Hello 2022!

Happy New Year everyone! This picture has nothing to do with this post except to show you the gorgeous- and much much needed- snow we got New Year’s Eve.

Friday I reflected a bit on the past year and today I’d like to share my sewing goals and give a bit of my game plan moving forward in this space. I’m feeling very refreshed and inspired and ready to see where this year takes me.

First up, I want to make the Handmade Closet page on this site a resource for you and me. I would love to have in-depth reviews of all of my makes for reference and to document all the handmade clothes in my closet. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and this is the year I will get started!

There will be a post in this space every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as well as a video to go along with it. I’m going to try and be better about linking videos for you too! Mondays will be my reviews. I’m going to start next week and carry all winter long working through my sweater patterns. Old ones and new will get full reviews and notes and I hope if it’s not helpful for you in the moment, that it will be some day when you go to make that pattern.

Wednesdays will be more chatty posts and will be the posts that share my sustainable fashion. How I actually wear all the clothes I make as well as a bit of a look at my process.

Fridays will be my makes posts. Plans, capsules, finished garments, they will all continue to be up on Fridays!

Finally I want to really up my sustainability practice. I would like to question ‘Do I already have this? Can I get it second hand? How can I get it most sustainably?’ with all areas of my life, but especially within my sewing practice. And I would like to share how that works (and when it doesn’t!) with you here. Practice what I preach!

What are your big goals for 2022? Or do you make any at all? I’m glad you’re here and hope you’ll stay around for the the new year!

Reflecting on the Year and my Make Nine 2022 Plans

Happy New Year!!

I’ve spent my New Year’s Eve taking down Christmas, vacuuming up pine needles, and baking a cake. Now I’m sitting here watching the much needed snow fall and am ready to ring in the New Year.

I loved looking back on the goals I made last year and seeing how I’ve grown and changed. I didn’t do exactly everything, but I did a lot. And more importantly, I really learned so much about my style and what I want to make. I also learned so much about how I make and the rhythm of my creativity.

I did pretty well with my Make Nine from last year too. I had a goal to make three coats/jackets and I did! I have ripped the scary bandaid off of coat making and now feel confident that I can make more in the future.

Here are the posts for my yellow coat, knit blazer, and oversized blazer.

For three shirts I really learned I don’t love wearing button down shirts! I pivoted and discovered I do love shirt dresses and found a new blouse pattern that I just love.

Here are the posts for the white blouse, one of my favorite dresses of all time, and the beautiful Patina blouse.

And finally, for pants, I made a lot of them! In fact I’m really happy with all the separates I made this year. My three favorite patterns were the ones below. I embraced the elastic waist band for sure, but also played with some new shapes that surprised me.

These Pietra Pants seem to go with everything and my Bob pants and Bisque Trousers were major hits from my fall capsule.

Looking ahead, I’ve chosen Nine images to inspire me for my makes in 2022!

I’ve broken up the makes into seasons, so the top three squares are winter. I want to make a fabulous lavender coat Check out this instagram, she has incredible style!

I also want to knit a cozy sweater, I really like this Wednesday sweater by Petite Knits, and next Christmas I would love to make a party dress inspired by Beyonce.

For spring I am in love with this sweater vest from Rachel Comey. I would love to knit something similar in a vibrant color!

I have also had this Rachel Comey for Vogue pattern in my ‘to make’ list for so long. This is the year! I think it’s so cool and would love to perfect the fit of a jumpsuit.

I had this outfit saved from last year and I’m sorry I don’t have the original source. I love the mustard and lilac and would love to recreate it this year.

For the summer, I know I don’t make as much so I kept it simple with a knitted camisole. I don’ know if it will be this exact one, but I think something like this would be a practical make when it gets warmer.

I also love the patchwork dress trend and have found a few button down shirts at Goodwill that I could reuse to make a dress inspired by all of these lovely makes.

And finally, this fall I would love to take on the project of making a velvet suit. I already bought my fabric and can’t wait to dive into this one. All the Gucci velvet suits are fabulous, but I can’t get this one out of my head ever since seeing it on instagram.

I’m excited and can’t wait to share all my makes here and on Youtube this year with you! Happy 2022, cheers to making all the things!

Hello October!!!

I’m so happy it’s October!!!!

September had quite a few bumps in it and October is really trying me so far (heater and oven both quit working… one is fixed the other is TBD). Nothing major, nothing I couldn’t handle, and really, a lot of good stuff too. But when I got on here to write, thinking I would post my goals for the month, I kind of laughed at myself because I have no idea what’s in store in the coming weeks.

Sam’s preschool situation seems to be ever changing so it’s hard to plan too far in advance for things like I normally would. I am hoping we get things settled this month and can move forward with some consistency, whatever that looks like.

Chris and I have been enjoying watching scary movies and shows and I’m excited about a month full of weekends to curl up and chill together. We’ve been making s’mores on Sunday nights and watching the stars come out as a family. It would be nice to keep that up too.

