Fibre Mood Issue No. 13

This weekend the latest issue of Fibre Mood arrived in the mail and I thought I would share my 3 favorite patterns with you! If you want to see a full walk through, you can watch the video here. Also check out their social media as they always have a great team on instagram showing their latest patterns and you can really get an idea for what they look like on actual people!

My favorite pattern from this issue is the Rozan Top. I love this so much and will absolutely be making it this summer. I love those gathers at the neckline and I like that there is an option of the flounces sleeves or just straight. I also think this would be easy to lengthen into a full dress.

The Debra Dress is another one I find really appealing for the summer. I like that it’s a basic shift dress but with some interesting panels in the front. The back has a deep v neck and gathers that add beautiful details to an otherwise simple shape. How beautiful would this be in a linen or a fun print? I am adding this to my list!

Finally I have earmarked the Alix Skirt. Again, it looks like a basic pattern, a button up skirt, but I think the fact that it has pleats and not just gathers elevates the look. It would look great in a flowy fabric and also hold up to more structured cottons.

What do you think? Any of the new Fibre Mood patterns catch your eye? I’m almost finished with my Winter Module and can’t wait to share all my thoughts on sewing with this company.

Coat Inspiration

I’m getting ready to dive into coat making as part of my Make Nine plans and in the process I fell down an internet hole of coat inspiration. I thought I would share some of the things I found, along with patterns to go with them. I have my inspiration, a ready to wear version of a coat this person would wear, as well as an indie pattern and a big 4 pattern that you could use to make it yourself. For all of these I was thinking warm, winter coats. My plan is to look into other kinds of coats throughout this process!

My first source of inspiration is Wonder Woman. We recently watched the new movie (please don’t bother, it’s really not good!) and the only thing I liked about it was Diana’s wardrobe. Everything she wears is chic, has movement and drape to it, and is so classic. Here is what I came up with.

I thought this Mackage Mai Wool Jacket looked like something she would wear, especially in the neutral. To make it yourself, check out the Willa Wrap Coat from Jennifer Lauren Handmade or this Burda 6394. I think both would give you that elegant look!

Next, I thought Emily in Paris would be a great place to look. I’ve never actually seen this show (I know! I’m sorry!) but I’ve heard all about the costumes. I was not disappointed when I went looking, Emily wears classic shapes with fun colors or textures that make them stand out. I think this is easy to recreate!

For ready to wear, I think this red coat from Anthropologie is such a classic coat in a great color. To recreate it on your own, check out the Hunter Coat by Fibre Mood or Simplicity 8797. Both have the great shapes and would look amazing in a bold fabric.

Google Audrey Hepburn Coats and just have fun looking at all the amazing fashion that will show up. I love the clothes, and specifically the coats, she wears in Charade. That wide funnel neck, those buttons, the length of the sleeves; just some great vintage goodness.

I thought this coat from Madewell gave you a lot of those vintage elements, look at it buttoned all the way up, with a modern twist. For almost all of these coats I really think I could have found something at Waffle Patterns, they have some amazing coat patterns! But for this inspiration I think the Yuzu Raglan Coat is pretty great. I think there are some collar options in this Butterick 6385 that would make it a good match as well.

I think so many of us were inspired by the fashion in The Queen’s Gambit. The retro style in those saturated colors made it hard to beat, and Beth had some fantastic coats!

Here is a baby pink coat by Stine Goya that I found that pays a pretty nice tribute to the show. This gorgeous Lemon Pie coat from Waffle Patterns gave me all the Beth vibes (that collar!) as does Butterick 6497.

If I had to name a major fashion influence from my childhood, Claudia from the Babysitter’s Club would be at the top of the list! I was so happy with how she was portrayed in the new series and I liked thinking about what kind of coat she would like. She would definitely be wearing something trendy with texture and cool shapes.

I think this plaid coat from Anthropologie is very cool and Claudia would rock it. The Diana Dress and Coat from Lenaline Patterns has almost the exact same shape and I think Simplicity 9187 could work too (look past the dreary envelope styling!)

I never watched all of Scandal but the little I did watch left a big impression on me. Olivia Pope always looked fantastic and she had some great coats! I love how expensive and sexy everything she wore was. I couldn’t leave her off my inspiration list!

This coat from Ba&sh is amazing and I have the Willa Wrap Coat as an option again. I think this Vogue 1650 could absolutely give you that expensive, sexy vibe!

And for my last inspiration, the (future) queen of coats, Kate the Duchess of Cambridge. Something I really miss with lockdown, albeit on the lower end of importance, is Kate out and about wearing coats. She always has amazing coats, feminine and tailored with amazing details.

