So Close to that Shitty First Draft

Back in November I made a bold proclamation to have a rough draft by New Years. Well, I don’t know if you know this, but November is the start of a very busy time, add in a renovation and moving back into our house, plus a few illnesses and unexpected snow days, and my writing time was slowly chipped away.

I made a new goal (you’re totally allowed to do this by the way. It isn’t a failure, just regroup and make it happen!) to have my shitty first draft done by the end of May. My thinking being that I could take the summer off, read a lot of books for inspiration, and then take a look at it again in September. In September all three kids will be in school full time and the prospect of a genuine, regular writing time is very very real.

So here I am, halfway through May, and I’m so close to having what looks like a shitty book. I just wrote out some plans for next week, factoring in all the life stuff I have going on, and I think I can make this happen. Will let you know come June 1st and also hope to share the books I plan to read as research!

And don’t worry, I’m not being disparaging. Anne Lamott says the shitty first draft is the hardest but not to stress- literally no one has to read it. Just got to get it out of your head and onto the page.

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