September Meal Plan

Since school is starting and weeknights get filled up with music lessons, homework, and early bedtimes, I thought I would jump back into my minimal meal planning. This concept is one I learned from Miranda Anderson over at Live Free Creative and if this sounds good to you I highly suggest checking out her mini course!

The idea is simply that we repeat the same meals every week. I’m leaving weekends open because those are the days I like to experiment and play around in the kitchen. I also set these up as monthly plans just so we don’t get bored or so if there’s something new I want the kids to try I can keep mixing it up!For me these meals must all be simple, have a vegetarian option, and be something all 5 of us like to eat. Here’s what I have planned with links where I can! (NY Times Cooking links require a subscription, but you can also do a free trial period and search out recipes. I find all of their recipes to be really good and worth subscribing for!)

Mondays: Two Corn Chowder with Green Chili and Scallions This is an easy instant pot meal from Milk Street and I love that it hits that balance of end of summer flavors with a hearty soup for cooler nights. I buy crusty bread to go with this one and send leftovers with Chris the next day for lunch.

Tuesdays: One Pot Rice and Beans. Easiest way to cook quick rice and beans, I just omit the onions for the kids. Usually I add in protein that was grilled the weekend before- steak or chicken- and add a lot of topping so everyone can build a bowl or taco however they like. Charlie especially loves to have this the next day for lunch too!

Wednesdays: Sheet Pan Spicy Roasted Broccoli Pasta Really easy and hearty and you could add in whatever vegetables your family likes to eat. This one has toasted cumin seeds but those would be easy to substitute with something else or leave out all together depending on tastes and what you have on hand.

Thursdays: Chana Masala I honestly don’t know where my chana masala recipe is from, but this one looks good and there are a lot of Instant Pot versions out there (do you notice how much I love my instant pot?!) I serve this over white rice with naan bread and everyone likes it!

Fridays: Pizza night! Lately we’ve just been ordering in and have our Domino’s preferences down to a tee. Feels like a nice treat after cooking all week and gets me excited to bust out the grill for the weekend!

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