Kate loves to wear Catherine Walker and her coat dresses are pretty spectacular. I had trouble finding an indie pattern that had the tailoring I was looking for, but this Pepernoot coat from Waffle Patterns could come close with the right details. This coat from vogue though, 1752, when I saw it in the newest release I immediately thought of Kate! Absolutely perfect for this feminie vibe, complete with princess seams!

Are you inspired to wear, buy, or make all the coats now?!?! I had so much fun researching for this post, I hope you enjoyed it!

Fall Wardrobe Inspiration

If you’ve been following me here these past few months, you know I’ve been building a conscious closet. A few months ago I used the approach I learned about back in May and took a critical look at my fall and winter wardrobe.

First, I changed everything out. All the summer stuff got put away in my dresser and all the winter layers and sweaters got put in the closet. I had already gone through most everything with my closet clean out, but I did double check that everything still fit and was in good condition.

Then I started looking for fall inspiration to help me find gaps in my wardrobe. Above is a picture of some of my favorite images. I love the slouchy, menswear vibe. I love the oversized sweaters or sweaters with dramatic sleeves. I like the idea of taking the color palette I discovered in the spring and just making it a bit richer.

After assessing what I had and what I wanted I was able to make a list of key pieces that I would like to add to my closet. My first stop was the thrift store where I got a few sweaters, some skirts, and some great layering pieces. I have a video up today sharing everything here!

Then I started planning out some things that I wanted to make myself. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing my fall module as well as a few extra pieces I’m throwing in.

My goal is to have a fall and winter closet that lasts for years to come and that I can add special or trendy pieces to on years that I want! Also, I want to be honest and say last week I think I got dressed once and was mostly in my sweats the rest of the time. So cozy and comfy pieces are also a big must for me!

Are you buying/making anything new for fall and winter this year? Or has being at home more changed how you get dressed and it’s not as big a priority? Or are you like me and in a new climate where you truly do need new things to wear to match the weather? Let me know!

Make It Yourself: Fall Edition Vol. 1

Sometimes I see things in stores and think, “I could definitely make that myself!” I thought I’d start a series where I show inspiration, fabric ideas, and a pattern that would indeed let you, make it yourself!

Thought I would start today with a cool weather staple, the blazer. I’ve seen so many great iterations of this around lately but I picked three styles that seem to be everywhere and would present a fun challenge to try and sew your own.

Untitled design-2

First up is a basic and I thought this Classic Gap blazer  in the camel color would be something you could wear for years to come. I found a wool gabardine in camel from that is on the pricier side but looks to be amazing quality. I have this Melissa Watson for Palmer/Pletsch blazer earmarked to make this fall if I have time. It’s a unisex pattern so Chris could get one too! The Palmer/Pletsch patterns always have great advice on fitting and I think for a first blazer this could help you have a great experience sewing it up.

Untitled design-3

The Oversized blazer look is still going strong and I love the idea of making it in a bolder Wool Blend in Plaid like this one from Style Maker FabricsM7876 has an oversized, slouchy version that I think would look very cool.

Untitled design

I loved this Isabel Marant blazer I found on Shop Bop and Style Maker has a lot of classic plaids and herringbones that would work for it like this Woven Plaid in black and Cream. I originally picked this Burda pattern but,after getting this post ready, realized it’s a knit pattern! Which honestly I think would be a great option and Style Maker has this double knit that would give you the exact same look but maybe be even a little bit more comfortable to wear and easier to fit.

Any trends you’re loving for fall that you’d like to see me try and find fabric and patterns for? Or any fall favorites you’re just getting excited to wear as soon as it cools down? Let me know!

Santa Fe

I unintentionally took a week off from writing but it was for a good reason! We head back to Dallas later this week and I have been enjoying my time up here in the mountains. Last week I drove the kids to Santa Fe and left them their for some Mimi/Poppy camp. I got to spend a day there and wanted to share my pictures.

Santa Fe is one of my favorite places on Earth and my parent’s house feels like a gorgeous oasis. Just walking around their property I found vignettes that felt like they could be paintings. We went to the farmer’s market and explored a new park. We also visited the library, something I’ve never done there!, and I got to eat my fill of chilies.

If you ever get the chance to visit Santa Fe, do it! I always leave feeling inspired and peaceful.

Thoughts on Being a Writer

“It’s easy to say you’re a writer when things are going well. When the decision is made in the abyss, then it is quite clear that it is not one’s own decision at all.”

