October Meal Plan

At the beginning of this month I sat down and pulled out all the recipes for stews, roasts, breads, soups, all the cozy meals I could find. We went to a neighbor’s orchard and picked a ton of apples thinking I would be baking yummy cakes and pies all month long.

Well, the universe had other plans for me and my entire oven broke early in the month. No stovetop, no oven, nothing. After discovering the part to fix the oven would be around $1000 and with plans to renovate our kitchen and invest in a range next year, we decided to just buy a basic oven to get us through what is hopefully a little less than a year. It will be delivered today and I am looking forward to having a fully functioning kitchen again!

I have to say that I not only made do these past few weeks, I made a lot of great food! I put my slow cooker and instant pot to big use and was thankful for my electric skillet. I thought I would share my favorite resources and recipes in case you ever find yourself without an oven or just want an easy meal to cook up this fall!

The cookbook I used the most was SkinnyTaste’s One and Done. I want to say that I really loathe the name of her blog and I actually hate sharing it, but her recipes are so great. They are flavorful and she has a lot of vegetarian options. This book has sections that focus on the instant pot, slow cooker, grill, dutch oven, one sheet meals, and the air fryer.

I found Half Baked Harvest’s blog earlier this year and have had a lot of success with her recipes. Sometimes they seem like a lot of work, but they are always flavorful and family approved. I have simplified a few of hers with good results in the past. Here’s a link to all her Instant Pot and Slowcooker recipes. I also love how easy it is to save recipes on her site!

From the New York Times, I love this method of cooking ribs in the Instant Pot (like I’m never going to make them any other way!)

Chris spent all day Saturday smoking a brisket. We tried once before and the results were meh, but this week I’m happy to report we have a delicious brisket to eat on until our new oven arrives! Then I hope to have lots of apple desserts to share with you! And when all else failed, we just lit a fire in the chiminea and made s’mores. Hope you enjoy the picture I got of Sam getting his first real s’more!

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