Fall in the Mountains

This fall in Colorado has been so beautiful. My phone is full of pictures trying to capture it, but I just don’t think there’s any way. We’ve been going to a lot of art festivals and so many paintings are of aspen in the fall- so many!- and we were all wondering what the market is like for nature paintings in Colorado. But after these past few weeks, I totally get it. If I could paint I would probably spend my whole life trying to capture the gold peeking through all the evergreens.

It snowed for the first time this season on Tuesday (and expecting some more this afternoon and evening!) and the snow on the mountains with the golden trees and bright blue skies was almost too much to take in. I hope these pictures bring a little Colorado fall to wherever you are right now!

Flora and Fauna: Late Summer Edition

Pretty and interesting flowers I’ve snapped on my phone these past few weeks. While I don’t love how hot it’s been (and will be again after this brief cool front), I do love how much color it brings. My favorites are the wildflowers and the vines of morning glories growing in our alley.

Did you know  hibiscus and okra are related? Which when you think about their flowers makes sense, but I had never put it together.

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