Make That Look///March

I love taking a ready to wear or street styled look and figuring out how to make it for myself. You can find my past Make That Look challenges here!

Today I’m starting with this pin I saved earlier this year.

I’m sorry I don’t have the original source, the link just sends me to Amazon and I couldn’t find the site it started on. I saved this pin because I loved these pants! The high waist, the color, and I liked the seventies vibe with that striped sweater.

Here is what I came up with! I made the Persephone Pants in this stretch corduroy and think they are pretty good at capturing what I liked about the pinned image. I sewed the size 8 and lengthened them so they are full length (the original pattern is cropped!)

For the shirt, I found this beautiful striped rib knit at Blackbird Fabrics and loved that all the colors from my winter module were in it. I sewed up the Seamwork Orlando shirt in the size 6 and just lengthened the sleeves so they would be full length.

Seamwork patterns just don’t fit me, I would need to pinch out some of the front here to make this shirt fit perfectly, but for a simple t-shirt I think it’s ok. I like how wide the scoop is and this will be a great basic t-shirt to layer up and wear throughout the fall and spring.

I am always looking for fun pants that aren’t jeans or leggings but that fit into my stay at home lifestyle. I think these pants are cute, playful, comfortable, and will get worn quite a bit.

How do you think I did?

Make That Look///January

I love looking at ready to wear clothes, either in stores or on the runway or even in movies, and seeing if I can recreate those looks myself. It always sparks my sew jo and is a fun creative challenge! I’m hoping to have one of these up on a monthly basis, January’s just took a little longer than expected due to shipping delays and then a huge blonde moment from myself! Let’s see what I got up to, shall we?

The Inspiration:

When I was looking for inspiration I was looking for something comfortable. Something that I would actually wear right now but maybe with a twist, but I wasn’t on the hunt for super inspirational or designer wear. I found this layered long dickey sweater dress from Tibi on Shopbop and thought it fit what I was picturing in my mind. I thought it looked chic and cool in the pictures but also would be easy enough to throw on with cosy leggings and use it as lounge wear.

The Fabric and Patterns:

I found this cotton sweater knit on Minerva in the color old green and thought I could start with the Linden sweatshirt as a base. I liked the color of the original just fine but I saw this color and fell in love! I love the new Minerva site that let’s you see other people’s projects with specific fabric. I knew this was a little heavier than the inspiration, but also would be warmer and more wearable for where I live.

I pulled out the Nikko dress by True Bias to use as a guide for length and where I wanted the splits in the side to be. In theory, this simple pattern mashing would have worked perfectly and should have been a very easy sew. However. I made a really stupid error that kind of changed the project completely.

Making It:

My Linden pattern is one of the very first patterns I ever bought. Now when I cut out a pattern, I just cut right into my size. I guess new sewist Whitney did not do that and traced the size she needed. I didn’t think about this at all and just used the pattern pieces as they were. I have no idea why I didn’t notice the number 18 as I was cutting. I have no idea why I didn’t stop and think about why the Nikko pattern was so much smaller than the Linden. And I have no idea why when I sewed it up and it was a giant sack on my body why I didn’t think- huh this is the wrong size- instead of hacking away and trying to fix it.

Once I had realized my mistake, the dress was much shorter than I intended. I went ahead and fixed it, finished the top, and honestly am happy to have it. It’s just nothing like the original that I intended it to be.

The Result:

Here is my finished make! It’s basically a tunic sweatshirt, but I do love this fabric and it’s very wearable. I styled it up with skinny jeans and booties, with my Pietra pants and thrifted loafers, and with warm leggings and thick socks to give you an idea of how I plan to be wearing this!

I wanted to share this make as a reminder that we all make goofy errors sometimes and projects don’t always turn out like we hoped. That’s just how it goes whenever human brains and hands are involved! Like I said, I am happy with my make, I just wish I hadn’t spent so much time and problem solving on what turned out to be a very simple error.

Make That Look Reveal

Today I’m sharing my big reveal for the Make That Look challenge I am hosting with Lisa over on Youtube!

