Current WIPS

Here is a list of my current Works in Progress, the sewing and knitting projects I am actively working on.

WIP: socks for my daughter

Pattern: DRK Everyday socks

Yarn: A lovely sock yarn called “unicorn poop” that I picked up from Destashify

Goal: One sock done by the end of the month! Next sock shouldn’t take as long as I have switched out my needles and I think it will make a big difference in the progress of this one.

WIP: Kids PJs

Pattern: Self Drafted Pants, Samson’s Sweater and Girls Sloane Sweater for tops

Fabric: I picked up the rayon plaid in the clearance section of Joann and found these great waffle knits in their apparel wear section.

Goal: Finish this month. My daughter informed me she no longer wanted ‘little kid pjs’ (she means matching Hanna Anderson’s and my heart is breaking!) so I thought I would make a cozy, coordinating set for all three.

WIP: Sweater for my Daughter (yes all of these do in fact appear to be for her… what is going on?!)

Pattern: The Marselille Sweater Young by Petite Knit

Yarn: Vidalana Lofti DK from Knit Crate and Good Wool Undyed yarn in Heirloom from Purl Soho

Goal: I’m almost done with the body on this one and think I could get it finished by the end of October if I set my mind to it. But no big deal if it goes into November.

WIP: Mystery Knit Along Shawl!

Pattern: Twists and Turns by Stephen West

Yarn: Three skeins of sock yarn from The Conifer Collective that I picked up at the Rocky Mountain Yarn Crawl and Two skeins of Knit Picks Palette that I picked up from Destashify.

Goal: My first ever mystery knit along and I’m excited to learn some new skills and enjoy the process. I am starting a week behind but that’s ok, I would just like to stay on top of it and keep up as much as I can!

I’ll check in next month to show what I’m working on and hopefully can sprinkle some finished makes throughout the month here. What’s everyone else working on?

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