A Week of ‘Fits

I enjoy sharing my new makes online, but I do actually wear my clothes and a lot of them are handmade. I thought I would try and document weekly what I’m wearing and a blog post is probably the easiest way for me to do that. I am by no means a fashion guru, I’m a stay at home mom with 3 kids, but I love getting dressed. I hope by documenting what I wear, I can get a better sense of pieces that actually serve me and my lifestyle, and maybe also inspire you to wear the clothes you love or make something specific that you see me share. As I start sharing patterns here more, I hope to link to reviews and posts on what I make so you can dig deeper and find more info on anything you like!

Let’s look at the week of Saturday February 25th- Thursday March 2nd!

Saturday Night Date Night! My new Nicks Top, these Rollas flares that I love, and my black platform Chelsea boots I got from Boden. No longer available but they were a great purchase this winter.

Quiet Sunday at home doing lots of laundry and cleaning. I got this henley from Gap and I can’t find anything similar online, but I love the color. Here are similar black overalls and fun socks my sister in law gifted me this Christmas.

Busy Monday running around town, attending parent teacher conferences, and just generally Momming hard. This sweater is from Boden and one of my most favorite purchases this winter. These jeans are incredibly old but the sneakers are Madewell and they are so comfy.

Tuesday and Wednesday I guess I forgot to document but I think I was mainly in workout type gear. Thursday I got dressed in those same flare jeans and a ribbed knit from Madewell. I can’t find the same one, but this short sleeved version would be cute for spring.

That’s what I wore this week! I’m looking forward to changing over to spring soon but I’ve really enjoyed the winter capsule I put together this year. Everything has been really wearable and it’s made it easy to feel put together every day. Hopefully I will have a round up soon of all the pieces and how much I actually wore and enjoyed them!

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