If you’re new here, check out this post for all my inspiration and thoughts on approaching this project. A reminder that this two piece set was my original inspiration.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.57.37 AM

I’ve said I’m into the pajama adjacent attire lately and this easy look speaks to that. I loved the color, the drape of it, and how chic it is. I imagine a rich lady at a resort somewhere wearing this look.

I ended up using the cami from this Mimi G pattern as well as the Ponoma Pants and this fabric from Stylemaker that I think is a pretty great match. Here’s what I ended up with!


Not to toot my own horn, but I think it’s a pretty great recreation!

Here are some pattern stats in case you want details:

Patterns used: S9114 and the Pomona Pants

Sizes made and any alterations: I made a straight size 12 in the Simplicity and the size 8 in the pants. No adjustments or changes!

Construction notes: I love that Mimi G has a sew along with her pattern, it’s a simple make but seeing it made is really helpful. I just used this video instead of the instructions in the packet.

Additional thoughts: I will absolutely make the simplicity pattern again and can’t wait to try the pants! I may try to size down in the cami or attempt a small bust adjustment next time. As for the Pomona Pants, I like that they use such a wide elastic as I think that looks less pajama but I do wish there were more pocket options. The instructions and construction of both were very clear and easy to make!


I had such a great time working on this challenge and every day I got more and more inspired by people that tagged me on Instagram. Go check out the hashtag to see everyone’s amazing recreations!

Nightgown Adjacent Attire


Coffee helps me espresso myself.

Last weekend I finished my make for the challenge I’m hosting with Lisa over on Instagram. We’re asking sewists to pick something ready to wear and be inspired to sew something- either exactly or loosely, it doesn’t matter!- then share it on Instagram under the hashtag #makethatlook2020 The challenge goes until July 7th if you want to come play!

Anyway, I finished my look and then I just got inspired to keep going. I have seen this cute summer dress on my instagram feed for the past few weeks and have thought how easy it would be to recreate.

It’s from the brand Jenni Kayne, who I know nothing about!, and I went scouring vintage patterns until I found this one.

I will say that if you love the style of this dress, I believe Chalk and Notch is going to be releasing a very similar pattern soon so be sure and check them out!

I looked through my stash and decided on this print from Blackbird Fabrics. This was a very simple sew, it’s really mostly rectangles!, and I love how flowy and cool it feels. It’s definitely nightgown adjacent, but I decided that maybe that is my vibe for the summer?


I changed the closure on the back. It’s supposed to button but when I fully close the band I found it almost uncomfortable. Not quite, but just enough that I knew it would keep me from reaching for it. So I added two ties instead and I really prefer that I can make it as loose or tight as I want.


This pattern had an interesting detail for the pocket finish that I just love. There is an added piece to the skirt patterns where you attach the pocket. It means that there is no lining showing or pocket moving out of the seam of the dress. This is something that I find happening sometimes in inseam pockets and I think this little addition makes a huge difference in the finishing!

Vintage patterns can be tricky. The sizing is very limited, instructions can sometimes make assumptions that you know things you may not, and buying online can mean you’re never positive the package will be exactly as advertised. There are bonuses and techniques like this pocket construction is definitely one of them. Little details that can make a big difference!


I love my new dress and have been wearing it non stop! What are your favorite go to styles during the summer? Has lockdown changed what you want to be wearing?

Make That Look Challenge!

I am very excited to be co hosting a sewing challenge with the lovely Lisa and her And Sew On Youtube channel. During the month of June we are inviting you to get inspired by something you see in ready to wear fashion and create it yourself. Post your creation on Instagram and tag us and the hashtag #makethatlook2020 to enter. We will close the contest on June 30th and then randomly pick a winner. Makerist Patterns and Victory Patterns are both graciously gifting a pattern of choice to our lovely winner!

Lisa and I decided to narrow our inspiration to one site and we chose to each pick a look from Netaporter. I had so much fun looking at clothes and picking patterns that I decided to round up some inspiration to get you started!

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 3.17.26 PM

Let’s start with this Open backed tiered maxi dress. First off, you know I love this color and the tiered maxi is such an easy thing to wear in the summer. But what made this one worth the second look is that beautiful back detail. I love how it scoops down low, such a pretty detail.

