started thinking about what I wanted to do for Me Made May this year. I knew I was going to participate, getting dressed has been important to me these past few weeks. It’s felt like a time to be creative and feel normal and honestly it’s also a part of my morning where no one else in this house is talking to me or needing anything and I cherish it!

I’ve recently started reading The Conscious Closet by Elizabeth L. Cline and I think Me Made May would be a great way to incorporate the principles I’m learning with this fun Instagram challenge. My hope is to dive into this book and develop a closet that is sustainable and full of things I love by the end of the month.

This book is wonderful because not only is it full of information it is also an action book. Cline spells out ways to get your closet in shape and has helpful steps to learning more about sustainable fashion and ways you can change and make a difference.

It seems especially timely now as we are all changing how we shop, what we buy, and assessing what we really need. I’m hoping that by looking at my closet thoughtfully each day and documenting my handmade wardrobe that I can learn a few things about myself and carry any changes I make into the world when things get back to (somewhat?) normal.

I’ve decided to do a read along with the book, sharing my progress and thoughts as I go here with you! The schedule for posts is as followed if you happen to have the book and want to follow along. And if you don’t have the book I hope these posts are still informative. I’ll be giving away my copy at the end of the month and maybe a few other goodies!

Whit’s Conscious Closet Read Along Schedule

April 29th: Introduction

April 30th: Part One: Goodbye, Fast Fashion!

May 5th: Part Two: The Art of Less

May 12th: Part Three: The Art of More

May 19th: Part Four: The Sustainable Fashion Handbook

May 26th: Part Five: Make It Last

May 28th: Part Six The Fashion Revolution

June 2nd: A Wrap up and a Giveaway!