Looking at snow on Mount Evans and all the gold from the aspens peeking through the evergreens

Researching how to keep the twin’s new hermit crabs alive. When I say they are deeply in love with these things… I am not exaggerating.

Determinedly knitting my sweater from this spring to try and finish the front. I have a few projects planned for the rest of the year that I’m excited to get started on, but first we need to get at least half of this dang piece done!

Watching scary movies with Chris. Nothing really great movie-wise to report on but we did start The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix and it is deliciously creepy so far.

Planning Halloween costumes and starting to look into Christmas and presents and all of that.

Deleting Instagram and Facebook from my phone on the weekends and enjoying finding other things (and people!) to enjoy.

Cooking everything in the instant pot and slow cooker this week until I get my new oven next week. I’m ready to do some fall baking but in the meantime am trying to embrace fewer dishes to clean up after supper.

Enjoying slow weekends full of house projects and family time and looking forward to the holiday season and all the hustle and bustle that it will bring. Learning how to love the present and still have fun anticipating the future!

Things I’m Loving

Here is a list of things I’m currently loving in no particular order. Affiliate links used when possible, please enjoy and let me know the random thing that you are loving right now!

Modern Mrs Darcy Summer Reading Guide I always look forward to these guides and have maxed out my hold limit at the library. I appreciate Ann’s descriptions and always find them helpful when picking out books.

These Spicy Noodles I know. I told you this was random though! I get these every time I grocery shop and am kind of obsessed with them. They are actually spicy and your mouth will be on fire, but so good.

Caroline Hirons and her book Skin Care: The Ultimate No Nonsense Guide last year I got serious about my skin care and experimented with some different products to figure out what my skin liked best. I am about to change over to my summer routine and this book has been extremely helpful. I’ve already changed the order I layer product and notice a difference!

This Archer and Olive Journal I just picked up to start bullet journaling. I love it’s beautiful paper- so easy to write on and holds up to markers and paint.

This Sunscreen, I’m also going to be trying this one soon The unseen sunscreen goes on like a dream and my make up works really well on top of it. No white cast, it’s not greasy, and my face (which is pretty reactive) has done well with it.

A Minimalist Meal Plan– right now we are baked potatoes and grilled chicken, rice and beans, chana masala, snack plate night, pizza night, grilling on the weekend!

Mare of East Town- we are so behind on this show but will eventually catch up! We’re loving it though (like the rest of the country) and I can’t get over how great Kate Winslet is. We also are rewatching Scrubs from the beginning to end our day with some comfort laughs.

Dressing for Pride! Happy Pride month! I plan on celebrating by dressing the rainbow over on my Instagram, come follow me if you don’t already.

Around Here

I think the big news around here right now is that Chris and I got our first vaccine!! I was overwhelmed with emotion when I got mine. Seeing all the people there, both getting vaccinated and volunteering to help vaccinate others, filled me with so much hope and love for humanity. It was so dramatic but also felt just about right after such a horrible year.

The kids are really into all things King Kong and Godzilla so we’ve been spending our movie nights watching all those movies. They are also very keen to ‘make money’ so chores have been done daily without much coercing on my part.

Sam is walking/climbing/clamoring on any and everything. He’s still not talking, but don’t you worry, he is very good at communicating his wants and he is very clear in exactly what he wants. Ah… two year olds.

It’s snowy here this week with promises of warm weather this weekend. It’s been nice to play outside when it’s warmer and Chris and I are making plans on updating our outdoor spaces a bit.

I also can’t wait to start in on my garden! Hopefully in a month or so I will be updating on that! In the meantime we’re having fun watching the wildlife walk by. Elk, deer, a beautiful red fox, some wild turkeys, and a bobcat I finally got a good picture of that you can see above!


Reading// I’m reading Breathe by Imani Perry and The Hidden Life of Trees by Wohlleben. I’m really enjoying listening to The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner . You can see all my current reads in the Goodreads side bar —–>

Listening// Chris and I really like listening to The Daily podcast pretty much every day. The two part episodes on cancel culture gave us a lot to think and talk about!

Making// I have a dress almost finished that I hope to share with you Friday as well as a couple of pair of pants that will wind up my summer sewing.

Praying// For rain! It is so dry here, there are 5 fires right now in Colorado, 2 of them are massive. We are not in the range but it is smoky and just adds a level of anxiety knowing how dry everything is.

Prepping// For the start of school. The big kids start school next week and I’ve been sorting through clothes and foot wear, getting new lunchboxes and back packs, and labeling all the things. It’s such a weird start to fall, but I’m hopeful that they will have a great year and that all the extra measures their school is taking will keep everyone healthy.

