Make It, Buy It, Wear It/// Sweater Vests

I always say that the most sustainable closet is full of clothes you actually wear. One way to get the most out of your clothes is to look at current trends and see if there’s any you like and could bring in to mix with pieces you already own. I thought today I’d look at the sweater vest trend and see if we can find ways to make it, buy it, and then figure out how to wear it! Let’s dive in!First some inspiration. Sweater vests are always a thing in the fall, they are practical and warm and can fit into most wardrobes. Here are four of my favorite inspiration pictures for this look.

I love the look of just wearing the sweater vest as a top casually with a more loose fit jeans. I like that there are a lot of different styles and textures to play with and how depending on the fabric, could definitely be layered over something but looks great on it’s own. And I love the playing around with the oversized trend as well as the nod to varsity looking sweaters.

I went looking online at some favorite stores to see how they were interpreting the trend and found these at Anthropologie

These at Shopbop

Honestly, sweater vests are one of the easiest things to thrift too. Since they are around every fall, you’re going to find them second hand in all kinds of styles. I am going to link to my Thredup search of sweater vests and you can add in filters to find one you like!

Ok but let’s say you want to make your own. I found a few sewing and knitting patterns to share and all of them can definitely give you the look of the pictures above!

The Pierce Vest, Tee and Dress from Ensemble Patterns looks to be a pretty great pattern with a lot of options. I love that you could play with that variety vest trend but that there are also cropped versions. Again, could wear alone or layered up as it gets colder.

McCalls 8240 has the neckline of a few of my inspiration pics, so while technically a pullover I think it could give you the same look, and Simplicity 9374 has some vest and cardigan styles that work well with this trend.

Now if you are someone who knits, there are seriously hundreds of sweater vest options! I’ve tried to narrow it down to some favorites and designers that I know to be good. But if you don’t see what you’re looking for, I guarantee the pattern is out there somewhere!

For kits, I like We Are Knitters and Wool and the Gang to get all the supplies you need at once. Here are some of their pattern options.

I just bought the junior version of the Holiday Slipover by Petite Knits and think the adult version is beautiful!

And My Favorite Things has Vest No. 1 and Vest No. 2 which are both lovely and worth checking out.

And finally! You’ve made, thrifted, bought your sweater vest and are ready to wear it. How are you going to style it up? Here are four looks that I came up with using my two (recently thrifted!) sweater vests and clothes from my fall capsule.

As a top paired with a fun midi skirt and white sneakers

Layered over an oversized white shirt. I put on my leggings and chunky boots with this one but I’ve seen it paired like this with shorts too.

Put it over a fun blouse. I leaned into the 70s vibe with this pussy bow blouse and my high waisted jeans.

For the last look, I just embraced the 90s of it all and put the vest over a white baby doll tee and wore them with my mom jeans.

I had a lot of fun looking at this trend and seeing how I could make it work for me. Playing dress up is fun and can get us to look at our old clothes in new ways. Are you wearing sweater vests this fall? Would love to know how you’re styling it up and which of my looks or inspiration photos are your favorite!

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