Arlington Sweater by Love Notions

For pattern reviews it is very helpful to have a person’s measurements! So before we begin, I am 5 foot 9 with a 32 inch bust, 29 inch waist, and 36 inch hips. I am pretty evenly proportioned but do find that my arms are longer than average! Happy to answer any fitting questions in reference to this pattern and my body should you have them- just leave me a comment!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my deep dive into turtle neck patterns has been very delayed, but today starts a week of turtlenecks and I’m excited to compare a few different patterns for you! I was worried that by the time I finally got these up we would all be over wearing turtlenecks, but as it is -6 degrees outside today, I think some of us will still have a need for them for a little while longer.

I decided to deep dive turtlenecks because I’ve really found that they are a great layering piece for Colorado. On warmer days they are good on their own and when it’s colder like today I use them as a base layer purely to stay warm. When I realized the ones I owned were at least 15 years old (I didn’t wear them much in Dallas!), I decided to try some different patterns and see what made my perfect turtleneck. Much like my quest for the perfect tshirt, I was pleasantly surprised about what I learned and hope that comparing 4 different patterns will help you decide which pattern would be best for your style. Friday I will have a post with all the patterns side by side, but first let’s start with a deep dive shall we?

I already have a review up for the Nikko top and dress that you can find here. This has been my tried and true for awhile and I highly recommend. Today I am going to be reviewing the Arlington Sweater by Love Notions.

I have made this pattern fairly recently with some Destashify fabric, you can find that post here, but I really wanted to try the more plain sleeves and compare it to some other patterns just to look at the style lines and fit a bit more.

Love Notions is a company I reviewed in 2020 and have since fallen in love with. I appreciate how versatile their patterns are as well as their size range and cup size options. I always have good luck sewing their patterns and the Classic Tee was pretty much my favorite t-shirt from T-shirt Month.

Love Notions has a very active Facebook group that’s free to join where you can find a lot of inspiration as well as tips and advice on all their patterns. I’m not on Facebook very much and I get a lot out of the group. Just seeing what people are making, how patterns look on different bodies and in different fabrics is really helpful and inspiring. I also think it helps you get the most out of your patterns, they are not sold to be one off pieces. Love Notions creates patterns to make and wear again and again.

The website describes the Arlington as “a great transitional piece for your fall and winter wardrobe. Choose from three body styles: hip length, banded shirt length and above knee dress. Neckline options are turtleneck, mock turtleneck and cowl. Mix it up with five different sleeve options: long, bishop, elbow, puff short and puff long.”

The Arlington is meant for knit fabrics and there are 3 length options, including a dress, 3 different necklines, and 5 different sleeve options. If you like this pattern you could basically never have to buy another turtleneck pattern again!

The sizing in Love Notions patterns goes from XS-5X with a full bust option. That is a 33″ full bust to a 57.5″ full bust. You can see their full sizing chart here.

This is described as being a pattern for a ‘confident beginner’ and I agree with that completely. Love Notions’ instructions are very thorough and when you add in the Facebook group for help, I think any issues you had could be easily resolved. The hardest part may be adding on the neckline and, if you use the bishop sleeves, gathering them into the cuff. But this would be a great pattern to try if those were new skills for you.

The fabric recommended for the Arlington is light to medium weight knits with 40% stretch. There are also plenty of tips on what fabric to use depending on what neckline you go with, a drapier fabric for the cowl for example.

What I initially liked most about the Arlington were the bishop sleeve options and the dress options. I like that it is a basic pattern with so many variations! There are quite a few versions on the website as well as on Pattern Review. Browsing through you can see how many different looks you can get just depending on what fabric you use and what version you make. I love the versatility!

For all my turtle necks this week I’ve used the Premium Merino Jersey from The Fabric Store. Today’s version is in the navy. I bought this fabric in there New Years Sale and it is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, both to work with and to wear. It is soft and has a great drape but also warm and holds up well for the hems and neckbands. I will be making this a staple fabric to stock up on in future sales to come!

This was my first time ordering from The Fabric Store and I will be using them again. I was always intimidated by their prices as well as the fact they’re shipping from New Zealand. I think they’re sales are great and I got free shipping pretty easily. I think this will be a store I watch for sales and buy from every so often, but the quality is really great. It did take forever to get here but I actually think it was the trip from Denver up to my house that took the most time and not getting to the States!