Madeleine L’Engle A Circle of Quiet


Madeleine L’Engle has always been a favorite writer of mine,  A Wrinkle in Time was one of my favorite books growing up, but only recently have I discovered her non fiction work. A friend recommended Walking on Water to me a few years ago and every since then I’ve found her thoughts on faith and writing to be wonderful food for thought.

I purchased The Crosswicks Journals and have been working my way through book one A Circle of Quiet. While reading this book I’ve had some major changes happen to me in my life and they have been leading to a bigger question of who I am and what I want my life to look like, both as an individual and as a part of my family unit.

It is with all this self reflection that I admitted to myself I want to write. It’s why I have this blog, it’s why I’ve always journaled, it’s why I got into scrapbooking and it’s my go to reflex when I need to unload and unpack what is happening in the world around me. For some reason I have been afraid to admit this and haven’t felt it worthy enough to set aside the time and energy to do the work that I know to be living inside of me. I am currently in the process of figuring out where this fear comes from and why it’s even there, but in the meantime I’ve just… started writing. I have an actual work (a book? I don’t know for sure) that I’ve begun working on and this week I wrote out a schedule for what I want to get done everyday. Basically a personal check in point to make sure I’m sitting my butt down and writing. Even if, like yesterday, I only got 300 words in. That’s 300 words more than I had so I’m looking at every addition as a positive thing whereas in the past I would say it wasn’t worth it and would have found the task overwhelming.

A few months ago I heard Tayari Jones, author of the brilliant An American Marriage speak and she said something that has stayed with me. “Don’t believe you’re too busy to write. If you’ve got stuff to do, you’ve got stuff to say.” There are so many authors that talk about their process and it sounds ideal. They have a dedicated space where they sit for an allotted amount of time and write an allotted amount of words and that is the key to finishing a book. Tayari Jones called bullshit on this and said more authors need to talk about working other jobs, taking care of families, dealing with writer’s block, and the work that goes into writing with all these variables. How fitting in writing into your life is what it takes and that is the key, not some magic number of words or hours a day.

I’m taking what she said to heart and fitting it in when I can. That means sitting here next to my son as he shows me his world on Minecraft and outlining what I want to happen next in my story. It means asking for time alone and getting my partner to take over the kids for however long I need. And it means not being ashamed or embarrassed to tell people what I’m working on. Because it is my work, this is what I’m beginning to understand. I hope one day I can share it with you and my goal for the remainder of the year is to set aside time for my craft and make it something I want to show the world.

“I uncovered the typewriter. In my journal I recorded this moment of decision, for that’s what it was. I had to write. I had no choice in the matter. It was not up to me to say I would stop, because I could not. It didn’t matter how small or inadequate my talent. If I never had another book published, and it was very clear to me that this was a real possibility, I still had to go on writing.”

Madeleine L’Engle A Circle of Quiet



June Inspiration

It’s a new month! We are halfway through 2019, can you believe it? Here are some images that are inspiring me and propelling me forward this month. Links at the bottom where available!

Untitled design

1, 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10


I am so happy March is here. I found this poem and it rang so true for me and my feelings for the past month.

When Skies are Low and Days are Dark

When skies are low

and days are dark,

and frost bites

like a hungry shark,

when mufflers muffle

ears and nose,

and puffy sparrows

huddle close –

how nice to know

that February

is something purely


N.M Bodecker

So now a new month begins, Lent and the change in liturgical seasons begins soon, a New Moon cycle is about to be here, and spring is just over the horizon. Welcome, welcome March! Happy to have you here!


I found a few things this week that had my mind buzzing with inspiration and I thought I would share them here! What better way to start the weekend (after a weird week with a   holiday in the middle?) than with some pretty links to get your creative juices flowing?

I love’s color boards. This one with all the pinks and shots of lime green are really appealing to me at the moment! Check out my color board on Pinterest if colors inspire you! I always love looking at what I’ve pinned there.

Fall/Winter Couture week is happening (happened?) and Go Fug Yourself has great pics of all the shows. I loved the textures in these Tony Ward Gowns! Also I would like to be in a movie and wear all of Dior‘s stuff here!

The online sewing/artist community is my favorite community. There have been so people raising money, donating, holding auctions for all kinds of good causes this past year. Most recently people have been banding together to support children at our borders. It always amazes me that people want to use their gifts and talents for causes they care about, in big and small ways. From small business owners donating some of their income to people taking precious time to make things for others. Right now there is a #makersforfamilies auction. 100% of funds raised will go to the ACLU, Raices Texas, and Together Rising. There are still a few auctions up as I type this if you want to have a look at some of the amazing stuff they are putting up!

Hope everyone has a restful weekend with plenty of time to do what you love!

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