February Making

Welcome to a new month, albeit, usually my least favorite month. Why? Because it’s dark and cold and in the past it’s the month where everyone gets sick. But this month I’m embracing the winter, finding the cosy, chasing the sunlight however I can, and everyone has vitamins and nourishing food to get us through.

Yesterday it began to snow and I turned on an audio book and sat in my newly cleaned up office working on this embroidery piece while I drank a hot cup of tea. It felt indulgent and kind and filled up my soul. It was a wonderful way to start the month.

Last Saturday I sewed 5 separate pieces! All before noon! And it was only because I had them all cut and prepped to go. I’ve been thinking on process and how it is ever evolving and how maybe this prep ahead of time thing might be a new way to go. The cutting out and tracing is my least favorite part of sewing so getting those done throughout the week and having time that is just for my favorite part, the actual sewing!, feels like a gift to myself.

What are you making this month? I’m going to start a new knitting project, finish up that embroidery and maybe turn it into a project bag, finish up my cozy capsule, and make a few turtlenecks to compare here on the blog. Nothing wild or crazy. All very practical in their own way. All very warm.

“When it’s really cold, the snow makes a lovely noise underfoot, and it’s like the air is full of stars.” -Katherine May Wintering

Hope you find some stars in the snow this month!

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