I didn’t find a specific pattern to recreate this look but I think you could modify a number of cami patterns to get that shape and there are quite a few tiered skirt tutorials online that don’t take an actual pattern. If you need somewhere to start, this is a free Tiered Tank Pattern that I think would be pretty easy to make into this dress.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.55.15 AM

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 3.19.42 PM

Next is this beautiful Color blocked tiered maxi dress. Again, the color drew me in, but I think that neckline and sleeves are so beautiful. M7969 could be a really close match to this! Again, tiered skirt tutorials are fairly simple and I think it would be simple to hack the skirt of this pattern. I’ve made this dress and the neckline and sleeves of version A look pretty close to the inspiration.

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.55.51 AM

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.57.04 AM

I am loving all the matching sets happening right now. Such a great look and then easy to mix in with other pieces in your wardrobe. This Linen Skirt and Top set makes me want to go on vacation! The True Bias Salida Skirt would be a great starting point, I think the panels give you a perfect spot to add a slit. For the top, M8094 is a pretty great match and I think would work well with the skirt

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.57.37 AM

And finally! Here is the outfit I will be trying to recreate for this challenge. This Linen wide leg pants and tank looks so easy to wear. If I was still in Dallas I don’t think I would consider pants for a summer make, but being in Colorado I think I will wear this a ton! I’m going to try out the Ponoma Pants from Anna Allen Clothing and either hack an Ogden cami or see if I can get this Tank from Mimi G in time!

I’ve ordered this slub texture linen blend in solid sea glass from Style Maker Fabrics and I think it’s a pretty great match for the original. Keep in mind that if you want to participate in this challenge you don’t have to have an exact match of your inspiration! I just couldn’t get that gorgeous color out of my head and wanted to try it out.

I hope you’ll play along with us! Creativity can be such a balm to the soul and the sewing community if full of wonderful people. We want this challenge to be fun, inclusive, and inspiring. Even if you don’t end up making something I hope that you find new makers to follow and new ideas for when you do have the energy and time to create!


Make This Look

Recently I’ve found myself with all this time to make but yet very little motivation or inspiration to get anything done. After I shared my winter collectionI felt so blah. What was the point of sewing for spring if we’re not leaving our house and at my house it’s still snowing?

I don’t think you have to be “productive” during this strange time, but I do know that when I have a project I tend to feel better about life in general. Which is why I took on the task of my works in progress and why I decided to go looking for inspiration.

I decided to bookmark anything that inspired me on the Madewell and Anthopologie websites. I did this more with the intention to be inspired by details or fun fabrics, but ended up finding a dress that I immediately thought- hey! I could make that!


This is a simple shift dress from Madewell and the thing that caught my eye was that patchwork detail. I love those colors together and I love that otherwise it’s one of those dresses you just throw on and go, something I can totally see myself wearing all summer long.

The idea sat in my head for a few weeks and while I was organizing my office to make room for Chris to work from home, I came across a Needle Sharp kit that had the Cielo dress from Closet Case Patterns and a black linen. I immediately thought of the Madewell dress and decided to make this happen! Here’s how I did it

First I cut out the front of the dress and changed the neckline from the rounded original of the pattern to a square more like the inspiration.

Then I got to work on the patchwork. I actually already had these squares in these exact colors cut out from a quilting project I abandoned years ago. This quarantine is making me never want to throw anything away ever! I just followed the pattern from the original dress and used strips of the same fabric to bind the edges together and finish off the patchwork rectangle.


From there I sewed the pattern as is, changing the sleeves with a sleeve from a different pattern, to match my inspiration. I also ended up not putting in bust darts to get that looser fit.

Here’s my final dress

I think it’s pretty close to the original idea and I love it! This whole process was very inspiring and got me thinking more about how I could use what I have, how I could problem solve, and ultimately made me examine the details of garment making in a way that I haven’t in awhile.

I hope to make this a regular thing and would love your thoughts. Any parts of the process I left out? Any looks you want me to recreate? Let me know in the comments! I’ve also posted a video of the whole thing that you can find here. Untitled design


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