Week of ‘Fits End of March/Early April

I’ve gotten off with my posting and sharing so here are some of my favorite outfits the past few weeks. From now until June, all of these clothes should be from my Spring Capsule which I will be sharing more about in the weeks to come as well as on Instagram. The point is, there should be a lot of repeats!

My favorite flares, new snow boots I bought this year, a white long sleeve t shirt I made last year and a sweater vest I bought after I rented it from Nuuly. I love the shape of it.

All new clothes I bought for my capsule! A hot pink sweatshirt from Gap, these 90s mom jeans from Madewell, and new sneakers from New Balance.

New pink pants from Gap that everyone I saw commented on, a new cropped graphic tee from Madewell, and a very old (and listen is might be maternity don’t yell at me) denim button down for a layer. The boots are also new!

A sweater I picked up second hand from Thred Up, the 90s mom jeans, and my shortie Uggs to keep my feet warm.

A new shacket I got from Gap, white shirt from Madewell, and these flare pants I made and should have more info about soon. Sneakers from New Balance.

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