Cozy Capsule/// Fenix Sweatshirt by Style Arc

For pattern reviews it is very helpful to have a person’s measurements! So before we begin, I am 5 foot 9 with a 32 inch bust, 29 inch waist, and 36 inch hips. I am pretty evenly proportioned but do find that my arms are longer than average! Happy to answer any fitting questions in reference to this pattern and my body should you have them- just leave me a comment!

I have the second piece of my cozy capsule to show you today! I’ve been wearing it pretty regularly because it is so warm and we have had some very cold temps up here in the mountains. I’m actually looking out the window at a winter wonderland as I type.

This top is the Fenix Sweatshirt by Style Arc Patterns. It’s described as a crew neck sweatshirt with side panels with inseam pockets. It has an extended shoulder line and a deep arm hole. There’s a slightly hi-low hemline and slouchy long sleeve. The band, panels, cuff, and hem band can all be made in a rib knit or contrasting fabric.

The Fenix comes in sizes 4-30 which is a finished bust measurement of 30″-67 3/4″. I made a straight size 8 with no adjustments. I sized up from my Style Arc make last week in hopes that it would result in an even more oversized look. I think it worked pretty well!

Style Arc patterns can confuse people when it comes to what size you need to buy as they sell their patterns a little differently than other companies. You can buy individual sizes of patterns (know that you get the size above and below as well, just not all in one file so it is a little harder to grade). For their newer patterns you can usually buy multiple sizes at once, which is what I did with the AO file. I did this for ease of printing just as much as I did to have the multiple size range!

The fabric recommended is Fleece, rugby knit and a knit rib for the trims. I used this lavender gray eco- fleece from Needle Sharp. It’s incredibly cozy and, like I said before, so so warm. Maybe the warmest sweatshirt I own. I had fun playing with both sides of this fabric and used the fleece side for a contrast on the collar, cuffs, hem band, and side panels. I like how that makes the fabric read more purple than just gray and how it adds interest to this simple design.

Style Arc describes this pattern as Medium and the trickiest bits are the pockets and panels. Everything else is the same as any sweatshirt and this came together very quickly. I do love Style Arc drafting. The sleeves are the perfect amount of slouchy and the collar lays so nicely. I think this company does a great job in making outstanding patterns, even if they are simple.

There is an option for topstitching on this pattern that they suggest doing with a twin needle. I think this would add a really nice, ready to wear finish if you made this in one color or wanted to jazz it up a bit. I opted out of the topstitching, just because I thought enough was going on with the contrast detailing.

My only complaint with this pattern is that it’s not quite perfect for me. I can’t decide if it should be longer (it looks longer in than style pictures?) or if it should be a touch shorter and hit at my waist. This fabric is very thick and I do think those pockets could get bulky, so watch out for that. I just didn’t want to sacrifice giving up the warmth of that fleece!

All in all, this is a basic sweatshirt with a twist that will get worn plenty this winter. While I’m not absolutely in love with it, I keep reaching for it again and again so that has to say something about its place in my closet! I would like to try it again and play around with the proportions just a bit.

I hope this review was helpful to you! Let me know if you need any more information in the comments.

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