New Patterns I’m Excited About

There have been a few new patterns released that I’m excited about and would love to hear what you will be making. There is a new Simplicity website that now has all of the Big 5 (7?) companies in one place, which makes it very easy to search patterns. Vogue hasn’t released anything since early spring, and while I did like some of those, I didn’t buy any and won’t be making them. If they have a fabulous summer release that we need to talk about, we will!

I also have a few new indies, but as these typically don’t release by season, there are less of those in this round up. Let me know any new indie pattern- whether it’s been released or you’ve seen it teased!- as I would love to check it out.

Indie Patterns

The Lora Dress by True Bias

I bought this dress when it came out! I think the bodice shaping is so beautiful and love all the fun sleeve options. I would love to make this near the end of summer.

The Sommar Camisole by Paradise Patterns.

I also bought this one the second it came out. So many people have tested it on Instagram and have made multiple versions. I love that it has a shelf bra and that it’s such a great basic. I have a pile of knit scraps I want to sew up in this pattern very soon.

Chantal Bodysuit and T-shirt by I Am Patterns

This one caught my eye as a simple t-shirt but then also the option to make it a bodysuit. What makes it special is that the bodysuit can still be a t-shirt, meaning not super fitted. I have never seen this as an option in a sewing pattern before. I haven’t bought this one but may keep it in mind when I’m needing some tees. Lots of variations to choose from as well!



This is the only pattern I purchased from the new McCalls release. I love the lines on the skirt and slit and also that it is kind of a sexy t-shirt dress. There’s a cool cut out in the back and it’s just not like anything I have and seems really wearable. I hope to make this up this summer!

Know Me Patterns


The only Know Me Pattern I bought, I saw this teased on Instagram and just loved it. The shape of the pants is very cool and I like the top options. The color blocking is something I’ve never done before and I just love the idea of these in a way I can’t really explain! I would love to make this over the summer.


While I didn’t buy this one, if I had an occasion to wear it I might! I think it is a very pretty dress with interesting lines around the bodice and in the back and could be made up to be more formal or casual depending on your fabric. I see this one as having a lot of potential to be the perfect summer dress.


Another one that if I found a reason to need to make this, I would. A beautiful jumpsuit that could be really fun to play around with fabric- whether color blocking or print mixing. You could absolutely tone this down or go crazy and make it a complete showstopper. I loved that this was unlike anything I had seen before.



I think this little corseted summer dress is so cute! I love the back and the different length options. No plans to buy or make currently, but no promises when this goes on sale that I won’t snatch it up.


I wanted to highlight this pattern because I have a similar old Vogue pattern that I want to remake this summer (mine is even bright yellow). This is such a great knit dress and it’s sexy without being too scandalous. I love that it has sleeve and length options and this one will be more size inclusive than my older pattern.


I love this pants pattern. I think it has so much versatility and it’s the first cargo style option I’ve seen recently that I think I would consider buying. Love the high waist, the paper bag option, the wide leg option, and then those joggers with the cargo pocket details just seem really wearable. Will be picking this one up when it goes on sale.


I love when Simplicity does these unisex patterns. I have a sweats one and it’s one of my favorites. This one has some great shorts options. I’m thinking my son and husband would like them more, but my daughter might be into a pair as well. I’m having trouble finding pants that fit my tweens in sizing and style right now, and I think this would be very useful to own.

Ok there you go! My most favorite patterns from the recent releases, although there were quite a few more that I liked. Just knew I didn’t need them! Tell me your faves or which ones I missed.

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