My Destashify Haul

I love working with secondhand fabric, it’s a great way to make your sewing sustainable, find more affordable options, and prevent fabric from ending up in the landfills. I struggle however, to find fabric myself. I know some people have a lot of luck at thrift stores and estate sales, but that’s not always something I can spend time doing. My most favorite vintage fabric finds have been found online and I hope in the new year to make finding secondhand fabric more of a priority.

So imagine my delight when Carey from the shop Destashify reached out to me and asked if she could gift me something from her store that I could talk about here. I loved the experience so much that I’ve said yes to being a brand ambassador and will be sharing monthly posts here about the store!

Destashify is like the Poshmark or Thredup of sewing and knitting. You can list items from your stash that you no longer need and sell them to other makers that will treat them well! You make a commission from your listings and can also just shop the website like you would any other store. The more people that list, the more great fabric to choose from!

I used my gift card to pick up an adorable pattern and this wonderful wool suiting. The dress has a square neckline and beautiful sleeves, I think with tights and boots I could make it wearable for winter! The fabric is calling out to me to be trousers. Maybe wide leg, maybe I could eek out a matching vest? I’m thrilled with the quality of my purchases as well as how easy it was to shop.

Check out Destashify and tell me what you think. Ask me any questions and I will work to address them next month. I hope in the new year to list my own fabric and share that experience with you as well!

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