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Today I have a cool company to share with you and a discount code if it’s something you want to check out and try yourself! Kate from In A Haystack reached out to me about receiving a free monthly pack and talking about it here if I thought it was worth sharing. I’m not being compensated in any way and just generally think this is a unique business that some of my followers might be interested in!

What is In a Haystack?

In a Haystack is a digital sewing subscription created by researcher and sewing enthusiast, Kate. It’s a monthly collection of sewing curiosities and surprises sent straight to your inbox.

The packs are designed to inspire your makes, spark your curiosity, and introduce you to independent sewing businesses, wherever you are in the world.

There’s also an audio version of the pack for people who want or need to experience the pack in a different way.

What’s in the pack?

Every month, subscribers get a Haystack Pack straight to their email inbox. Packs are based on an intriguing theme and include a PDF sewing pattern (usually swappable), discount codes for independent fabric shops in Europe and North America, discounts for printing the pattern, interviews, stories, tips and tricks, plus more sewing knowledge and treats. There’s also a lovely online community of stitchers who are members of the pack.

This is really like subscribing to a magazine, it just happens to come in your email with clickable links and instant gratification. I enjoyed the interviews and tutorial in August’s subscription as well as the compilation of Instagram challenges. It seems kind of silly, but having the list of challenges with a link to all the hashtags was very cool and I had fun exploring new to me challenges and accounts.

I like that In a Haystack is a business that is really just connecting makers to smaller businesses and with other people that like sewing. It is an interesting concept and one that I think is worth being a part of.

If you want to learn more about In a Haystack, I will put all their links below. If you would like to try them out and receive 20% off your first month, use my code HAYSTACKWHIT

I would love to hear if you already subscribe to this service or if hearing about it made you try it out! Let me know your experience! And thank you Kate for thinking of me and letting me try out this very fun service.

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