March Cookbook Challenge///Week One

This week is a little short because I finished out my Hello Fresh boxes that I ordered. So we officially started our cook book challenge for the month on Wednesday! I also was a bad food blogger and did not get pictures of everything, but maybe I can work on this.

I made this roasted beet salad for lunches for Chris and me and it was delicious. The green goddess dressing is worth saving! Harper liked it just to dip veggies in for her snack later in the week.

My parents came to visit and we whipped up the fried chicken in the cookbook. I found it on the blog as well! I might add more seasoning to the batter next time, but the chicken thighs were delicious. The technique of adding flour to the wet batter wasn’t something I had ever tried and it made the chicken extra crispy! My mom whipped together some mashed potatoes and we had green beans and a slaw from the book that was just ok.

For a cozy Saturday night at home we made the chicken fettuccine alfredo. It was delicious and I may have to make it a regular thing!

I’ve made my menu plan for this week and will share next Monday. What delicious things have you been eating?

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