Cozy Capsule/// Simplicity 9337 Tie Dye Sweatsuit

I have another cozy set to share with you and it’s one I’ve been wanting to make for a long time, a tie dye sweatsuit. Back during peak quarantine it felt like tie dye was everywhere. We were all wearing it, making it, lounging in it. I wanted a sweatsuit but thought- no that’s kind of silly. I probably wouldn’t wear it that much (ahaha hahahahaha remember how naive we all were?!) so I made Harper one out of french terry and literally every time she had it on I wished for one.

So I finally made my dreams happen when I saw this lovely french terry from Style Maker Fabrics. I’m sorry this specific fabric isn’t available anymore, but there are some good options for other tie dye looks.

I wanted to try Simplicity 9337 as the pattern because it’s a great base sweatsuit and I liked that it was unisex. I could see basically everyone in my family wearing all of these pieces and I was excited to try the joggers as I don’t really have a jogger pattern I love.

This pattern comes in a size XS-XL and that means a finished bust/chest measurement of 30-54 inches and a 36-52″ finished hip measurement. I made a straight size small and really like the fit. I may shorten the top just a little next time, but the joggers are pretty perfect right out of the package.

I didn’t change anything except to omit the drawstring. I just don’t like drawstrings that much and kept it clean with a 2″ elastic instead.

These are so comfortable and I think they’re really cute too. I will absolutely be making this pattern again and can’t wait to try them for my kids too. I will have to adjust some of the sizing, but I think pretty soon they will be able to wear patterns like this!

Highly recommend this one if you need some good basics in your life. I think everyone needs a cozy tie dye sweatsuit in their life!

One thought on “Cozy Capsule/// Simplicity 9337 Tie Dye Sweatsuit”

  1. I couldn’t resist saying hi and how much I love your suit! Beautiful 🙂 I have a pair of joggers sitting cut out on my cutting table right now in a beautiful sweatshirting that I’ve had around for a while. I have a pair of cozy joggers that I bought years ago in a thrift shop that I love wearing in the cooler spring and fall weather (I’m in Victoria BC Canada) but I could use more than one pair! My store bought ones are bright, have no cups and have only elastic sewn at the waist which I really like so I took the Hudson’s and increased the rise by 1.5″ and lengthened the legs by 1.75″. My first pair is really a practice run (I’m hoping wearable!) but once I have my pattern I’ll be making more. I have a Jalie pattern for men too that look a little closer so if these are really off I may just get out that pattern (it’s for men but the measurements look VERY good).


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