Personally, I’ve been trying to find time to write every day and was semi successful last week. Sometimes starting with a blog post like this is great way to get me at the computer and get in that mode, so I hope to make that happen consistently this month. I would love a rough draft of my book by my birthday, but I admit it’s scary to put that in writing!

I also realized this past month how much working out every day is as beneficial for my mental health as it is my physical. I know we all ‘know’ this but I have to say after finding a program I like, I really find myself looking forward to sweating and pushing myself and want to keep that up for October.

What are you looking forward to this month? We put out Halloween decorations weeks ago (ha!) but are in the planning stages of Halloween costumes. I have two good ones for Sam, Chris, and I think Charlie and Harper have settled on a joint costume. Looking forward to the crisp Colorado fall we get before it starts snowing!

And honestly, I’m looking forward to that too.

Happy October!

Monthly Goals: September

Every year I’m so glad it’s summer and then every year I’m so glad summer is over and we can get back to our routines. My goals this month revolve around the idea of routine and getting us all feeling good and comfortable with work and school and new activities.

*Morning routine for myself: I would love to have a bit of time in the morning to just take care of myself. Whether that is a cup of coffee in peace or getting my workout in I’m not sure yet, I just know I can be a more relaxed mom getting us all out the door if I build in that time for me.

*Mile a day: I want to walk outside (weather permitting!) at least a mile a day. For physical and mental health.

*Writing schedule: With all three kids in school at least part of the day (hopefully, we all know this is not a given anymore) I’ve worked out how I would like to divide up my writing time between stuff for the blog and for my book. I would love to find a flow that really works for me and makes me feel like I have room in my day for writing.

*Working out: I did a 90 workout challenge that I absolutely loved this summer and I want to keep it up! My goal is to plan out my workouts for the week every Sunday and remember that I feel so much better when it’s a regular part of my day.

What have you got going on this month? Any changes with the season that get you excited? I feel like even thought I’m not in school anymore, the beginning of the school year still feels like a fresh start.

May Goals

May is here and it is finally feeling like spring up in the mountains! Chris and I have been making big plans for our yard and all of a sudden little surprises are popping up- like these happy daffodils.

We are looking at another month of staying at home but I am over the grumpiness of it (most days) and am trying my best to find positive ways to keep life exciting and worth getting out of bed for. With that in mind, here are my goals for the month of May!

Work in the yard We had the best time last weekend getting started with yard work and have been doing little bits here and there throughout the week. It feels wonderful to be outside and it’s fun doing something that you can see the benefits of your hard work from so quickly.

Daily yoga  I love Yoga with Adriene and this month is all about mediation and yoga and I’m going to try and get it in every day.

Me Made May I’ve talked about this challenge this week and I’m excited to participate in this and work on my conscious closet this month.

Read more I recently put a lot of great books on hold at the library (virtually) and they’ve all started to come in. I would like to be more aware of putting my phone down and reading this month.

Sourdough Starter I’ve tried and failed before, but this month I’m determined. And if it doesn’t work I found a local restaurant selling some!

What I mainly want this month is to accept what’s going on around me and still find ways to make this new house and town feel like home. Instead of focusing on what we can’t do, I want to actively look for all the things we are able to do and make memories based around those!


{it’s my birthday} Goals For December

These past few months I have been setting 3 goals for myself (sometimes my whole family gets included) and I’m not being dramatic when I say it has been life changing. I plan to talk more about that later, but for now, let’s focus on my 3 goals for the month of December!


I have been writing so much lately and while I didn’t meet the goal I set for myself last month (holidays, travel, and trying to plan a big move put up a few road blocks but that’s ok!) I hope to keep up the habit this month. I have a goal in mind for where I would like to end the month, but more than anything I would just like to make time to write every day.

Celebrate the Joy of the season

December is full of celebrations and I’d like to soak in the time with my family, worry less about the stuff or trying to do all the things, and focus on the joy. I’m so thankful we get to celebrate one more Christmas in this house together and I want to enjoy it as much as possible.


This is it! No big deal here! Ha!

We close on our new house this month and we’re hoping to make the big move before the new year begins! I want time to slow down and I want it to be here all at once, it’s a strange place to be. This one is going to be happening no matter what, my goal is to approach the move with a clear head, prepare for the hiccups and stress that will come with it, and get my little family to Colorado!




A Mile A Day

Lately Chris and I have been killing it with our workouts. We have been consistently going to the gym together, which is a new thing for us and a lot of fun!, and I’ve been chipping away at my couch to 5k goal.

Next week Chris starts a new job and the little routine we’ve established is going to be shaken up. I decided to give myself a challenge that would motivate me to get up and moving even on the days that Chris isn’t here to do it with me.

