Looking at snow on Mount Evans and all the gold from the aspens peeking through the evergreens

Researching how to keep the twin’s new hermit crabs alive. When I say they are deeply in love with these things… I am not exaggerating.

Determinedly knitting my sweater from this spring to try and finish the front. I have a few projects planned for the rest of the year that I’m excited to get started on, but first we need to get at least half of this dang piece done!

Watching scary movies with Chris. Nothing really great movie-wise to report on but we did start The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix and it is deliciously creepy so far.

Planning Halloween costumes and starting to look into Christmas and presents and all of that.

Deleting Instagram and Facebook from my phone on the weekends and enjoying finding other things (and people!) to enjoy.

Cooking everything in the instant pot and slow cooker this week until I get my new oven next week. I’m ready to do some fall baking but in the meantime am trying to embrace fewer dishes to clean up after supper.

Enjoying slow weekends full of house projects and family time and looking forward to the holiday season and all the hustle and bustle that it will bring. Learning how to love the present and still have fun anticipating the future!

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