Here are things that I’m into this month. Would love to hear your ‘currently’ on any or all of these topics! Especially for shows- we need a new one to get lost in!

Watching/// Chris and I don’t have any shows right now! Instead we’ve been watching allll the sports. Football playoffs and every single Texas Tech basketball game. I’ve been knitting while we watch and may end up with a couple of sweaters by spring just because it’s easy to work on and watch whatever game is on.

Reading/// Reading from Amanda Gorman’s Call Us What We Carry a little bit every night. An absolutely brilliant collection of poetry that painfully captures life right now ok so many ways.

Underground Airlines by Ben H Winters This one took me a little bit to get into, but now I’m hooked. Click the link to read the premise, I’m afraid if I share too much about it, I’ll give too much away!

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard A contemplative book that I’ve been told about many times and am finally getting around to. I’m enjoying this in the mornings and it’s one of those that makes me slow down, both while I’m reading and throughout my day.

Listening/// similar in some respects to the Dillard book, I’ve been listening to Wintering:The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May. This book argues the the need for all of us humans to embrace the winters in our lives. That times of separation or darkness are times where we can grow and gain wisdom. That they are a necessary part of life and learning to embrace them is central to maintaining our emotional health.

Making/// I’ve been sewing my cozy capsule and knitting up a storm and also making a lot of food. I’ve found the blogs Ambitious Kitchen and How Sweet Eats and have really been loving them both! Two recipes I’ve made numerous times and every one loves are these pancakes– A great healthy breakfast! and this Brussels Sprouts Italian Chopped Salad is wonderful for lunch. I make four portions and Chris and I eat them throughout the week.

Feeling/// Taking a cue from the books I’m reading and feeling connected as a family. We’ve been skiing on weekends and enjoying our evenings together. I’m also proud of myself because this month I’ve been prioritizing my health and making all those doctor appointments that got pushed aside in 2020.

Planning/// We are going to be taking a fun- and warm!- spring break trip with my parents that has been fun to think about. We are also starting a home renovation project soon and I got to pick out counter tops and cabinets last week. After months of looking at plans and inspiration, this made it seem real and I’m very excited to get started!

Loving/// The rhythm of our lives right now. We’ve fallen into a productive but also restful schedule as a family and it feels good. I’ve also found a rhythm for fitting in my work and posting here and I look forward to my creative time and how I want to share it.

We are almost through January people! We’re doing it- day by day- we’re making it happen. I hope you can take a moment this week to reflect on your life, what are you loving? What do you want to change? And I hope you get some moments to slow down and rest.

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