For this version of the Arlington I wanted a more classic turtleneck so I did the straight long sleeves and the mock neck version. I did end up having to add the band, simply because I did not have quite enough fabric to get the shirt version out of my yardage. I bought one meter, and while that was just enough for all my other patterns, for whatever reason this one needed just a bit more.

I made a straight size medium with no adjustments and I think the fit is great. It feels like I’m wearing a comfortable t-shirt. I do like where the band hits me, I think it will be cute with high waisted bottoms, it’s just not my preferred style.

There are so many versions of this pattern online, but the review that made me go ahead and buy this was from the Youtube channel Sew Natural Dane. I love her version and it got me thinking how many options this one pattern had!

I couldn’t find any negatives on any reviews from this pattern. I think it’s pretty straight forward and if you like Love Notions patterns you’ll like this one!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s turtleneck, we’ll be looking at the Freya from Tilly and the Buttons.

Welcome to the Weekend!!!

Last week Chris and I took an amazing trip to Cabo San Lucas and I’ve just had trouble reentering the real world this week. I do have a haul video up on my youtube channel with some winter fabrics as well as some fabrics to get me excited for spring sewing. Otherwise all I have to share with you here is this beautiful picture of Cabo from our sunset cruise. I’m very excited about our long weekend here and we have big plans to cook some good food, watch good basketball, and play with the kids. I hope you have a wonderful weekend however you are spending it!

Cozy Capsule/// Simplicity 9337 Tie Dye Sweatsuit

I have another cozy set to share with you and it’s one I’ve been wanting to make for a long time, a tie dye sweatsuit. Back during peak quarantine it felt like tie dye was everywhere. We were all wearing it, making it, lounging in it. I wanted a sweatsuit but thought- no that’s kind of silly. I probably wouldn’t wear it that much (ahaha hahahahaha remember how naive we all were?!) so I made Harper one out of french terry and literally every time she had it on I wished for one.

So I finally made my dreams happen when I saw this lovely french terry from Style Maker Fabrics. I’m sorry this specific fabric isn’t available anymore, but there are some good options for other tie dye looks.

I wanted to try Simplicity 9337 as the pattern because it’s a great base sweatsuit and I liked that it was unisex. I could see basically everyone in my family wearing all of these pieces and I was excited to try the joggers as I don’t really have a jogger pattern I love.

This pattern comes in a size XS-XL and that means a finished bust/chest measurement of 30-54 inches and a 36-52″ finished hip measurement. I made a straight size small and really like the fit. I may shorten the top just a little next time, but the joggers are pretty perfect right out of the package.

I didn’t change anything except to omit the drawstring. I just don’t like drawstrings that much and kept it clean with a 2″ elastic instead.

These are so comfortable and I think they’re really cute too. I will absolutely be making this pattern again and can’t wait to try them for my kids too. I will have to adjust some of the sizing, but I think pretty soon they will be able to wear patterns like this!

Highly recommend this one if you need some good basics in your life. I think everyone needs a cozy tie dye sweatsuit in their life!

Cozy Capsule/// Matching Sets

I’m sharing two patterns that I’ve been loving together as cozy loungewear sets. The Breckenridge Henley and the Resolution Bottoms both by Love Notions can absolutely be worn as ‘real’ clothes but I like them in knitwear for more of pajama, loungewear clothing.

Love Notions’ patterns are really well thought out. I love all the options each pattern comes with and they regularly run sales to keep their patterns affordable. When you choose to print the PDF versions of patterns the different options are clearly marked so you can only print exactly the pieces you need. Another great little detail is the way that you print out the pieces, you don’t have to trim them before sticking them together! This is a huge time saver and makes PDFs so much less daunting. I love the thought that goes into the patterns and the packaging and instructions!

Love Notions has a pretty great size range from XS-5X which is a 33-57.5″ bust measurement and 35.5-59.5″ hip measurement. I made a straight size medium in both my top and bottoms and with my measurements it looks like I’m between a small and medium. I find the medium to be a great fit for me with this company and don’t need to make any adjustments.

The two patterns I made and have been wearing non stop together are the Breckenridge Henley and the Resolution Bottoms.

I’ve made the henley before for tshirt month and was really happy with the result, I just thought the fabric was a little thin for wearing out and would prefer it as pajamas. There are quite a few versions for length and sleeves and I love the neckband. You can absolutely make these working buttons, but it’s easy enough to just sew them on and not need them to work. There are clear instructions for both.

