What I Wore///January

Last week I decided to pull out the camera and document what I wore each day. I wanted to get myself out of the holiday/sweats all day rut and also challenge myself to wear one of my handmade garments every day. I happily met this challenge and had a great time taking time to plan out my clothes for the week.

There were a few stressful things happening last week and I really felt my clothing become my armor in a sense. I felt my mood change and felt put together in a way that had an impact on my whole day. Fashion can’t change your life but it can help you feel in control of how you feel. Putting on your favorite color, a dress that makes you feel great, those small things can carry you through the day.

So here is my week in looks! I hope to share these kinds of posts every month to show how I’m actually wearing the clothes I make and talk about here on a regular day to day basis.

Sunday I wore my leopard print Arlington turtleneck with my black Bob pants and some chunky black boots. This is a very comfortable outfit and was perfect for layering under snow gear to play outside with the kids.

Monday I spent my morning on the phone making doctor’s appointments and trying to get Sam registered for school. It left me in a grumpy mood and I didn’t end up getting dressed until later in the day, but I was so glad I did. I threw on my new Verity top with these green J Crew chinos I got secondhand. To go pick up the kids I threw on my poncho that I knitted recently with the Knit Collage Fall KAL. I love all these colors together.

Tuesday was maybe my favorite outfit of the week. I put my lavender sweatshirt from last spring over my new Patina Blouse and paired them with my Levi Ribcage jeans. I just love these colors together and it felt bright and springy on a very dreary winter day.

Wednesday was my slouchy mom jeans and my Nikko turtle neck with my Heather Blazer and white sneakers. I was out running errands most of the afternoon and the blazer was the perfect layer for a relatively warm day.

Thursday was my Bisque trousers, same white shoes, and a very old ready to wear black hoodie. Tried to find a way to wear a simple sweatshirt with something other than jeans!

I wrapped up my week with some old Gap jeans and my Fibre Mood Alice Sweatshirt. I spent the day packing us up and getting ready for a fun weekend ski trip and this feels like a pretty classic ‘mom’ outfit for that.

Three cheers for getting dressed in 2022!

2 thoughts on “What I Wore///January”

  1. Great outfits, and I’m particularly happy to see that you are wearing the Heather Blazer, and it looks fab with the Nikko. I know that you were a bit unsure about it when you first finished it.


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