Writing// I bought this journal for Harper and me to pass back and forth and we both love it so much. I highly recommend for any mothers/daughters out there. It works well for her age and I could see it being fun for a tween. Teens you might have to coerce a little, but depending on your relationship it could absolutely work! I just saw that theres a mother/son one too and I may have to see if Charlie is interested in it!

Watching// Lovecraft Country on HBO. Since reading the book this spring (Chris is reading it now) I have been looking forward to this show and the first episode did not disappoint. It’s beautiful to look at, the sets and costumes are great!, and I’m loving seeing a very visual novel brought to life on the screen. It’s nice to have something to anticipate watching every week.

Hoping// For a safe school year. For this pandemic to get under control. For those out of work to find a job or get assistance. For rain for the whole country it seems. For an honest election. For a new president and leadership for our country. For all of you to be safe and well!


Welcome to Whit Makes!

Hello! Hello! I have recently picked up quite a few new followers here, on Instagram, and on my youtube channel. I’ve been thinking and planning for the next few months and want to be more intentional about what I post on all three platforms and how I want them to work together.

So,I’m going to try something new for the next two months. The posts I have planned center around sewing/making, sustainability, styling, organization/tips and tricks, and art.  I’d love to really hone in on what it is that I want my online spaces to be and when I think about what I’m passionate about sharing in the online world, these are the things that pop up the most!

Moving forward you should see posts here on the blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  This month I have Youtube videos planned for almost every post- I don’t know if that’s sustainable in the long run, but right now it’s what I have planned. My instagram grid will be mostly sewing and blog related posts but I’m sure I’ll still get personal in my stories!

I still love books and food and exploring and I’m sure those things will sprinkle in, but I know that my passion is making and uplifting other makers. I’d love to be a voice that you come to for inspiration on how fashion and creating can impact the world in a positive way. I’ve been thinking so much on how racial justice, the fight for environmentalism, and sustainability all link together and I think art, and making in general, fit in with all these things.

I hope you’ll follow me on whatever platforms you prefer and I hope you leave my space feeling uplifted and ready to go out and make something yourself!


Do you like my peak Colorado photo up there? Baby on my back, fishing pole in my hand. Who am I ? Thought I would check in with a bit of what’s happening over here. I’ve had quite a few new followers on all my platforms- which is exciting!- but it kind of has me second guessing everything I post. So for now, here’s what’s happening. Currently.

Hiking/// We have been venturing out and trying new trails close to our home. The weather has been perfect and we’re getting better at packing up, remembering our masks, and heading out at a moments notice. Sam is loving his new backpack ride and is pretty happy to be carried along- even on longer hikes.

Listening/// I just started the audio book Clap When You Land and I am loving the two narrators. Sometimes when I read YA the language can feel forced to me, but when I hear it from younger voices it flows and feels very natural.

Watching/// Chris and I have decided to dive back into Westworld. We’re in the middle of season 2. I have no idea what’s happening and I hate, HATE, how the characters will sit naked on stools. No one’s butt looks good like that and I get distracted by how uncomfortable it must be? Obviously I’m really getting a lot out of this show- ha

Reading/// Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi. I read the first in this series earlier this year and my hold at the library just came in for number two. It’s fantasy, which takes me awhile to get into, but I’m interested to see where this story goes.

Making/// plans for Whit Makes and trying to decide what I want to share the rest of the summer with y’all!

Sewing/// A wrap dress and making plans for a few other projects!

Stitching/// the second part of my embroidery piece.

Organizing/// my pattern stash! I’m in the process of getting everything streamlined and I can’t wait to share it with you when I’m done. I think I’ve found something that is really useful and inspiring for me and still keeps my office space (that I’m sharing with Chris!) nice and neat.

Have a great weekend! Take care of yourselves and take care of each other!



Yesterday I woke up thinking, “Yay it’s Friday!” only to quickly remember that, nope, it’s Thursday.  But today! Today is Friday! And this time next week I can say that we survived  distance learning! I’m trying to be optimistic about what fall and school will look like, but you know what? Right now I have summer to look forward to. And while our plans may have to be very flexible, and this definitely won’t look like past summers, I’m still excited to have the free time, the extra daylight, and the room for play.

This week we let our butterflies go that we got around Easter. Even as an adult it’s still a miracle every time to watch those caterpillars get fat, make a chrysalis, and then, like magic!, emerge as this beautiful, delicate butterfly. I went on a walk yesterday and there were butterflies everywhere and I told the kids I was pretty sure some of them were ours. There’s probably a beautiful metaphor in there somewhere, but for now it was simply a reminder that nature and all her mysteries are bigger than we can imagine and still happening all around us.