I made the long sleeve shirt length version with the long cuffs. The first version is in this white sand sedona mini stripe jersey and the second is a brushed waffle sweater knit in the color moss, both from Surge Fabrics. Both of these turned out great and were fairly simple to sew. Maybe a little trickier than your average t-shirt with that neckband, but nothing too difficult.

For the bottoms I made the Resolution bottoms which have 4 different versions. Leggings, moto leggings, boot cut yoga pants, and straight leg yoga pants. I made the straight leg version, again in a straight medium. At first I wasn’t sure of these, there is a back yoke detail that I didn’t love at first but then after wearing these non stop I realize I like the shaping of them. These are so cozy and great for lounging around. I want to try a true leggings version for more activewear next time!

I’m so happy with both of these sets and if you were to drop by unexpectedly on a weekend afternoon, I’d probably be wearing one of these.

Favorite Winter Skin Care Products

To be perfectly honest, today was going to be a post showing What I Wore for the week. But, like the wonderful blogger I am, I forgot to take actual pictures of anything I wore. To see a vlog of what a stay at home mom in Colorado wears on a very cold week in February, you can watch here!

I thought I would share some of my favorite skin care products at the moment. I have very reactive skin and in this dry climate I need as much moisture as I can get. Here are the things I’ve been using on a regular basis and having good luck with.

I’ve been using Skinfix Barrier and Triple Lipid-Peptide Lotion Moisturizer as pretty much my main moisturizer on a daily basis. It feels so good and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. It’s not too thick and doesn’t have any scent- perfect when my skin is irritated.

Every night I use Youth to the People Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask . This is thick and great for a dry climate. This jar lasts a long time too! I don’t use anything else at night right now and have been happy with this moisturizer.

I use Hyaluronic Acid from The Ordinary between mists of essence before my moisturizer and after trying a few different ones, I think this is a great product, especially for it’s price point!

I’ve been trying Tarte’s SEA Deep Dive Cleansing Gel and it’s great at getting off all your make up and grime but doesn’t make your skin feel tight or dried out. I like the slight foaming of this product and haven’t needed to double cleanse since using this. Double cleansing is great, it’s just really too much for my skin in the winter.

I love when I find great products and all of these are being used on a daily basis and helping my dry skin stay hydrated and normal this winter. Hope this helps if you’re looking for similar products!

Cozy Capsule/// Bert Knit Top by Style Arc

Full disclosure- I am still trying to get my deep dives for turtlenecks done, but two of my fabric orders have been delayed (I’m assuming due to weather!) and I am having to work around that. But hopefully soon I will be able to continue my series on turtle neck patterns. Until then, please enjoy my latest make for my Cozy Capsule, the Bert Knit Top from Style Arc Patterns.

I have been wanting a rugby style, oversized sweater for awhile. I have a fleece one I stole from Chris that I love and wear on the regular, it’s just not the cutest thing. So when I saw the Bert Top I knew it was exactly what I was wanting.

This pattern is described as “Stylish button front polo collar elevates this comfy easy fit style featuring drop shoulder line, deep armhole and slight balloon sleeve.” It comes in sizes 4-30 which seems pretty standard for Style Arc pattern.s

Style Arc recommends fleece, unbrushed fleece, and Rugby with optional rib trim for fabric choices. I think any stable, thick knit would work well. I used the Banff waffle knit from Surge fabrics in the color All Spice and it’s so good. It’s a perfect mix of stability and drape and is incredibly comfortable to wear.

I made a straight size 8. I’m technically a size 6 in tops for Style Arc, but I sized up one to get that slouchy, oversized look I’m loving. If you want this to look more like the line drawings I think making your true size will give you just that.

This is rated a medium level by Style Arc and the collar and tabs would be the trickiest parts for newer sewists. The instructions are pretty clear, I will say the tab construction could be a little clearer. If you’ve never done a placket or something similar I could see this being very confusing.

As you can see in my photos, I don’t have buttons on my top. That is only because I didn’t have them and the ones I ordered online will be here (they’re with the fabric I’m waiting on!) I think putting on the buttons will help a bit with how floppy the neckline of this looks and just make it look more finished. It’s not supposed to all be open like it is, so those will make this sweater match the line drawings that much more.

