Hello October!!!

I’m so happy it’s October!!!!

September had quite a few bumps in it and October is really trying me so far (heater and oven both quit working… one is fixed the other is TBD). Nothing major, nothing I couldn’t handle, and really, a lot of good stuff too. But when I got on here to write, thinking I would post my goals for the month, I kind of laughed at myself because I have no idea what’s in store in the coming weeks.

Sam’s preschool situation seems to be ever changing so it’s hard to plan too far in advance for things like I normally would. I am hoping we get things settled this month and can move forward with some consistency, whatever that looks like.

Chris and I have been enjoying watching scary movies and shows and I’m excited about a month full of weekends to curl up and chill together. We’ve been making s’mores on Sunday nights and watching the stars come out as a family. It would be nice to keep that up too.

Personally, I’ve been trying to find time to write every day and was semi successful last week. Sometimes starting with a blog post like this is great way to get me at the computer and get in that mode, so I hope to make that happen consistently this month. I would love a rough draft of my book by my birthday, but I admit it’s scary to put that in writing!

I also realized this past month how much working out every day is as beneficial for my mental health as it is my physical. I know we all ‘know’ this but I have to say after finding a program I like, I really find myself looking forward to sweating and pushing myself and want to keep that up for October.

What are you looking forward to this month? We put out Halloween decorations weeks ago (ha!) but are in the planning stages of Halloween costumes. I have two good ones for Sam, Chris, and I think Charlie and Harper have settled on a joint costume. Looking forward to the crisp Colorado fall we get before it starts snowing!

And honestly, I’m looking forward to that too.

Happy October!

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