Things I’m Loving

Here is a list of things I’m currently loving in no particular order. Affiliate links used when possible, please enjoy and let me know the random thing that you are loving right now!

Modern Mrs Darcy Summer Reading Guide I always look forward to these guides and have maxed out my hold limit at the library. I appreciate Ann’s descriptions and always find them helpful when picking out books.

These Spicy Noodles I know. I told you this was random though! I get these every time I grocery shop and am kind of obsessed with them. They are actually spicy and your mouth will be on fire, but so good.

Caroline Hirons and her book Skin Care: The Ultimate No Nonsense Guide last year I got serious about my skin care and experimented with some different products to figure out what my skin liked best. I am about to change over to my summer routine and this book has been extremely helpful. I’ve already changed the order I layer product and notice a difference!

This Archer and Olive Journal I just picked up to start bullet journaling. I love it’s beautiful paper- so easy to write on and holds up to markers and paint.

This Sunscreen, I’m also going to be trying this one soon The unseen sunscreen goes on like a dream and my make up works really well on top of it. No white cast, it’s not greasy, and my face (which is pretty reactive) has done well with it.

A Minimalist Meal Plan– right now we are baked potatoes and grilled chicken, rice and beans, chana masala, snack plate night, pizza night, grilling on the weekend!

Mare of East Town- we are so behind on this show but will eventually catch up! We’re loving it though (like the rest of the country) and I can’t get over how great Kate Winslet is. We also are rewatching Scrubs from the beginning to end our day with some comfort laughs.

Dressing for Pride! Happy Pride month! I plan on celebrating by dressing the rainbow over on my Instagram, come follow me if you don’t already.

Week in the Sewing Life no. 3

Oh man- what a week! I’m still on a high from Wednesday!

I managed to finish my coat this week and I absolutely love it. I also loved seeing all the coats at the inauguration, it feels like I could have attended and fit in, no? I whipped up a cute little sweatsuit for Harper that was a nice easy make after such an intense project. I hope to have it up next week!

I started following a lot more sewing blogs and Youtube channels and I thought as part of my weekly wrap ups, I would share my favorite links. These will usually all be fashion or sewing related. Please leave a comment if you have a link (of someone else or your own!) to share. I’d love to check it out!

I loved the Fug Girls wrap up of Wednesday’s events! Amanda Gorman was my favorite part of the ceremony and she looked absolutely amazing. Fashion is not the most important thing, but so much thought goes into these moments and she absolutely nailed it. All the coats were so great!!! I didn’t watch the evening’s festivities, but everyone looked great again. I loved the details about Dr. Biden’s floral dress.

Makes I saw online that made me stop in my tracks:

This Nina Lee Bakerloo blouse from the Polka Dot Palace is so good. I’m seriously considering this pattern after seeing so many people make it their own.

I really like how wearable Allie Jackson’s Wiksten Haori is. Simple and gorgeous and still a staple piece.

Jenny Maker made a beautiful Bonnie Top from Fibre Mood and had some great thoughts and tips on the construction. I have this one planned in my upcoming makes so I appreciated her breakdown of some issues with the sleeve drafting.

And this post from Made by Meg really resonated with me. Chris and I were talking last night about what seeing someone flying the American flag means now a days and maybe it could start meaning something else. Plus I love her Kalle shirt!

There were some really good new patterns released this week too!

True Bias has the Marlo Sweater which looks perfect for being at home and wanting to still look put together but also comfy. I also appreciate that you can get the look of a knitted sweater without actually knowing how to knit.

When I saw Friday Pattern Company’s new pattern, the Heather Blazer, I cheered! I am adding it to my spring make list and it will fit in nicely with my coats section of my Make Nine. Look at this hack Chelsea made, I mean, come on! This pattern is fantastic.

Sew Over It released Salma, a shift dress with some interesting details. Again, comfortable enough to wear working from home but you will look professional on your Zoom calls.

Itch to Stitch released the Lamma Hoodie and Sweatshirt Pattern and everyone is loving it! The style lines are unique and as always, Itch to Stitch has a great size range. I love all the color blocking options and think it could really look ready to wear. Perfect for all my walks this winter!