One final note about this pattern is the beautiful finish of the collar. They have you bind the seam and it’s a really professional look. You may notice I did not do this, but only because the first time around I used self fabric and it was extremely bulky. If I had something on hand that I could use I would, but instead I’m just leaving it as this fabric doesn’t fray and trimmed down I don’t think it’s noticeable.

If I made this again I would absolutely highlight this detail. A fun contrast would be fun and I think these kind of finishes are what make Style Arc so good. They really take what we sew for ourselves and give us ready to wear finishes to take our clothes to the next level.

I love this sweater and have been wearing it with jeans. It’s cute, a color that I love, and is exactly what I had in mind when I bought this pattern. Highly recommend if you’re looking for this style of top to take you through the end of winter.

Winter Knitting and Embroidery

We are in the middle of winter and I have some finished projects to share as well as some plans for the next couple of months! I am a very new knitter and have been dabbling in embroidery for years now. Having projects to work on sporadically has always kind of been how I worked, but lately I’ve been enjoying planning projects and thought I’d share them here with you.

For embroidery, I’ve been enjoying my Cozy Blue Stitch Club kits. I finished up the November kit this week and have the December one in my hoop. These are really easy to throw in my bag and work on in the carpool line or while I’m at Sam’s school. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to make with the finished samplers yet, but I have a few fun ideas brewing.

I have three finished objects that I knitted and I’m so excited about each of them for different reasons.

The first is my Shake Your Groove Thing Poncho that I knit as part of the Fall KAL over at Knit Collage. I love my finished poncho and I enjoyed the entire process of making it. I learned how to make increases and decreases and how to change yarns easily and seamlessly. At first I wasn’t sure how much I would wear this, but I’ve found myself reaching for it quite a bit.

My next sweater is one that I don’t love the finished product but I learned so much making it and it boosted my confidence in knitting. I immediately wanted to cast on a new project when I finished to take what I had learned and apply it! This is the Be Mine Sweater from Knit Collage. I made the cropped version (kind of by accident?) and I’m sorry I don’t have a pic in it to show you. I’m going to have to be creative in styling it up and just haven’t found the right pieces to pair it with yet. Even if I never find a way to wear it, I don’t know that I’ll ever get rid of it. It’s my first knitted sweater and I’m so proud of it, warts and all!

My third sweater came off my needles this week and I immediately threw it on. I need to block it this weekend but man oh man, I’m in love!!! This is the Kingston Sweater by Good Night Day and it’s fabulous. A classic raglan sleeve sweater with fun cropped, bell shaped sleeves, this one was so fun to knit. I love the bulkier yarn and this color is gorgeous. I used the Crazy Sexy Wool in Duck Egg Blue from Wool and the Gang and I think I need to find a fun cardigan pattern to make up for Harper in it. Fun to work with and a really satisfying make, I can’t wait to wear this more through the winter.

Coming up I’m going to try and find a cardigan pattern for Harper (would love your favorite chunky cardigan patterns, bonus points if they’re for tweens!) and a balaclava for Sam out of January’s Knit Crate Yarn. Lisa from And Sew On has a coupon code, go check out this video!, if you would like to try out this subscription box. I don’t plan on getting it every month but I think it will be a simple way to learn about more yarns.

My big project for the rest of winter is going to be the Wednesday Sweater from Petite Knits. I bought the Knitting for Olive Merino and Silk Mohair in the color way Copper and am so excited about this one. It’s going to take me awhile, and I’ve accepted that!, but I’ve already cast on and have learned how to knit German Short Rows. In love with this color and yarn already!

While I’m feeling a little less than inspired with sewing I’m finding embroidery and knitting such satisfying projects and having warm sweaters to pull on- that I made!- is a whole new joy to me. What’s on your needles at the moment?

February Making

Welcome to a new month, albeit, usually my least favorite month. Why? Because it’s dark and cold and in the past it’s the month where everyone gets sick. But this month I’m embracing the winter, finding the cosy, chasing the sunlight however I can, and everyone has vitamins and nourishing food to get us through.

Yesterday it began to snow and I turned on an audio book and sat in my newly cleaned up office working on this embroidery piece while I drank a hot cup of tea. It felt indulgent and kind and filled up my soul. It was a wonderful way to start the month.