This weekend we are getting ready to celebrate the twins’ ninth birthday. I’ve ordered way too many presents and we have some projects we would like to get done around the house. I’m sure there’s a hike or two that will happen and movies and popcorn will absolutely be in the mix.

Fridays are weird now because nothing much changes from the rest of the week, but we’ve been trying really hard to mark a distinction and to make our weekends about family time and rest. I hope yours is full of both of those good things and that you get time to stop and marvel at a butterfly or two!

Right Now

Right now…

We are hiking every weekend. So far everything has been fairly close to home, but we’ve got a carrier coming for Sam soon (he’s getting too big to ride for long on my chest) so we can venture out farther!

We’ve been watching good movies. This weekend it was True Grit (I just finished the book, so great) and JoJo Rabbit. Both were fantastic!

I’ve been trying to grow (is that the right term?) a sourdough starter and I think I did it. Baked my first loaves this weekend, can’t wait to experiment more. I’ll share later when I feel like I know what I’m doing.

We have been enjoying our nightly happy hour on the front porch. The weather has been pretty perfect.

Chris and I are working on our yard! Lots of rocks to move, pine needles to sweep up, and native plants to figure out.

Sam is moving! He’s got the scoot down and cannot be trusted to stay in one spot. We’ve been doing virtual physical therapy and it’s pretty amazing how fast he is catching on.

It feels like spring. Wildflowers are popping up, stuff is turning green, and it actually rained here instead of snow.






{it’s my birthday} Things I Love

I know there are a lot of gift guides out there right now, this is not one of them. It’s just some things that make me happy, some you can buy, some you can’t. Sometimes it’s nice to think on what you already have and enjoy, makes you savor them a bit more without needing to add more to your life.

Here are a list of my favorite things at the moment! Along with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens of course!

My new ski boots (see above) and my new ski pass that Chris just bought. It will take us an hour to get to a ski lift from our new house! I’m so excited!

Eye masks///no specific brand, but I keep them in the fridge and put them on first thing. Divine.

Peppermint joe joes///my favorite seasonal item from Trader Joe’s! It pains me to have to share them with my children…

Audio books/// a good audio book in your ears can make even the tedious tasks fly by. I’m looking at a mountain of laundry as I type this.

Kits- specifically sewing and knitting kits///I love Needlesharp and Wool and the Gangand We Are Knitters all have awesome kits where everything you need for a project comes in one box. How practical!

The prospect of a nice bath tub///Our new house has a great tub in the master bathroom and I am pumped to start soaking.

Shopping second hand/// Been doing this more lately and the hunt for something cool is addicting. I love that it’s more sustainable and that it forces a bit of creativity in your wardrobe.

Coffee in bed/// Is there anything more decadent?!?! No, I say there is not. My husband getting up Saturday morning to make the good coffee and then bringing it to me in bed is one of my favorite things.

Vogue beauty routines/// I fell down the rabbit hole of watching the Vogue You Tube channel the other day and why is watching women put on make up/do their beauty routine so relaxing? It reminds of watching my mom get ready when I was a kid I think. Anyway, I highly recommend it.

Museums/// Museums and libraries are my favorite public places. If I have an hour to kill (rare!) these are the places I would choose to be. I love what’s in them of course, but also I love the cross section of people that gather there and just feeling like a part of the city, if that makes sense.

What are some of your favorite things right now?

Sign Up for My Newsletter!

These past few weeks I’ve been thinking about this website and what I want it to be and how I want it to grow next year. I love blogging and writing and have never quite found the exact path I want to take or ever thought much about growing an audience. After brainstorming and goal setting I think I have a plan in place for what this space is going to look like and I’m excited to get working on it and show you in a few weeks. I’ve set a few professional goals for myself that feel a little scary and very exciting and I’m trying to harness that into practical steps that I can use throughout the coming year.

Along with all that I would like to start a newsletter and I would love if you would subscribe. Twice a month I’ll send you an email full of inspiration, things I want to share, and a life update so you can keep up with what’s going on with my family and our move. I promise to not spam you and I promise to use the newsletter for good and never evil! My hope is that it feels like you’re chatting with a friend and after you read it you feel a little bit better about the world.

If this sounds at all interesting to you, please click here. My plan is to have the first newsletter out the week of Thanksgiving.

The picture above is from my day of house hunting and I still can’t quite believe that I’m going to wake up to mountains every single day soon. I’m trying to find the balance of being present and enjoying where I am now and also being excited about a future that seems so close! It’s a strange space to be in, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.



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