And for all your cozy needs, check out Helen’s Closet newest, The Jackson Tee and Pullover. It is a gender neutral pattern and while it is certainly simple, looking at the lines and samples I have no doubt this will make a perfect tee every time you make it. Helen has excellent instructions and tips so I would recommend this to all beginner sewists.

Link Therapy Vol. 3

It’s Friday again! And there is a promise of cooler weather happening in Dallas on Monday so I am ready to get this weekend started! Here are some links I’ve been saving to share with you.

I made this Sweet and Spicy Mango Barbecued Chicken for Labor Day and it was so fantastic. I love all of her recipes.

I loved this look at the dating history of Alexis Rose. Do you love Schitt’s Creek as much as Chris and me?

This Interview with Lizzo should inspire you this weekend. I love her so much and am happy to say I did before she got big. We saw her opening for Haim last year and I was pregnant and miserable and Chris made me take a picture with her and I’m so glad he did.

I’ve been reserving so many books from the library lately, like maybe pretending I have a lot of time to read will make it happen? Anyway, this list of 15 of the Most Recommended Books from What Should I Read Next, a great book podcast if you don’t know, has some good ones to add to your list.

Saving this Harry Potter Knitting Book for my daughter’s Christmas present. She loves all things Harry Potter and is becoming quite the knitter so I feel like this would be a huge hit.

And one more book link! This Fall Book Preview is what got me started with my library hold ridiculousness. Some good ones coming out soon that I can’t wait to dive into!

Stay safe and cool this weekend friends!

Link Therapy Vol. 2

It’s Friday!!! Here are links I’ve been saving the past few weeks that I think are worth checking out. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

I liked these thoughts on Reading the Same Books as Your Kids. We have a major reader on our hands and I already know I’m going to have to work hard to keep up with her because she loves to talk about what she’s read!

We are almost out of the 10s! I wasn’t worried about this but I keep seeing articles about it and it’s starting to freak me out. This article from Vogue was fun, The Most Important Collections of the 2010s

Listen, humanity has really been depressing me lately so this article about a retired teacher and his love for a seahorse community really lifted my spirits.

I remember first learning what Motion Smoothing was a few years ago but I didn’t know people that create movies hate it so much.

We are still minimizing over here and I thought this article about kid clutter was helpful.

This article about food delivery workers is insane and I have started tipping in cash because, wow, those apps are not great.

And finally, two useful websites!

The Indie Bookstore Finder will help you find an independent bookstore wherever you may be. I am a big library gal but recently read about the importance of buying books when you can to support authors and would like to buy (and then pass on) books more often.

This data base of popular names is amazing. You can look by state and year for popular boy and girl names in the United States and as someone who is finding it difficult to create character names when I write fiction, I have found it very helpful!

Link Therapy vol. 1

We are wrapping up a family vacation in Florida so I don’t have a ton of links to share this week, but these are some I enjoyed and thought you might like too!

Multiple people have sent me the link to this catalog of  Vintage Patterns It is really fun to search through and I like how it’s divided by decades as well as pattern companies. You can’t buy from them, or download (some links imply they are all free?) but there are links to sellers and you could search the pattern name on eBay or etsy if you wanted to go hunting. But mostly it’s fun to just look at all the illustrations and line drawings for inspiration.

I wanted to link to this  Palm Sunday Sermon that was very meaningful to me and one I’ve been returning to again and again. After the worst day is a new day. Whew. Go read it/listen to it.

Summer is here and there are hours to fill! This is a list from the beginning of the year but would be worth looking at if you’re wanting to hit the library and find some new books for your kids. New Children’s Books for 2019

Speaking of books, this is old but I thought was funny. American Girl Dolls and Book Pairing

Omg this article is sad and terrifying. I found it after talking about the movie Jaws with my kids and was trying to prove Great White attacks were very rare… Ummm… they’re not that rare anymore?! Shark Attacks in Cape Cod

We have two days at Disney this week and I’ve found this WDW Prep school very helpful in planning what rides and tours to do. My kids still don’t like scary and I think the detailed descriptions of everything are accurate. Bookmark it if you’re planning a trip with younger ones anytime soon!

Hope everyone had a great first week of June!!!