Winter Knitting and Embroidery

We are in the middle of winter and I have some finished projects to share as well as some plans for the next couple of months! I am a very new knitter and have been dabbling in embroidery for years now. Having projects to work on sporadically has always kind of been how I worked, but lately I’ve been enjoying planning projects and thought I’d share them here with you.

For embroidery, I’ve been enjoying my Cozy Blue Stitch Club kits. I finished up the November kit this week and have the December one in my hoop. These are really easy to throw in my bag and work on in the carpool line or while I’m at Sam’s school. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to make with the finished samplers yet, but I have a few fun ideas brewing.

I have three finished objects that I knitted and I’m so excited about each of them for different reasons.

The first is my Shake Your Groove Thing Poncho that I knit as part of the Fall KAL over at Knit Collage. I love my finished poncho and I enjoyed the entire process of making it. I learned how to make increases and decreases and how to change yarns easily and seamlessly. At first I wasn’t sure how much I would wear this, but I’ve found myself reaching for it quite a bit.

My next sweater is one that I don’t love the finished product but I learned so much making it and it boosted my confidence in knitting. I immediately wanted to cast on a new project when I finished to take what I had learned and apply it! This is the Be Mine Sweater from Knit Collage. I made the cropped version (kind of by accident?) and I’m sorry I don’t have a pic in it to show you. I’m going to have to be creative in styling it up and just haven’t found the right pieces to pair it with yet. Even if I never find a way to wear it, I don’t know that I’ll ever get rid of it. It’s my first knitted sweater and I’m so proud of it, warts and all!

My third sweater came off my needles this week and I immediately threw it on. I need to block it this weekend but man oh man, I’m in love!!! This is the Kingston Sweater by Good Night Day and it’s fabulous. A classic raglan sleeve sweater with fun cropped, bell shaped sleeves, this one was so fun to knit. I love the bulkier yarn and this color is gorgeous. I used the Crazy Sexy Wool in Duck Egg Blue from Wool and the Gang and I think I need to find a fun cardigan pattern to make up for Harper in it. Fun to work with and a really satisfying make, I can’t wait to wear this more through the winter.

Coming up I’m going to try and find a cardigan pattern for Harper (would love your favorite chunky cardigan patterns, bonus points if they’re for tweens!) and a balaclava for Sam out of January’s Knit Crate Yarn. Lisa from And Sew On has a coupon code, go check out this video!, if you would like to try out this subscription box. I don’t plan on getting it every month but I think it will be a simple way to learn about more yarns.

My big project for the rest of winter is going to be the Wednesday Sweater from Petite Knits. I bought the Knitting for Olive Merino and Silk Mohair in the color way Copper and am so excited about this one. It’s going to take me awhile, and I’ve accepted that!, but I’ve already cast on and have learned how to knit German Short Rows. In love with this color and yarn already!

While I’m feeling a little less than inspired with sewing I’m finding embroidery and knitting such satisfying projects and having warm sweaters to pull on- that I made!- is a whole new joy to me. What’s on your needles at the moment?

Fall Handiwork///Plans and Projects

Recently I have found myself falling in love with knitting. I picked it up earlier this year and finished one hat, but then never got motivated to finish anything else. Near the end of September I was feeling a bit stressed out by life and not up for sewing and reached for my knitting needles.

I find knitting to be really soothing. The click of the needles, the squishiness of the project as it grows in your lap. The slow and steady progress you can make sitting on the couch with your family, watching football or movies or the world series.

I did manage to complete one side of the Venice Tee from We Are Knitters and it’s a big learning success for me. I have no idea if I want to attempt to finish the other half sometime, but I did learn the basics of knitting and it got me excited to branch out and try other patterns.

I made Harper the Aviatrix Hat by Loopy Mango out of some bulky navy yarn she picked out months ago from Joann. This pattern knit up in a day and is so cute on her! It also introduced me to circular needles and this is a huge game changer for me. I find these to be so much easier to manage and knitting in the round makes a lot of sense to me, especially with a project like a hat!

After completing the hat I wanted to keep going but wasn’t quite confident enough to knit for myself, so another project for Harper in the Holiday Slipover Jr by Petite Knits. This is a sweater vest, there is also an adult version!, and I used Loopy Mango’s Dream Tweed yarn mixed with Bio Balance GOT both purchased from Fancy Tiger Crafts. This was a very fun one to knit and while it is far from perfect, I’m really happy with how it turned out. Again, lots to learn and the best way for me is simply by doing.

Now I have cast on this adorable Oslo Hat Christmas Edition for Sam, another Petite Knits pattern. I’m using this yarn by Brooklyn Tweed and much smaller needles that are proving challenging to me, but in a good way. I hope to have this one finished by the end of the month so he can wear it all of Christmas season!

I also bought the Knit Collage fall knit along kit for the Shake Your Groove Thing Poncho. I am going to cast on and start this this weekend and am excited to work with these beautiful yarns. The texture and colors are really inspiring to me! I picked the poncho because it was the most beginner friendly and I’m hoping that working with a knit a long will get me my first finished garment for myself by the end of the year.

I’m also been working on an embroidery piece that I plan to give to a friend for Christmas. I think I can get this one completed over the next few days and then take the time to figure out what exactly I want to turn it into!

And finally, I joined the Cozy Blue Stitch Club and will be receiving an embroidery kit each month to play along with. The Cozy Blue has some beautiful kits (great gifts!) but these are actually patterns she is trying out before making full kits so you can experiment with your stitches and just practice. They are inexpensive and I am looking forward to always having a little hoop in my purse to pull out and work on when I’m out and about.

I hope to have seasonal handicraft updates and to continue my knitting practice. I would love to hear what you have on your needles right now and if you too are sinking in to the comfort of knitting this time of year. If you want to follow me on Ravelry I’m over there as Whit Makes!

Knitting and Embroidery

Awhile back I shared that I had picked up knitting and I had this date set on the calendar to show you the things I made. Well… I have one finished hat to brag about and an almost half finished sweater.

The hat is the Beat It Beanie from Wool and the Gang and it’s the warmest hat I’ve ever owned. The sweater is the Venice Tee sweater kit from We are Knitters and it just took me awhile to get in the groove, but now I think it’s turning out pretty cute!

My big knitting plans are to finish the striped sweater in June and to finish the back of a sweater I started crocheting 2 years ago by July. Then I would love to knit a hat for Harper and some kind of little camisole for myself. I’m loving the knit loungewear I’m seeing around and would like to try it out!

I haven’t picked up my embroidery for awhile but with my recent office cleanup I got inspired to take on a couple of projects. I have one ongoing free form project I’m in the middle of and this piece in the picture is going to be a much belated gift for a friend.

What’s on your needles or in your hoop right now?

Starting Something New

I want to knit something this year! Well, I would like to knit a lot of things, but I need to start with just the one.

A few years ago I bought a couple of kits to get started and then just never got the hang of it. Yesterday I decided to dive in and make something. I know it won’t be perfect, in fact I’m really wanting to start a few things over because some stitches aren’t perfect, but I know if I finish one thing I’ll get excited about continuing and learning.

I’m starting with the Beat It Beanie from Wool and the Gang, one of the kits I bought I couple of years ago. As of this morning I’m 7 rows in! Farther along than I’ve ever gotten with a knitting project! I’m dedicating a whole post to this in hopes that it will make me stick with it and show you a finished hat in a few weeks.

Learning new things is good for us. Trying, failing, learning, trying again. These are experiences we praise when our kids do them, why not keep trying them out for ourselves?

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