Cozy Capsule/// The Verity Knit Top by Style Arc

For pattern reviews it is very helpful to have a person’s measurements! So before we begin, I am 5 foot 9 with a 32 inch bust, 29 inch waist, and 36 inch hips. I am pretty evenly proportioned but do find that my arms are longer than average! Happy to answer any fitting questions in reference to this pattern and my body should you have them- just leave me a comment!

I have the first piece of my cozy capsule to show you today! This was the last thing I made in 2021 and I’ve been wearing it pretty regularly these past couple of weeks, it definitely captures the ‘cozy’ spirit I was after.

This top is the Verity Knit Top by Style Arc Patterns. It is described as jumper style with an extended shoulder line and a square shape. It has a funnel neck with a channel for ribbon, slim line sleeves and a slightly scooped hemline with facing. It features top stitching, which I omitted due to the texture of the fabric I used.

The Verity comes in sizes 4-30 which is a finished bust measurement of 30″-67 3/4″. I made a straight size 6 with no adjustments. The only change I made to the pattern was to eliminate the channel in the neck and instead treat it as a more basic turtleneck. I did this partly because I didn’t have a cord to use that I liked, but also because I leaned into the less sporty appeal of this pattern and chose to have it look more like a traditional sweater.

Style Arc patterns can confuse people when it comes to what size you need to buy as they sell their patterns a little differently than other companies. You can buy individual sizes of patterns (know that you get the size above and below as well, just not all in one file so it is a little harder to grade). For their newer patterns you can usually buy multiple sizes at once, which is what I did with the AO file. I did this for ease of printing just as much as I did to have the multiple size range!

The fabric recommended is double knit, fine rib, sweater knit, rugby, and fleece . I used a sweater knit that I picked up at Joann when I was shopping for Halloween costume materials. It’s no longer available (actually! I saw it in store but cannot find it online), but this one is similar. It’s soft and light weight but still cozy and I love texture it has. Kind of a faux cable look. I also liked that it was a more cream color. I don’t wear a lot of white and I thought this was a nice warm color to have up by my face.

Style Arc describes this pattern as Easy/Medium and I agree. It is a basic sweater pattern, only 4 pieces, and I think the only tricky part would be adding the channel for the neck piece. Style Arc is known for having fairly sparse instructions but honestly I find them straightforward and just fine! There are illustrations for some trickier parts and the drafting is so well done that just going step by step I think a beginner would be able to work through the simpler patterns just fine.

There is a facing for this hem, which I thought was a nice finishing detail. This fabric could have easily been turned under and hemmed, but sometimes with knits and a slight curve, hems can look a little wonky or just look less professional. I think the facing makes sure it lays nicely and elevates the finishes a bit.

The thing I liked most about this design is how it plays with the sporty, athleisure trend and how it is oversized but still well proportioned. You are not swimming in fabric on this one! I like that you could make it look much more sporty or more like a sweater depending on the fabric you use. I always appreciate a pattern that is a classic shape but that you can make again and again and have it look like a different pattern.

I’m really happy with how my Verity turned out because it’s exactly what I wanted- a slightly oversized, cozy sweater! I plan to wear it with leggings around the house and it looks great with jeans and boots. The length makes it a little trickier to pair with my other pants, but I think it would look great with a straight leg ponte pant in the future.

There is a hashtag on Instagram for inspiration and I found two great reviews of the pattern here and here. I didn’t see any big issues with this pattern and didn’t notice any trends in the reviews I read!

I hope you found this review helpful, please let me know if you need any other information about this pattern.

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