Starting September 4th (because it was a holiday weekend and also it seemed fitting to start on Beyonce’s birthday?) I have a goal to get in a mile a day. It can be a walk, a run, a round on the elliptical, whatever. If I do more- amazing! good job! If I do just the mile- amazing! good job! And if I miss- I just try again the next day.

I’ve always loved to exercise but only lately have made cardio a regular part of my routine. I’ve found that when I run it out I feel better mentally and have started looking forward to sweating out any anxiety or blah mood I’m feeling.

I’m trying not to be too annoying about my goal, but posting a pic on social media makes me feel somewhat accountable and the visual evidence of my hard work makes it less about perfection and more about the work as a whole.

And maybe soon I can take this mile challenge outside because it is going to eventually cool off, right?

Minimalism Challenge

I shared my thoughts on minimalism and how it’s a lifestyle I want to explore with my family recently and I put together a list of 25 tasks that I want us to do together. 25 because I wanted this to be challenge that’s completed within a month, but I also wanted to leave room for days when life comes up and not feel like I’m behind or failing. You will notice a mix of tasks based on physical stuff- purging, taking stock, organizing- but also some lifestyle changes thrown in too. I’ve given brief explanations for each and my hope is that in a month or so I can check in and tell you how it went! I plan on starting today and if you follow me on instagram I may give an update here and there. (Also the pic for this post has nothing to do with anything except that it’s my daughter at the beach when she’s four months old and I found it scrolling for an image to put there and just decided I didn’t want to put anything else!)

  1. Family Calendar (look at where we will be putting our time and energy this fall and get it in an organized place)
  2. Organize Master Bedroom, plan decor (kids in charge of organizing their rooms/unpacking/cleaning)
  3. Clean out clothes closets (everyone’s! this sounds like a monumental task but I’ve kept up with this all summer and think it’s doable for one day.)
  4. Clean out Toys
  5. Organize remaining toys
  6. Family meal plan (I love Miranda’s thoughts on minimal meal planning and want the whole family involved in setting this up for the next few months. I love to cook, but I hate meal planning. I hope this is a way to make it an easier task!)
  7. Clean out fridge, pantry, cabinets, make plan to organize, list of anything need to buy
  8. Organize kitchen!
  9. Hang pictures and art that I’ve been wanting to put up! Contact carpenter to come make repairs around house.
  10. Den bookshelves/clean out games and puzzles
  11. Dining room/hutch in living room/china cabinet
  12. Make a family cleaning schedule, set up chores/allowance chart
  13. Sewing/crafting supplies (ok this one is just me!)
  14. Kids Crafting supplies
  15. Big Closet- purge and organize
  16. Daily Gratitude List- I want this to be a habit for my family!
  17. Organize cleaning supplies closet- make cleaning products?
  18. Figure out home office/sewing space situation
  19. Digital purge- emails/recurring payments/email
  20. Paper purge- receipts/mail/filing system
  21. Bathroom toiletries- everyone!
  22. Window coverings
  23. Photos- put in albums, frame, order summer photo book
  24. Upstairs closet/seasonal items
  25. Make a fall bucket list for the family!
  26. Drop off any and all donations and CELEBRATE!

34 Years Old

IMG_3611Tomorrow is my birthday! I did a bit of reflecting and shared something I really want to work on as a person on Tuesday, but I also have some lighter goals, resolutions I guess, as I begin another year on this earth, in this body.

  1. Practice Mercy
  2. Write out the story in my head. I have it started and keep leaving it, but it is something I would like to see to completion. Not to necessarily be published, maybe not even to widely share, but to get the story out of my head.
  3. Make less but make it better. I got in a groove this past year with my sewing and would like to continue that! But instead of trying to make ‘all the things’ I would like to pick one or two things a month to work on. The slow process is my favorite and I would like that to be what I focus on the most this year.
  4. Journal. I have a plan for journaling that combines my love of scrapbooking and making but in a way that feels less wasteful, more meaningful, more personal, and more manageable. I plan on sharing that over on my Whit Makes page and on my instagram as well!
  5. To read more slowly. Again with the being more intentional. I am a fast reader and sometimes I think ‘read all the things!’ because there are so many great books out there. I’d like to chill out and pick the cream of the crop and take my time reading them. You can follow me on Goodreads to see what I’ve read and what I thought about it.
  6. To buy less. Less clothes, less stuff, less, less, less.
  7. To do more. Adventures with my family, whether it’s a walk at the park or a big camping trip.
  8. Put my phone down.
  9. Blog regularly.
  10. Practice a daily act of gratitude. My mom got me this journal a couple of years ago and I love the concept, I’m just not the best at keeping it up. I hope to keep a gratitude log in my journaling on a daily basis. I think this will be a great way to actively keep that whole practicing mercy in the front of my mind.

There seems to be a theme in all these things. Practice, less, intention, and slowing down. All things I would like to some day master! Happy birthday to me and happy December to you. I hope you find moments to reflect and find the holiest of moments in the most ordinary of days.

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