Last Saturday I sewed 5 separate pieces! All before noon! And it was only because I had them all cut and prepped to go. I’ve been thinking on process and how it is ever evolving and how maybe this prep ahead of time thing might be a new way to go. The cutting out and tracing is my least favorite part of sewing so getting those done throughout the week and having time that is just for my favorite part, the actual sewing!, feels like a gift to myself.

What are you making this month? I’m going to start a new knitting project, finish up that embroidery and maybe turn it into a project bag, finish up my cozy capsule, and make a few turtlenecks to compare here on the blog. Nothing wild or crazy. All very practical in their own way. All very warm.

“When it’s really cold, the snow makes a lovely noise underfoot, and it’s like the air is full of stars.” -Katherine May Wintering

Hope you find some stars in the snow this month!

My January Destashify Haul!

I am a brand ambassador for the store Destashify, a brilliant space where you can buy and sell secondhand fabric, yarn, notions, and patterns. Every month I’m gifted fifty dollars to spend as I please and share with you! I don’t have any makes for you but I did pick up these two fabulous patterns.

There were a lot of new patterns listed recently and some great vintage finds. I loved the 80’s style dress- how comfortable when it’s hot out?- and that shirt dress is just fabulous. I love all the sleeve and pocket options.

For fabric, I branched out a little and got this gorgeous sweater knit. The colors are just amazing and when I was contemplating what to make with it, my mom slid into my DMs and said a tunic with a cowl neckline for a woman of a certain age that lives in Santa Fe would be nice…

So I’m taking the hint and going to make something for her. We have a few patterns picked out and when I see her next weekend I will be taking measurements and solidifying a plan. I never sew for other people but am really excited about this!

Check out Destashify if you’re on the hunt for unique fabric and keep them in mind when you’re cleaning out your stash. You can sell fabric yourself or send it in to Destashify and know that it’s going to someone that will use and love it and not end up in a landfill.


Here are things that I’m into this month. Would love to hear your ‘currently’ on any or all of these topics! Especially for shows- we need a new one to get lost in!

Watching/// Chris and I don’t have any shows right now! Instead we’ve been watching allll the sports. Football playoffs and every single Texas Tech basketball game. I’ve been knitting while we watch and may end up with a couple of sweaters by spring just because it’s easy to work on and watch whatever game is on.

Reading/// Reading from Amanda Gorman’s Call Us What We Carry a little bit every night. An absolutely brilliant collection of poetry that painfully captures life right now ok so many ways.

Underground Airlines by Ben H Winters This one took me a little bit to get into, but now I’m hooked. Click the link to read the premise, I’m afraid if I share too much about it, I’ll give too much away!

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard A contemplative book that I’ve been told about many times and am finally getting around to. I’m enjoying this in the mornings and it’s one of those that makes me slow down, both while I’m reading and throughout my day.

Listening/// similar in some respects to the Dillard book, I’ve been listening to Wintering:The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May. This book argues the the need for all of us humans to embrace the winters in our lives. That times of separation or darkness are times where we can grow and gain wisdom. That they are a necessary part of life and learning to embrace them is central to maintaining our emotional health.

Making/// I’ve been sewing my cozy capsule and knitting up a storm and also making a lot of food. I’ve found the blogs Ambitious Kitchen and How Sweet Eats and have really been loving them both! Two recipes I’ve made numerous times and every one loves are these pancakes– A great healthy breakfast! and this Brussels Sprouts Italian Chopped Salad is wonderful for lunch. I make four portions and Chris and I eat them throughout the week.

Feeling/// Taking a cue from the books I’m reading and feeling connected as a family. We’ve been skiing on weekends and enjoying our evenings together. I’m also proud of myself because this month I’ve been prioritizing my health and making all those doctor appointments that got pushed aside in 2020.

Planning/// We are going to be taking a fun- and warm!- spring break trip with my parents that has been fun to think about. We are also starting a home renovation project soon and I got to pick out counter tops and cabinets last week. After months of looking at plans and inspiration, this made it seem real and I’m very excited to get started!

Loving/// The rhythm of our lives right now. We’ve fallen into a productive but also restful schedule as a family and it feels good. I’ve also found a rhythm for fitting in my work and posting here and I look forward to my creative time and how I want to share it.

We are almost through January people! We’re doing it- day by day- we’re making it happen. I hope you can take a moment this week to reflect on your life, what are you loving? What do you want to change? And I hope you get some moments to slow down and rest.

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