Summer Manifesto!

It’s officially Summer vacation over at our house and I’ve been looking forward to this change of seasons so much. Spring was incredibly full for us and I’m so thankful. We saw so many friends and family, we had so many celebrations, and there were so many sports! It was wonderful!

But I’m ready for Summer. I’m ready to slow down, to soak it all in and that’s just what I plan for my family to do. Here is our Holley Summer Manifesto for 2023!

It may sound silly, but taking the time to sit with your family and decided what you want your life to look like is really helpful in actually making those things happen. You’ll find out what everyone wants and be able to make plans so those things actually get done. Let me know what’s on your agenda this summer!

Summer 2023

Lots of shooting hoops, sitting outside, finishing our deck, growing a garden, going on hikes, exploring Denver, knitting socks, watercoloring together, watching old movies, journaling, reading 30 minutes a day, inviting friends over to play, going swimming, writing, making comic books, intentional play with Sam, sewing up scraps, using what we have, buying less, meal planning, farmer’s markets, visiting Missouri, visiting Santa Fe, going to the beach, painting our nails, wearing lots of sunscreen, letting the kids cook, everyone helping out with chores, dance parties, bubble parties, library time, hammock time, date nights, concerts, weekend trips, spending time together!


The twins turned twelve- TWELVE! It’s so weird to write!- this week and I have so many thoughts that I’ve been trying to sum up. Not in a blog post or a social media post, but also just in my brain. I thought I would try and write them here.

On the one hand, how was it twelve years ago that these two beautiful souls entered the world? It’s really true, it goes by in a flash. On the other hand, I feel like I’ve been there for it all. Yes, some times were harder than others, I was very tired there at the beginning, and I was by no means perfect in my mothering, but even if I can’t remember specific days or every funny thing they said, I remember ‘it.’ I remember what baby hood was like, the feelings in toddler life, what preschool children in my home was like, how the shift into elementary school kids happened, and now I’m here on the cusp of teenageness and I gotta say, I love it the most. I love these two people Chris and I made and I love and enjoy them in my life.

Yes, I miss their sweet chubby hands in mine, their silly little voices, and the routines we had when they were small. But in the same breath I say I miss it I am so thankful for curling up and watching not horrible movies together. Talking to them about bigger things or finding out the big things to them are really still pretty simple and cute. Watching them try out new things, being able to cheer them on from the sidelines, and running them around to 556 activities every single week. I actually love all this too.

Parenting older kids gets harder and I know when they become teenagers and young adults, we will have whole new paths to carve out, but in this moment as I reflect on that day twelve years ago that may be the happiest day of my life, I can say with relative certainty that there’s nothing I’d do over, nothing I’d change. I’m so thankful for someone out there deciding I could handle two at a time and I can’t wait to hang out with them tomorrow and then tomorrow and then the next day after that.

Charlie and Harper if you ever find my weird place on the internet years from now, I hope you see this in writing and know I mean it, having you was the best thing that ever happened to Dad and me and every day we get to spend with you has been a good one. You are my favorite people. Happy Birthday!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Dr. Ellie Sattler and her two T-rexes and a creepy masked light up little boy. We had a trunk or treat this weekend and Sam had a preschool Halloween party on Friday. I tell you what, not much cuter than a room full of preschoolers in Halloween costumes! Today is the big day and I think we might try and get Sam in his costume one more time for a trick or treat downtown event but then drop off the big kids and let them have at it. Sam is interested in the candy, not so much in the actual trick or treating. I have a feeling there will be plenty to share by the end of the night!

Happy Halloween to you whether you are trick or treating, hiding from trick or treaters, or just having a regular Monday!