Closet Core Nicks Top Pattern Review

I did not do a lot of sewing this past fall and winter due to my sewing space being a part of our big remodel. Since we moved back in, I’ve been working hard to get my space organized and inspired and I’ve found myself making quite a few things. I’ve got some things I’ve made for my winter capsule that I would love to begin reviewing and sharing in this space again.

First up is this beautiful blouse. Here are the initial stats

Pattern/Version made: Nicks Dress and Blouse by Closet Core Patterns. I made version C, the more simple of the tops.

Size made: Size 6 with no alterations

Fabric used: This Rayon Twill that I bought from Style Maker Fabrics

I bought this fabric without any specific plans for it. I was drawn to the colors and also the graphic design. I don’t wear too many prints so when I fall in love with one, I tend to grab it. This is a rayon twill and it has a lovely drape while still being a bit more substantial, meaning it can hold pleats well and wouldn’t be too breezy to where during the colder months.

Closet Core Patterns has a big sale every year between Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving and I bought a few of their patterns that had been on my list for awhile. The Nicks Dress I picked up specifically for the dress. I think it would be gorgeous in a lot of different fabrics, and I loved the idea of a dress with sleeves for the spring and fall in Colorado. When I got the pattern in the mail I also had my Winter Capsule Guide from Everyday Style in front of me and one of the pieces was a ‘dressy black blouse.’ I knew I had found a perfect use for that fabric, and it also just so happened to work in perfectly with the color palette in this season’s capsule.

I chose version C. I think the peplum top would be really beautiful in the warmer months, but for this fabric to shine I decided the more simple version was the way to go. There are two size ranges for this pattern, 0-20 and 14- 32 and they rank it as an intermediate level sew. The trickiest parts would be the gathers, the facing, and the elastic. For the other versions you would also have buttons to deal with.

This came together very easily for me and I’m really happy with the final top. There is a lot of ease in this garment and it can feel like the shoulders fall forward a bit more than they are supposed to, but otherwise the fit feels good in the bust. I love the sleeves, they could possibly be lengthened but I like where these hit on me for practical use.

The fabric was a dream to work with, easy to press and manipulate, and the only modification I made to this pattern was to use bias tape on the hem. I don’t know that I love the topstitching that the facing brings to the neckline, but that is my only complaint about this pattern.

I look forward to making other versions in the warmer months and have been wearing this with jeans and my pietra pants and loving how easy it is to throw on and what a big impact it has with the bold pattern.

3 thoughts on “Closet Core Nicks Top Pattern Review”

  1. Love it! Great matching of fabric to pattern. And I’m the same way with prints – it has to be non-floral and really different to interest me.


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