Cozy Capsule/// Bert Knit Top by Style Arc

Full disclosure- I am still trying to get my deep dives for turtlenecks done, but two of my fabric orders have been delayed (I’m assuming due to weather!) and I am having to work around that. But hopefully soon I will be able to continue my series on turtle neck patterns. Until then, please enjoy my latest make for my Cozy Capsule, the Bert Knit Top from Style Arc Patterns.

I have been wanting a rugby style, oversized sweater for awhile. I have a fleece one I stole from Chris that I love and wear on the regular, it’s just not the cutest thing. So when I saw the Bert Top I knew it was exactly what I was wanting.

This pattern is described as “Stylish button front polo collar elevates this comfy easy fit style featuring drop shoulder line, deep armhole and slight balloon sleeve.” It comes in sizes 4-30 which seems pretty standard for Style Arc pattern.s

Style Arc recommends fleece, unbrushed fleece, and Rugby with optional rib trim for fabric choices. I think any stable, thick knit would work well. I used the Banff waffle knit from Surge fabrics in the color All Spice and it’s so good. It’s a perfect mix of stability and drape and is incredibly comfortable to wear.

I made a straight size 8. I’m technically a size 6 in tops for Style Arc, but I sized up one to get that slouchy, oversized look I’m loving. If you want this to look more like the line drawings I think making your true size will give you just that.

This is rated a medium level by Style Arc and the collar and tabs would be the trickiest parts for newer sewists. The instructions are pretty clear, I will say the tab construction could be a little clearer. If you’ve never done a placket or something similar I could see this being very confusing.

As you can see in my photos, I don’t have buttons on my top. That is only because I didn’t have them and the ones I ordered online will be here (they’re with the fabric I’m waiting on!) I think putting on the buttons will help a bit with how floppy the neckline of this looks and just make it look more finished. It’s not supposed to all be open like it is, so those will make this sweater match the line drawings that much more.

One final note about this pattern is the beautiful finish of the collar. They have you bind the seam and it’s a really professional look. You may notice I did not do this, but only because the first time around I used self fabric and it was extremely bulky. If I had something on hand that I could use I would, but instead I’m just leaving it as this fabric doesn’t fray and trimmed down I don’t think it’s noticeable.

If I made this again I would absolutely highlight this detail. A fun contrast would be fun and I think these kind of finishes are what make Style Arc so good. They really take what we sew for ourselves and give us ready to wear finishes to take our clothes to the next level.

I love this sweater and have been wearing it with jeans. It’s cute, a color that I love, and is exactly what I had in mind when I bought this pattern. Highly recommend if you’re looking for this style of top to take you through the end of winter.

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